Jeff stared at himself in the mirror, messing with his hair because he couldn't get it the way he wanted it to be. He had talked to Cooper earlier and they were meeting up and to watch a movie in a hotel room. They had both done their best to try to make the meeting seem like a casual thing, but deep down, they both knew (or at least Jeff knew and he was hoping that Cooper knew too) that a movie wasn't on the agenda. There was too much unresolved tension between the two of them. Jeff wanted Cooper so badly at this point that it hurt to think about it. Hopefully we'll take care of it all tonight. If we don't, I might go completely insane.

"Going somewhere?"

Jeff turned around and saw that Matt was standing in the doorway. "You scared me," he said with a pout. "That wasn't nice."

"Sorry," Matt apologized. He blinked as Jeff went back to his hair. "You didn't answer my question."

"Oh." Jeff wasn't sure if he wanted to tell Matt about this or not, but he knew that if Matt really wanted to know, he would find out one way or another. "Cooper and I are going to go watch a movie." He left out the part that they were doing this "movie" thing in a hotel room. That was information that needed to be kept secret for Matt's sake. It would hurt his digestion if he knew what was probably going to go on.

Matt raised his eyebrows. "You're going on a date?"

"If you want to call it that," Jeff said with a shrug. Deciding that his hair was fine, he grabbed his shoes and put them on. "I like to call it hanging out."

Matt didn't looked convinced. "Right," he said with a shake of his head. "Are you sure you know what you're getting into Jeff?"

Jeff rolled his eyes before nodding. "Yes I do Matty. Cooper's not James."

"I know he's not. God help us, he's the only sane member of that family. But still, he's not really right in the head."

"Shut up Matty," Jeff ordered, not liking the fact that Matt was talking about Cooper like that. "Cooper's fine." He got up and grabbed his keys off from his desk. "Imma go now." He tried to leave the room but couldn't because Matt wouldn't get out of the way. "Matty move!" he ordered.

Matt shook his head. "Can I ask you something?"

"Will you move afterward?" Jeff countered.

Matt ignored that question and went ahead and asked what was on his mind. "Are you falling in love with Cooper?"

Jeff stopped and stared at Matt for a long moment. He had thought about this question a lot lately, but it felt weird to hear Matt ask it out loud. "What if I am?" he replied. "Do you have a problem with that?"

Matt looked taken aback by that. That was obviously not the answer he had been expecting. "Are you sure it's not too soon?"

Jeff shrugged. "I dunno. I'm tired of thinking about it though. I want to be with Cooper now and you need to get out of my way." He put his hands on his hips and tapped his foot impatiently. "Am I going to have to call Cooper and have him tie you up so he can get me out of here?"

Matt stared at him for quite awhile before finally getting out of the way. "Be careful, alright? If Cooper ends up hurting you then I'm going to have to kill him. And me trying to kill a serial killer would not be pretty."

Jeff giggled and then kissed Matt's cheek. "Don't worry, I'll be careful." He went downstairs and started heading to the door. On the way he saw Randy coming out of the kitchen. "Matt needs a spanking Orton," he said, reaching out and slapping the younger man on the shoulder. "You better get in there and punish him. Boy needs to learn right from wrong."

Randy's eyes widened and Jeff could have sworn that Orton was about to start drooling. "Uh…okay then," he said, quickly heading upstairs.

Jeff giggled at that and then left the house. I love setting Matt up for stuff like that. It's way too much fun.

"Aren't you supposed to be leaving soon?" James asked as he and Mark watched Cooper frantically searched through the dryer for the shirt that he wanted to wear. "You don't want to be late, now do you?"

"No I don't," Cooper agreed, growling in frustration because Connor had like a billion articles of clothes that were in the way. "But I need this shirt damn it!" He started tossing the clothes out of the dryer until he finally found it. "Finally!" He stood back up and slipped on the black button up shirt.

"You know you're cleaning that mess up, right?" Mark asked as he surveyed the mess that was now on the floor. He was sitting on one chair while another one was being used to prop his injured leg up.

"Yeah yeah I know," Cooper muttered. He grabbed the clothes he had tossed around and put them back in the dryer. "Better?"

"Much," Mark confirmed with a nod. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Cooper reached into his pocket and made sure that his keys were in his pocket. "I need to get going now."

"Have fun... don't do anything I wouldn't do." Mark smirked

"And that would include what exactly?" Cooper answered

James' turned his head. "Now this I gotta hear."

"Well, you know my rule about farm animals." Mark enjoyed watching the color of Cooper's face darken.

"Just go." James said "Before Mark turns us both completely straight."

The last thing Cooper heard before the door drowned out the conversation was "Farm animals? Is there something you haven't been telling me?"

Ewwww... That rated just below CM Punk on the icky scale for Cooper. Hopefully the rest of the evening would make him forget such ickiness. He made it to the hotel first and ran up to the suite he'd rented.

"One of these days you gotta give Likansuk their credit card back." He looked at the square of plastic and realized that if James had really wanted the damn thing back, he would've beaten it outta Cooper right after Wrestlemania. "Ah, whatever... back into the wallet you go."

Cooper gazed at the room. It was huge, almost as big as the locker rooms he'd been sharing with Mark. As he'd requested, there was two cases of strong beer next to the fridge, although the complimentary cheese tray seemed a little gay.

I don't expect us to be eating too much of that anyway. Oh well...

Cooper picked up a square of cheese and ate it anyway. One cube led to another and another and another and five minutes later, Cooper had eaten most of the tray.

"Damn, that was good." He belched, rearranging the leftovers to cover the space in the middle. "I better save some room for dessert." Laughing in spite of his bad joke, he checked out the rest of the room.


Despite his outward coolness, the closer Jeff got to the hotel the more nervous he became. He stuttered the request at the front desk and was shaking as he stepped into the elevator.

"Why Imma scared?" Jeff stopped the elevator three floors below just to stop from hyperventilating. "We're just hanging out, right?"

The elevator car was empty or Jeff would've really felt weird about his present situation. Even weirder was the small object he'd tucked away in his pants pocket. There was something he'd planned to do for several weeks now, but now that he was on the verge, Jeff kept questioning if it was the right thing to do. He hesitated yet again outside the door to the suite, and almost scrapped the entire plan several times, but eventually, Jeff calmed down enough to knock on Cooper's door.

"What took you so long?" Cooper answered it almost immediately, which led Jeff to believe that he'd been waiting.

"Imma had to look good for you." Jeff twirled around.

Cooper raised his eyebrows.

"Well, whatsy think?" Jeff wiggled his rump at Cooper as he finished spinning.

"It's not like I haven't seen you in two weeks. You look fine."

"Oh." This wasn't the response that Jeff had been hoping for.

"C'mon in."

Jeff walked into the spacious accommodations. "Wow! Daddy-Mark pay for this or Daddy-James?"

"Neither." Cooper answered "I didn't want either of them to know and I haven't been paid by the WWE yet, so Likansuk is footing the bill."

Jeff laughed. "Oh, Coopy..."

"Yeah, I know... so we got two cases of beer, and I sorta demolished the complimentary cheese tray while I was waiting, so we can order room service if you 're hungry."

"Pizza?" Jeff asked, using his puppy dog eyes.

"Sure. Grab a beer and make yourself comfortable." Cooper went to order dinner. When he came back, Jeff was watching RAW on a tape delay.

"I don't wanna spoil it, but the ending sucked donkey dong... oh never mind."

The donkey dong-sucking ending was going on right in front of him.

"Better them than us." Jeff laughed while Justin Roberts was getting choked out with his own tie.

"Huh?" Cooper said "Moron ring announcer... why didn't he run like Cole?"

"Hayes didn't wanna waste the idea I guess. If Mark hadn't come up with something, that was going to be you, me, and Bearer tearing the place up." Jeff replied

"Kinda strange that they beat up Striker, King, and practically everyone else, but they leave the camera guys alone." Cooper responded "And if that doesn't prove how dumb Creative thinks the WWE universe is, then... can we not talk about work? I want this to be a nice peaceful night."

"Okies." Jeff turned off the television. "When's pizza gonna come?"

"When it gets here." Cooper helped himself to beer.

Jeff shrugged, helping himself to beer. "Mmm... I likes beer."

Cooper dropped into the seat beside Jeff and started looking through the movie listings. "Hopefully there's something watchable tonight. It's gonna be pretty boring if we just stare at each other." Although Jeff is real easy on the eyes.

Jeff smirked. "That would depend on what we were doing while we were staring at each other," he pointed out.

Cooper raised his eyebrows at that. "Good point." Several dirty thoughts were running through his mind and he had to shake his head in order to make them go away. "So," he said, stopping because he really did not know what to say. "Ah fuck it," he muttered, skipping the rest of the needless small talk and going straight for the kiss.

Jeff gasped happily and immediately allowed himself to be pulled into Cooper's arms. Cooper slipped his hands underneath Jeff's shirt and rand them all over Jeff's body while nibbling and sucking on Jeff's lower lip. Jeff began whimpering softly, which only served to turn Cooper on more. Thoughts of putting on the brakes this time were rapidly going right out the window. Cooper wanted Jeff so fucking badly that he couldn't stand it anymore. Besides, maybe it's time to see whether Tom and Joie know what the fuck they're talking about.

"Stupid shirts," Jeff muttered, pulling back just enough so he could slip his off. "I don't like 'em."

"Me neither," Cooper agreed, getting rid of his own before pushing Jeff down on the bed and climbing on top of him. He kissed Jeff on the lips again before slowly making his way down to his neck. He sucked on the pale flesh before nipping at it with his teeth, happily licking up the blood he drew in the process.

"Fuck," Jeff mumbled, squirming around as Cooper kissed his way down to his chest. "Coo-owie! Coopy that hurted!"

"Sorry," Cooper said, not actually meaning it. He tugged on the other nipple with his teeth before resuming his trail of kisses. He made his way down to Jeff's stomach, his hands unbuttoning Jeff's jeans and pulling them down just enough so he could start tracing his tongue over Jeff's hip bones.

"You're a tease," Jeff pouted. He was looking down at Cooper in irritation. "A horrible horrible tease."

Cooper smirked. "It's not teasing when I plan to follow up on it." He unzipped Jeff's jeans the rest of the way before yanking them off and taking Jeff's boxers with them. He took a moment to look at Jeff's naked body before flicking his tongue across the head of Jeff's cock.

"Oh fuck," Jeff gasped, arching his hips up and trying to force Cooper to take more of him in his mouth.

"Patience is a virtue you know," Cooper pointed out as he grabbed Jeff's hips and forced them back down.

Jeff pouted at him. "Fuck patience. It never got anyone anywhere."

Cooper chuckled before dragging the tip of his tongue up the vein on the underside of Jeff's cock a couple of times so he could get a loud moan from Jeff. Once he got it, he deep throated Jeff eagerly, barely wincing as Jeff twisted his hair really hard with his fingers. Keeping Jeff's hips firmly held down so he wouldn't get seriously face fucked, he began bobbing his head up and down while sucking eagerly. Jeff was writhing around desperately underneath him, which just fueled him on even more.

"Mmmmm," Jeff whimpered, trying to keep himself quiet so he didn't wake up the entire hotel. That plan went to hell though when Cooper deep throated him again. "Cooper!" he moaned, managing to thrust upwards this time even with the grip Cooper still had on his hips.

Cooper relaxed his throat as best as he could and started swallowing as soon as Jeff started coming so he could avoid choking. He pumped Jeff dry with his mouth before moving back, smirking at the look on Jeff's face. "You okay?"

Jeff just stared at him as he panted for breath. "That was…wow," he finally managed to say.

Cooper grinned before getting off the bed and taking off his jeans and underwear. It occurred to him that he had forgotten to bring any lube with him. Ah fuck it. We'll improvise. He got back on the bed and put three of his fingers by Jeff's mouth. "Suck," he ordered.

Jeff grinned. "Bossy pants," he said jokingly before doing what he was told. Cooper waited until his fingers were nice and wet before taking them out of Jeff's mouth.

"You know you love it," he whispered into Jeff's ear as he slipped two of his fingers inside of Jeff's tight hole. He began scissoring his fingers apart, occasionally pushing them in deeper so he could probe Jeff's prostate. Jeff jerked upwards every time he did it, and soon he was adding a third finger to speed the process along even more.

"Oh God," Jeff whimpered, his cock harder now than it was before. "Cooper fuck me. Imma need you."

"You sure?"

Jeff glared at him. "If you pussy out on me now…"

No more had to be said. Cooper quickly withdrew his fingers so he could slide every inch of this throbbing length inside of Jeff, loving the loud moan he got in response. "You're not gonna pussy out on me now are you?" he asked with a smirk.

Jeff shook his head. Satisfied with that answer, Cooper pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in, trying to stifle the loudest of Jeff's moans with kisses. Coherent thoughts went completely out the window as he continued fucking Jeff for all he was worth. He was trying to control himself somewhat because he wanted this to last as long as possible, but there was only so long that he could hold on.

"Fuck!" Jeff moaned, wrapping his legs around Cooper's waist and clawing at his back desperately. "Cooper please…ooooh fuck…so close…"

Cooper quickly grabbed on to Jeff's dick and began stroking it fast. Jeff wailed loudly as he came, splashing his release all over Cooper's chest and stomach. "Jeff," Cooper groaned, burying his face deep into the crook of Jeff's neck while he came, barely feeling Jeff trace his fingers over the scratch marks he had just left behind.

"I feel all tingly," Jeff announced after Cooper had gotten off of him.

"Tingly huh?" Cooper grinned and snuggled up to Jeff. "Tingly is good."

"Yeah." Jeff stared at Cooper for a really long moment with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Hold on," he said, getting halfway off the bed so he could reach his jeans. "I know I have it…"

Cooper chuckled because the look of utter concentration that was on Jeff's face was absolutely adorable. The chuckle died though when he saw what Jeff was getting out of his pocket.

"Recognize it?" Jeff asked, tossing his pants away.

Cooper nodded. "It's Tom's ring."

Jeff smiled softly. "Yeah. I've been carrying it around ever since…" His voice trailed off and his eyes clouded over for a second before he shook his head. "I want you to have it."

Cooper stared at Jeff in shock. "What?" he said, not sure if he had heard that right.

"I want you to have Tommy's ring," Jeff repeated, holding it out for Cooper to take.

Cooper blinked several times, not sure what to do. "Jeff…I don't think I can take this," he finally said. "I mean I appreciate the offer but you already gave me Lizard…I-"

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Come on Cooper please? I want you to have it."

"Why though? Why-"

"Because I love you damn it," Jeff said with an impatient shake of his head. "Now quit being stubborn and take the ring!"

There was a second where Cooper almost busted out laughing because Jeff sounded like an impatient child who wasn't getting his way at the moment, but he held it in and took the ring. "You're serious right?" he asked suddenly. "About loving me. Because I-"

Jeff cut him off with a kiss. "I am," he said with a nod. "I really am." He pushed Cooper down on his back and climbed on to him, straddling his waist and grinning. "Now I know you love me…question is, how do you think you should prove it?"

Cooper cocked an eyebrow. "Oh I think I can find a way." He grabbed Jeff's hips and rolled them over so he was on top again. "But I think I should do it all night just to make sure you get the message."