Too Damn Hot
Title: Too Damn Hot
Pairing: Sanji/Zoro
Rating: g
Words: 298

"I have a lemonade for you down in the store room."

Zoro didn't even try to open his eyes and face the blond from his reclined position on deck. It was too damn hot and the glare of the sun would surly sting, but he heard Sanjis voice call from the shade a few feet away clearly and knew what potential that room held. Privacy for one.

"I'm sure that's not all you have waiting for me there. Go away, it's too damn hot."

"Don't come begging to me later when you slip into my bed."

Zoros mouth curled into a snarl. He shouldn't be talking about that so openly, but Sanji wouldn't give them away yet, so it must be safe to talk.

"I do NOT beg."

"I bet Nami, will have something to do with my time."

"Not what you're hoping for if she wants the money I owe her back."

Zoro had always hated that the cooks flirtations with the navigator bothered him. Especially now that Sanji seemed to figure out the connection. Whenever the cook was particularly flirtatious with Nami, Zoro felt the urge to seek Sanji out and make sure he still desired him. That he was what Sanji really wanted.

It was bad enough that Zoro enjoyed going to the cook and the things he let be done to him, at all! He didn't want to be controlled by them...

"Well, I guess I'll have to go and enjoy that lemonade by myself. I've been wanting some solitude anyway."

Zoro panicked as he heard steps shuffle away and jumped up into the shade. Sanji was apparently waiting for him just a few steps away, with a knowing smirk.

"Alright, dammit! But there better really be a drink down there. With Ice!"