Fallen Angel : part 5

When you walked into the Cafeteria you got yourself a Hero sandwich and a Chocolate milk and a apple .

You walked behind Zach and his friends not paying much attention to them , you were to busy looking for your brother.

Zach suddenly started talking to no one in particular . "That's not cool , I'm telling you Boomer is going to regret making me a Sidekick , Alright someday it be dark and he will be all alone walking to his car and drops his keys , and I won't glow to help him find them".

Suddenly Coach Boomer stood up from his seat and asked Zach : "You got a problem with me? " "No" Zach Answers "No what?" Coach asks "No Sirr , No sir !" Zach says looking around at his friends , and you just roll your eyes at his behavior.

Then Coach Boomer appeared to be the Shape shifter guy , And he says "Just messing with you Sidekick" "You're not suppose to use your powers outside of the school gym " The nerdy guy , Ethan said.

Again you rolled your eyes at that , thinking "Ugh, as if everyone is holding on to the rules , is that guy a walking Library ? " your thoughts were interrupted when your food tray suddenly got stolen from you, and two long striped arms warped around you and pulled you to the source of them.

"Hey there Angel , why don't you sit with us " Lash says smirking at you.

Apparently Lash was the one that pulled you to him , and Speed was the one steeling your food tray , which was now in front of you on the cafeteria table.

"Heey guys " you say smiling at them.

"So Hero or Sidekick sis " Speed said bluntly.

You taught it would be fun to joke around a bit with them so you hung your head down tried to look sad , and with a sad voice you said "He made me a sidekick" you fake sniffed like you were starting to cry.

Their faces showed disbelieve , Then anger , then somewhat concern and then disbelieve again, and it made you giggle which you cursed yourself for.

"Very funny , you are joking with us right " Lash says with a stern look.

"Well yes , you should have seen your faces , hilarious " You say giggling like a little girl.

"Ha-ha , so you're a Hero then right " Speed says a little annoyed at his giggling sister trying to confirm If he understand it correctly.

"Of course , it's not like Magnetism manipulation is as useless as melting " you say rather proud.

"Speed do you hear what I hear, I think your little sis might be up for some bulling sidekicks " Lash says with a big grin on his face.

"Uh what" you say wondering how he suddenly came up with that.

"Well you made fun of their powers , it's a start , why not putting the lad a bit higher , come on bulling with us " Lash asks you with pleading eyes , somehow you just couldend refuse , "Maybe it was because the grin he was holding was so hot , and the sparkling in his eyes where too cute for words o and his hair just" ,you shock yourself awake from your rambling thoughts and just smiled at him.

"Um yea I did and I don't mind helping with giving them names and all , but I'm not sure about shoving them into a looker " you say to them .

"it's a start , just hang around us in between class hours and lunch breaks , and maybe you start liking the shoving part too , just tell us when you want to help " Speed says proudly at his sis.

"Mhm guess I do have a influence on her , I'm so proud that she will hang around when we bully the sidekicks , it's a great start naming them bad names " Speed taught.

"All right , you guys won't be mad if I suddenly decide not to be part of it anymore if I don't like it " You ask pleading the wont mind.

"Of course not , but then again you probably will like it anyhow , your related to me " Speed says to you with a smile just as big as Lash's is.

You tree giggled on that comment .

"I rarely see my brother smile like that he must be really proud , and I don't remember seeing Lash ever smiling like that , I guess I better just make them happy and go around with them , and speed is right I'm his little sis and usually we have lots of things in common , and I do like to have this brother sis experience , and of course being around Lash all the time surely a great plus point . " you taught and smiled with them.

"So shall we walk you back to power placement " Lash says grinning like he was thinking of something funny .

"Thanks , but you don't have too " you say.

"Nonsense come on , we have some pain to deliver to the sidekicks before you head back " Lash says giggling like a hyena would at his pry.

You tree walked true the school halls , and you saw Ethan walk into the boys bathroom .

"Heey speed , see that nerdy looking guy walking into the bathroom there, he's the one that melts like a ice-cream in the sun, ow and he's like a walking rulebook " You say too speed and lash giggling a bit at your comment .

"Well well , What do you say Speed let's give this popsicle a swirly " Lash says laughing like a hyena .

"Right at ya man " Speed answers and runs with super speed into the bathroom , probably grapping the boy right now.

"I, guess I wait here Lash , I'm not going into the guys bathroom , hope you don't mind" You say shy.

"Course not , wait here , I'll be back soon, o and you probably get a funny side anyhow , it's not like he be able to dry himself , just use your imagination " Lash winks too you , before walking in as well, to help his friend.

"Hi Angel , where were you suddenly at lunch " You hear someone say , you look up to see it was Will Stronghold.

"ow um , my brother and his friend ask me to sit with them , could end refuse , sorry for not saying anything " you say giving a fake smile at him.

"Ah understanding , anyhow I have to use the restroom , see you later Angel " He says as he walked in the boys restroom.

Then Ethan runs out of the bathroom completely wet ,and had some toilet paper sticking to his cloths and bag the look made you giggle and lucky for you he was to embarrassed to even notice you , when he ran off somewhere.

Then Speed came out followed by Lash , Lash laughing evilly.

"That looked funny, the guy dinned even notice me giggling at him , that's how embarrassed he was " You say smiling at them.

"look she likes it , knew there was hope for you left " Speed says with a grin and puts his arm around you.

They walked you back to power placement .

"We'll see you later Angel , we got some more sidekicks to push around , I cant wait to hear about all the new sidekicks we can pick on , you will tell us after school at your house right " Lash says winking.

"As long as you bring a movie to watch after " you say with a smile , Lash usually came over after school , to hang out with speed ,and sometimes he would bring a movie and then ask if you where interested to watch with them.

"See you on the bus then then " Lash says , and gave you a kiss on your cheek before walking off giggling like a hyena .

"Woow he just kissed me , well on my cheek that is but still , can't help but feel so happy , I don't think keep hurting sidekicks is good , but if Lash reacts like that when I do , I just have to stand by their side , even if it's just to make them happy , as long as it don't make me to unhappy with myself" You taught when you walked in to the gym.

Next part will be Part 2 of Power placement.

Also I'm thinking about forgetting about the Zach love part and just make it a Lash love story ,I just can't get inspiration on that , I do not mind giving him a bigger power later on (got tons of ideas of how he will be earning those) please let me know what you think.