"Mama! I'm home!!" Kagome slowly slipped off her brown school shoes and made her way into the kitchen. "Mom..?" Glancing around her eyes quickly landed on the table in front of her. Making her way over towards it she picked up the note and read it closely.

"Kagome, your grandfather has gone on one of his ancient artifact quests again. I've accompanied him into the city for the rest of the day. I hope to return by sunset, but if not there is some food in the refrigerator for Sota and yourself. Love you very much, Mom"

Her eyes drifted towards the fridge as she placed the note back on the table. "Err.." She grumbled, "I finally get a good grade on a test and I have no one to celebrate it with.." Kagome slowly made her way into her bedroom and dropped her backpack at the side of her bed. As she plopped down on the bed, she stared at the window watching leaves from the trees drift past. Eyes becoming heavy she drifted into a light sleep. She could hear a bit of rumbling and fuss coming from somewhere in the house, but she just assumed it was Sota and fell back into her slumber.

A chill soon shot up her arms and she jolted straight up feverishly looking around her room. "What the.." Her entire room was covered in a thick fog, it felt as if the thermostat was forced down to a bone-chilling 5®. Her eyes shifted as she felt a presence moving towards her, she could start to see an outline of the creature making their way towards her. "Se..Sesshomaru..but…" His eyes were cold and hallow as always, but as she looked him over she noticed that his swords weren't on him. She grew even more confused on how he got past the well and how he had misplaced his weapons.

Placing her arms behind her she started to back up on her bed as she grew closer and closer towards the wall, Sesshomaru showed no signs of stopping his advance. "Stop! Right there! What do you want!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, as if someone could come to her rescue. With a thud she found herself at her end. There was nowhere to hid, she had no arrows, and Sesshomaru wasn't much for showing mercy. She flinched when he finally made his way onto the bed, and his hand slowly started to rise from his side.

"Ehh.." She whimpered as she could feel her life slipping away. What had she done in her life, defeated a few demons, ace a few test, fail a lot of these tests, that was good enough, right? "Sesshomaru..pl-" She then froze as she felt his hand land on her side. Her eyes slowly grew wide, "Wha…" A high-pitched squeaking sound that resembled a chipmunk escaped her as she gripped on her side and pulled himself towards her. Mouth gaped open in awe as those markings then towards his glowing golden eyes. Miraculously his left arm made its way to the side of her face. She was far in too much shock to realize that his left arm had returned. His hand was so warm and soft, completely opposite of the gaze he was forcing her to keep up with. Inaudible sounds escaped her lips as his hand slid around her neck and then rose to her lips. With that he leaned in and,

"Kagome! I'm home!"

Kagome quickly sat up in her bed, her hair a mess and her body covered in a light sweat. She quickly straightened her hair and pushed her shirt and skirt into place. Her mind was spinning like a cyclone and her heart was racing at top speeds. What was that all about, and..Sesshomaru of all people?!

"Yuck!" She gagged and shook her head making her way from her room to happily meet her younger brother.