Chapter five. Final.

They found the crystal after a few hours. They said goodbye and as soon as Karson touched the crystal he disappeared. Spyro only guessed that he was sent home. It was then Cynder awoke. Spyro told her what had happened while she was out and was glad Karson was home but then an all to familiar raor was hear and the HYDRA came out of the forest.

"Howe did that thing get out of the the cave" Cynder screamed.

"I don't know" screamed Spyro as they were dodging its heads.

"Spyro lets get out of here, we cant beat this thing" said Cynder.

"I have to try. This thing will kill anything it meats if its not defeated." said Spyro.

"But it can regrow its heads. How can you kill it" asked Cynder?

"I have one idea" said Spyro.

He closed hid eyes and concentrated. Then his scales turn black and a wave of purple energy flew in all directions. The HYDRA roared as the energy surrounded its body. When the light faded it had turned to stone. Cynder ran over to Spyro as he returned to normal.

"Is it dead she asked" she asked?

"If its not at least its stopped for now" Spyro said.

"What do we do now" Cynder asked?

"I say we go home, we've done all we can here" replied Spyro

She agreed and the two left the stone HYDRA to sit on that island for eternity. As the couple arrived back at Dante's freezer it was the last time the two left. Neither wanted anything more then each other so the had no reason to return to the outside world.