I felt The Doctor's hand slide across mine. I looked at him. His face was already showing signs of bruising.

"You okay?" he asked me. I tried to nod, my head felt like a tornado had just blown by. My body ached and my muscles were sore, but every time I felt his gentle touch I just felt fine.

"Yeah. What about you?" I asked, my voice broke of pain. It had been a few days since me or The Doctor had gotten any water or food from our captives. He groaned and tried to move closer to me, well as far as his restraints would let him.

"I've been better." He looked me in the eyes; I looked down avoiding his gaze. I knew he could tell how much pain I held inside me by just one simple glance, so I've done the best I could to avoid looking at him.

"Donna, just hold on a little longer. I'll get us out of here, I promise." He whispered as I laid my head down on his shoulder. At first I flinched from the bruise I had, but didn't move away. God I hope he's right, I don't have much time left. Pretty soon the daily abuse we got from our captors, the constant absense of food or water, and the cold winter air, blowing vigorously upon us day by day, could really take a number out of ya.

"Yea." I mumbled closing my eyes for yet another dreamless night in hell, but something about The Doctor's gentle touch gave me the energy to fight off every demon that stopped me from getting out of it.

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