Mitsuhide and Zen walked through the halls of Wistal Palace, both smiling.

Zen was probably smiling due to the fact that Shirayuki had just taken his hand, while Mitsuhide was probably just glad for him.

Once the two of them were in the library, Mitsuhide gave Zen yet another hug while Zen provided more details on what had happened.

"This is the happiest I have ever seen him before," thought Mitsuhide.

"So, that's what happened," Zen concluded, his face still pink.

Mitsuhide glanced out of the large library window, "It must be nice to have somebody like that." He felt a twinge of sadness.

Zen nodded, "It really is. But we all know who you-"

"Don't say it," Mitsuhide interrupted.

Only Zen knew Mitsuhide's true feelings towards his other guard, Kiki. She was pretty, but didn't speak too much. It was only because Mitsuhide knew her so well that he had (and hid) these feelings.

Zen sighed, "Why don't you just tell her already? I told Shirayuki how I felt."

Mitsuhide thought about this, and then shook his head, "You didn't tell her. You kissed her. There's a difference."

"And what would that difference be?"

"You acted without thinking. Telling her would be knowing full well of my actions," Mitsuhide reasoned.

Zen rolled his eyes, "If you say so. Now, can you go find Ryuu? Gakura was looking for him."

Mitsuhide nodded, and then left the library in search of Ryuu.

Kiki was lying in her bedroom, staring up at the ceiling.

"I'm so bored. Maybe I should go talk to Mitsuhide or Shirayuki…"

She stood up and walked towards one of the gardens, expecting Shirayuki to be there. Instead, she was greeted by Ryuu.

"Hello," Ryuu said, without looking up from his documents.

"Good afternoon, Ryuu-dono. Have you seen Shirayuki?"

"I believe she said she was going to be in the herb garden."

"Thanks." Kiki bowed her head slightly.

As she turned towards the herb garden, she heard a familiar voice shout, "Ryuu! Gakura is looking for you!"

Shortly after, Mitsuhide caught up with her. "Hey, Kiki."

"Hello, Mitsuhide" Kiki said in her usual, simplistic tone.

"Where are you headed?" Mitsuhide asked.

"I'm going to see Shirayuki in the herb garden."

Mitsuhide smiled, "I'll go with you, then." He wanted to talk to her about what had happened with Zen.

Kiki's voice went cold, "I'd much rather go alone."

Mitsuhide's smile disappeared. "Okay, sure."

He turned around and went back towards the palace. "And Zen wonder's why I can't tell her. She obviously doesn't feel the same way towards me. To her, I'm just a co-worker, a good friend."

"Shirayuki, there's something I need to talk to you about."

To be continued…