L x Light

Ryuzaki is sitting hand cuffed to Light, of corse he's shoving cake in his mouth. Light is trying not to look at him,

starting to sweat, his eyes opened really wide and he began blushing. Ryuzaki, confused, thinks to himself, "What the

hell is up with Light? He's actully, dare I say um... cute when he blushes." Ryuzaki insisted it was probobly nothing and

continued stuffing his mouth with his fairly large piece of shortcake. Light couldn't hold on to his feelings any longer and

blurted out, "I love you!" Ryuzaki drops his fork, pauses for about a minute starring at Light, who was now giggling. Light

then smiled and blushed until Ryuzaki yanked Light towards him by the hand cuffs until they were looking eye to eye. In an

instint Ryuzaki let go of the hand cuffs and ripped Light's tie and tore his shirt right off of his chest. Light grabbed Ryuzaki

and pressed together their lips. Ryuzaki's eyes widened and then fluttered closed. Light gasped slightly, as he felt Ryuzaki's

tounge trace his botom lip. Ryuzaki took advantage of this and quickly slipped his tounge into the yoounger man's mouth. Light's

hands found their way to Ryuzaki's dark hair and he ran his hands through it. Ryuzaki broke the kiss and they both gasped for

air. Light's face was bright shades of pink and red, Ryuzaki then desided he enjoyed making the younger man blush like that.

Light, not liking the broken contact, connected their lips once more. Ryuzaki was shocked but liked it. Light automaticlly pushed

Ryuzaki away. "Why! What?!D-did I do something wrong?" Ryuzaki asked in shock. Light shook his head gently and said in an

almost dissapointed voice, "Misa..." Ryuzaki's tears fell like waterfalls, as he violentlly tackled Light to the ground. They slammed

the floor, making a loud "bang!" noise. Light's eyes widened when he noticed what was happening. "Misa! Misa! Misa! It's all about

her!" Ryuzaki furiouslly yelled. "I don't wana hear that name again!" he screamed. Light's mouth slowly grinned. Light's arms grabbed

Ryuzaki's head and he kissed him passionatly. Ryuzaki rubbed his hands all over Light's back as he joined the kiss. There was a moan

coming from Light. Ryuzaki's arms went lower on Light's body. "A-ah!" Light jumped in surprise. "You're going too fast, I... I wana take

it easy..." Ryuzaki looked down for a few seconds, and blushing he said with a smile, "Uh, yea, well you see we've been hand cuffed

for a while now, and I've been holding back so... um," *pounce* Before Light knew what was going on, he was pinned. Ryuzaki

giggled and kissed Light's rosey cheek. Hovering above Light, holging him by the wrists, he released his grip. He then rolled over

and snuggled into Light's lap and laid his head against his shirtless chest. Light's face flushed into a bright color of pink and red as he

gently stroked Ryuzaki's soft midnight hair. Ryuzaki silently wept and tears dripped down his face. Light looked down and slowly

ran his hand across Ryuzaki's cheek and whisperd, "Don't cry," he pressed his lips against Ryuzaki's. "I love you." Light whispered.

Ryuzaki then burried his face into Light's arms, as he wrapped them around Ryuzaki and cuddled him. They then laid down and

gently closed their eyes in slumber.