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Alternative Universe New Moon Ending. Bella doesn't forgive and take Edward back the second she sees him. All the Cullen's are in Italy by the time Bella, Alice, and Edward are allowed out of Volterra. They decide to take a ship back to the States. A day's journey from their destination a storm comes. Bella in her usual danger magnet self is out on the deck when the storm begins. Tuned into the emotions of Bella, Jasper feels her panic and goes to her only to discover the ship will soon buckle under the storm. Alarmed at the danger Jasper picks the most secure and equipped lifeboat he can find and carrying a shell-shocked Bella,They set off into the night Jasper using his vampire abilities to his full capacity to keep Bella and himself safe.

Chapter 1

Third person P.o.v.

Jasper could feel the rocking of the ship. He could feel the waves as if he was the ship. The water had always reminded him of his ability. The emotions of those around him coming and going as they pleased and the way that sometimes he could block them out yet at other times the feelings were so strong that they drowned him.

It was only an hour later as he was battling the waves with the oars of the lifeboat that he remembered how much he sometimes hated his empathy. In this case though he also couldn't help but be thankful that he had this ability. Without it he couldn't have saved the human member of his family.

Secured to the floor of the lifeboat Bella was wide eyed and scared out of her mind. From surviving a jump off a cliff to getting off a cruise ship in enough time to see it go down. Jasper thought that Lady Luck really went back and forth between loving or hating Bella Swan.

Bella P.o.v.

I was cold but thankfully alive. My clothes were warm enough that I knew that I wouldn't get hypothermia. While I didn't like thinking about the hundreds of human beings that had undoubtedly drowned to their deaths, I couldn't help but be thankful that my vampire family could survive even a sinking ship. I was also relieved that it got me away from Edward.

While I loved him the love was obviously platonic to me now. He had broken my heart in the most brutal of ways and there was no going back. Their love wasn't meant to last. Differing too much from each other, with so little in common that even without him leaving that it was likely that they would have broken up anyway. He kept too much from me and never truly let himself have fun. Too little laughter. Always telling me that he was a monster so much that I questioned to myself whether or not he was just fishing for a moral boost.

A harsh movement from the boat reminded me exactly where I was. Looking at Jasper I was amazed. He had saved me. He cared enough to save me. I wasn't going to delude myself into thinking that he only did it because he was there. Jasper had sought me out most likely following my frightened emotions.

Then reading the situation rescued me from a shipwreck. Now here they were in a lifeboat heading into the unknown. It was strait out of Titanic. He was Jack. I questioned mentally to myself if this made me Rose. Blood rushed into my cheeks at the thought. Okay no thinking about Jasper like that. Jasper eyes flickered to mine. My heart skipped a beat. My reaction was involuntary. No crushing on your best friend's newly ex-husband, Bella Swan.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Jasper asked loudly. His voice had a southern accent and while it still held a musical tone it was a low manly sound. "Yes, I just can't believe this all happened." I replied in a normal speaking voice knowing he would hear me over the sounds of the ocean. "It'll be okay" His words were accompanied by some waves of reassurance. A new wave took over my body then. My heavy eyelids fluttered shut after a short battle with them and a warm darkness overtook me.

It was too hot. Hotter than even Phoenix. A displeased groan left my mouth before I could even think about it. Charlie would be happy. I had finally become a fan of the cold.

My eyes opened a crack and was struck with the intense brightness of the day. I sat up from the floor of the lifeboat and then my eyes were again struck but by a different kind of brightness. It was Jasper. He was staring at me warily like he was scared.

He was even more beautiful than Edward. I had thought Edward was perfection but looking at Jasper I was obviously wrong. His skin glittered like all vampires. I could see scars on his face and neck that I had never seen before. They were crescent shaped. I glanced down at my one crescent shaped mark that was glittering like a vampires skin then returned my gaze back to Jasper.

Was he afraid I'd react badly to his scars? Or did he think I was upset about last night? "What's wrong?" The words came out of my mouth before I could stop myself. His mouth dropped open slightly. "Your not scared or disgusted?" He sounded surprised by my reaction.

"Why would I be they're just scars" My words were sincere. His scars didn't detract from his handsome face even if they weren't there it wouldn't have mattered to me. He was still Jasper. Still the one who had saved me from a sinking ship. He was a hero to me now.

I didn't care that he had once tried to kill me. It was an instinctive reaction to the scent of human blood. He was smiling at me. A dimple adorned each side of his face and his eyes were a bright golden color. In combination with his blond hair, he was the most beautifully heart stopping man I had ever seen.

Before today I had never truly looked at him. Right now I was seeing him for the first time.