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What you've become, just as I have

Are you and I so unalike?

I don't hear you, just as I am

Afraid if we dance we might die

Mock the world

Live safe, say why

Don't you know if you live life

Then you become what you are

Russia's home was the same as America remembered it. The surrounding land was completely white from heavy, constant snowfall. The mansion itself hadn't changed since the last time he had been there either: big, ancient looking, and not white. The dark brown paint chipped and flaked into the whiteness below. Tiles on the roof looked in disarray around the edges. By all means it was an old house, but it was sturdy and built to withstand snowstorms and decades of decay.

America could barely make it up the driveway.

Not only was said driveway caked in ice and snow and thus hard to walk across, but the spell made it difficult to breathe. The constant pressure on his chest, specifically his heart, intensified as time went on, but that's was to be expected. The cold air burned his lungs and scratched down the insides of his throat like icicle nails.

America finally reached the door. He gripped the handle for support and panted as his heart struggled to keep beating. Just a little longer…

He turned the knob and the door creaked. America noticed the thick seal of ice that had practically glued the door shut.

Dang it Russia… With a surge of super human strength, America yanked the door open. The ice shattered with a deafening crack, as a shot of raw pain surged though his chest from the effort.

Oh right… this is why I hate using magic! Freakin'….freakin' side effects…

Russia looked up from his spot on floor. Gunfire? The door swung open and a shadow appeared.

A shadow with Nantucket on its head.

A surge of panic ran though him. America followed him!

America panted and collapsed on the doorstep. He looked up, staring the shadowy mass that he knew was Russia though his bangs. He stood up slowly, "Russia…"

Russia didn't answer him.

America scanned the room. It too had not changed since the last time he had been there. His focused eyes caught a movement and turned back to Russia.

Russia slipped out of a shadowed area, and flinched when America gasped and stared at him.

"Is- is that-"

Russia nodded. Why hide what was obvious? "Da. Blood."

America charged forward and inspected him closely. There was blood on Russia's clothes, his chin, and his lips. A surge of anger washed over him along with a surprising prick of jealousy, which he quickly shook away.

"Who?" America sounded upset, and Russia braced himself for the worst.

Say it. Tell him. Say what you did. Do not falter now. Tell him why you did this why- why…

America saw something and ran to another room. Russia followed and opened his mouth to speak, his heart beating faster and faster until it threatened to fall to the dusty floor. Not a single word came out. He covered his heart with his hand.

Who am I kidding? I have no reason.

America followed the trail of blood on the floor and ran to a small living room close to the opening room. He heard Russia running behind him but honestly didn't care. He wanted to see if there was any way to help the poor soul Russia decided to drink from.

A pickpocket? No…

They were wearing a dress. …A familiar dress.

America eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. "Your sister." He spun around and practically punched Russia as he caught up with him. "YOUR SISTER!"

"America-" Russia's voice sounded hoarse. His throat was tight with tears that threatened to fall.

"You killed your own sister! I thought you were past hurting other people like- especially your- she's your- AHHH!" America curled up on himself, one hand pulling his hair, the other clutching his heart.

"What is wrong with your-?"

"Why are you so calm? HUH? Is this fun for you? Hurting people? Russia, I thought you were better than that now! I thought you were passed this!" America's eyes teared up, and Russia's heart shook in pain.

"I-I am! I didn't- I couldn't-" Russia sputtered.

"You couldn't?" America motioned to his fallen sister, his hand still over his heart. "Does that look like couldn't to you!"

"America please! Stop!" Russia's voice cracked and he sobbed. "Please! I didn't! I-"

America walked out of the room. The spell needed to be used quickly before it dissipated from disuse. The side effect of difficulty breathing made it hard to seem angry. He was upset that Russia had attacked Belarus, but he could tell she was alive. Barely alive, but alive nonetheless. Russia couldn't kill his sister.

Time to put the plan into motion.

Russia hastily followed and clung to America's arm when he reached the other nation. "America! Believe me! I-"

"You're a monster." America glared at him. His normally beautiful sky blue eyes had become steel-like. "Nothing but a monster."

Russia's hands slid off of America's arm slowly. He stared disbelievingly. "….what?"

"That's what you are. A monster. Heck, I tried to help you! I tried, okay! But no, you keep using other people. Stupid me for thinking you can change."

Russia felt something snap inside of him.

"And that's another thing, I guess everybody else was right. 'Oh you can't befriend Russia, he'll only use you.' 'He can't make friends!' You know what, Monster? I think they're right!"

Something shattered into millions of pieces inside of him.

"You don't deserve me! Or my blood!"

America was knocked to the ground. Russia pinned him down as tears rolled down his round face, violet eyes narrowed and mouth twisted into a malice filled scowl. "…do you really believe them?"

America was still trying to catch his breath. Russia hand knocked the wind out of him. He didn't know what was going on, how Russia moved that fast, but he couldn't worry about those things now. He needed to get his plan in motion.

Don't worry, big guy… this will all be over soon.

Russia snarled and slammed America's shoulders into the floor again. "Well? Do you?"

America kept up his charade. "Of course. Monster."

With a muffled sob, disguised as an angry yell, Russia bit into America's neck. America flinched as his teeth sank in. There was no attempt to be gentle, no attempt to be nice, only a constant rhythm of sharp pain as Russia sucked out more and more blood. Russia pressed close, their chests flat against one another, both of them breathing hard for different reasons.

America's heartbeat started to slow down.

A small headache formed in the back of his skull as the spell took effect. The corners of his vision blurred and he groaned. Magic was always painful. On the few occasions where England had successfully used it on him, most of which were as a child and he was sick or injured ("Magic will heal it better than any medicine") America would run and hide. He hated everything about using magic. The weird processes, the painful side effects, and then the spell itself…

America wiggled, gasping for breath. Russia hadn't drunk enough blood to do this much damage to him, but that didn't mean he couldn't pretend.

Russia pulled back from America's neck and looked down at him. He scowled at the sight of that sweet face scrunched up in pain. "A monster am I?"

America only panted. His fingertips had gone numb. He couldn't see Russia's face anymore, only the violent violet shine of his eyes.

"I try so hard… so hard to be nice. I thought things were going well. What harm did it do? I was careful. I thought… I thought we were happy. We were happy, da?" Russia's hands found America's and held them. Russia frowned at how cold America's hands felt. They were colder than his own.

America couldn't find his voice. You used to kill people for their blood…

"You were happy too… I know you were…" Russia leaned down and nuzzled America's neck. "So happy…"

You're addicted… Trapped…

"Why can't we go back to that…? I am happy with you. You can be my only giver… "

It's so much better to be free…

Russia lightly kissed him. America was vaguely aware of the coppery taste seeping into his mouth. He was more aware of the inky depth his consciousness was falling into.

A large calloused hand checked his pulse and the loving look on Russia's face evaporated in shock.

"America!" He picked the smaller nation up and lightly shook him. "America, are you okay?"

Don't…worry, big guy… This'll all be over soon…

"America! Nyet! I was being careful! I didn't take that much I-"

Russia's voice faded out of America's ears. Large teardrops hit his cheeks and he felt Russia shaking, crying, yelling…

It's for your own good…

America's heart stopped beating.

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