My father's eyes are blank as he looks at me, while my eyes are on the body that sits at his feet. It's my mum, Ruby, I look at him, still blank, suddenly I'm overwhelmed with tears and screams, and he takes me away from the scene. Whispering "Shh November" but I couldn't stop, I'm seven and she's gone forever. She left me. But not just I but, he, Luke, my dad, now I hated her for leaving us and not letting me grow up with her. I just had to see where daddy was going didn't I, to see where he was going now, he had traveled a lot. I stopped crying and just watched as my mum's body grew smaller until I was too far away to see her. And then I said in a small whimper "Bye mommy, I love you" and then I fainted on his shoulder…bye mommy.

I screamed and found myself somewhere else, not in that place anymore, thank god, it was my bedroom. I looked down at myself, only a dream, I could tell because my flat seven year old chest was full. My door swung open, it was my dad, Luke, his eyes dart but soon calm when he's I'm fine. I didn't want to tell him that I had that dream again, so I lied, and told him I saw a massive spider, but it went through the window. He looked at me but believed my lie, he told me to get dressed because he was taking me to school. I got off my butt and got dressed in yellow top and dark jeans with my purple Ugg boots and ran a brush through my brown semi-curled hair and stuck my mum's emerald hair pin in it.

My dad was an accountant or at least that's what he told me he was. So he wore a white colored shirt, a red silk tie, and black slacks, not to sound wrong but my dad was good looking, if you ask me time didn't touch him much. I grabbed the coffee pot and poured into a foam cup and lid Dixie cup we got for like a dozen a buck. My dad hated me drinking coffee, but allowed t because Ruby loved coffee and would die without it, so it was the same for me. Thing is Ruby didn't die from lack of coffee, fact is I don't know what killed her, dad drank when I asked so I stopped asking long ago. My dad didn't know his dad, so I couldn't have much happiness either I guess, what goes around got my way.

"Let's go" he says grabbing his brief case and my back pack and leaving.

I took the coffee and left traveling behind him, and lowered myself inside the car with a small thud. We start driving to my school, which is only half a kilometer from our loft, which is also only a kilometer from my grandma, Jenny. Such a momma's boy.

"So do you want to get some yogurt after school, I'll buy" he says trying a sad attempt at humor, fail.

"I don't know I'll call ya yeah?"

"Ok" he says, I can tell he's disappointed, and I feel bad but just not into it right now. We stop, it's my school.

"I'll see ya yeah?"

"Ok love you November" he says whole heartedly.

"Love you too daddy."