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Once friends, now enemies. One was untamable and unruly as the fire he commanded, while the other was as calm and stoic as the moon itself. The differences between the two used to be few and far between; however, that was back when they had hearts. Back when they were a team together as well as each other's sole companion. Now, they had simply changed too much.

When Axel began to abandon him for the other members, Saix felt a semblance of jealousy as a Nobody for the first time. He had been forsaken by the very man who had entered the Organization with him. And when Saix became the Superior's right-hand man, Axel had felt the first semblance of betrayal.

Their personalities, their plans, their very friendship could not last forever, and both were becoming more aware of that fact by the day. It was now until only a matter of time before something happened that would serve as the final blow.

Saix should have predicted that it would be Roxas.

After XIII had left the Organization, Axel had stayed holed up in his room, deaf to the various threats that Saix growled out. Eventually, the Luna Diviner believed, sense would come to him. He would realize that he had never formed a friendship with the boy. He would remember his lack of a heart. Things would go back to normal… that is, whatever was normal for a bunch of Nobodies.

However, fate seemed to have another plan in mind. Once Roxas had been rejoined with his Other, Axel went on a rage, desperate to find some way to bring his friend back. Saix simply observed. Axel had decided to place his own desires above those of the Organization, and thus, had been labeled a traitor. If they ever saw each other again, it would be his duty as second-in-command to either dispose of the renegade or to bring him back to the Organization's castle for punishment.

So be it.

One way or another, Saix would prove to his "friend" that they no longer had hearts. That they no longer had any way of feeling any emotion at all.

But that they were perfectly capable of feeling pain.

Now, looking back, Saix began to wonder about something. He didn't feel any regret mind you, however he couldn't help but to ponder the matter. Where did everything go wrong? When did they begin to separate? Was it when Roxas came, or was it when they had first become Nobodies? Why had they even become friends in the first place? Who merited the blame in the end?

Nothing seemed clear to his mind anymore. And now he stood, waiting for the keyblade warrior known as Sora to make his appearance. The Nobody knew that this would be his final battle. He knew that he would die without the heart he longed for. He would die fighting for the heart he would never have, the friendship that had been lost, as well as the dream that would never occur.

Footsteps echoed along the path toward the Addled Impasse, and Saix smiled grimly as he cast one last glance toward Kingdom Hearts.

Perhaps the afterlife would be more forgiving.

A/N: I don't know about you, but both Saix and Axel seemed to have the saddest deaths. Hoped that you liked it!