Well, this is my first fanfic here on ! Although this is sort of my own story, it's more of an adaptation of Kraziee Gal's fafic of Parappa the Rapper. It was such a good fanfic that I couldn't wait for the next chapter. So, enjoy!

(also, I DO NOT own the rights to Um Jammer Lammy or Parappa the Rapper. All credit goes to Rodney A. Greenblatt and SCEA.)

Chapter 1: (Or Chapter 4 continued from Kraizee Girl's fanfic) Confessions

After the emotional fight between Lammy and Sunny, Parappa was awoken from a long night of thoughts for Lammy.

"Sigh...How could I be in love with Lammy? Sunny dumped me only two days ago."

Parappa yawned.

"I guess the best way to forget about it is to walk it off."

Parappa decided to go to his favorite store, Phat Records, to buy some rap music. The only thing that could make Parappa forget about anything is a good rap record.

"Now, lesse...King Kong Mushi or MC Suppa-Boy..." (made up, BTW...)

Suddenly, Parappa heard a familiar voice.

"Parappa! There you are! I thought I would find you here, since your dad said you weren't home." It was Katy Kat.

"K-katy? Why were you looking for me?"

"It's Lammy. This morning at the Beard Burger, Lammy and Sunny had a huge fight over you."

"What?! Why over me!"

"Well, because of--umm...well...," Katy didn't want to tell Parappa about Lammy crushing on him.

"Well, what?" asked Parappa, very confused from Katy's stuttering.

"Um, well, that doesn't matter! You have to go Sunny and try to talk to her!"

Parappa never really wanted to see Sunny again after what she did...

"B-but, what if Sunny blows me off? I'm made of flimsy paper, after all..."

"Stop talking bad of yourself! It doesn't matter about you and Sunny anymore! It's for Lammy's sake..."

The sound of the lamb's name echoed inside Parappa's head. He suddenly started to zone out and thought about Lammy...

' Well, could Sunny really yell at Lammy like that? Wait, it could've been Lammy who started the fight. But then again, Lammy's really sweet and kind. But, so is Sunny...Grrr! This is so confusing! '

"Hello, Parappa? Are you even listening to me?" Yelled Katy as she snapped her fingers in Parappa's face.

"Ah! Huh, what?"

"Get it together, Parappa!"

"Ugh...sorry, you're right. Where is Sunny, anyways?"

"I think I she went to her house, or either to Parappa Town Park."

"M'kay. I'll go talk to her." The pup didn't seem to happy about his mission, but if it was for Lammy's sake, it's better than laying in bed all day, listening to King Kong Mushi.

At Parappa Town Park, Lammy was seated on a bench, all alone. She was practically invisible to the people passing by.

' Oh no, what should I do? I just lost one of my friends, and I'm in love with her

ex-boyfriend! I really screwed up this time... ' thought Lammy, as she shed a tear whilst sniffling. The first person to actually come in her direction was Joe Chin.

"Why, hello, Lammy! Did you happen to see Sunny? We were supposed to go on a date today, and I just wanted to know where she was so we could get a head start on today's list of things to do for our wonderful date this afternoon!"

"Sorry, Joe. I have no clue where she stormed off to..." Said Lammy with a monotone voice.

"Really? Well, I just wanted to ask, since I knew that you and Sunny are great friends, and after Parappa broke up with her for no apparent reason, I wanted to try to get some alone time to make her forget about that ungrateful pup!"

Lammy's eyes suddenly widened.

"Wait a minute, Sunny broke up with Parappa, not him."

"Um, I think you are mistaken, because this is exactly what she told me what Parappa said to her:

' Sunny, I know that you like me, and I like you, too. It's just that, well...Your flowers have gotten very brown. Do you water yourself often? Well, I'm sorry, but, I need to date a pretty girl, not some ugly old Sunflower. See ya never, bitch! '

Lammy was starting to get upset.

"Um, J-j-joe...I think t-that Sunny's...erm...lying to you..."

"Lammy, it seems that you are covering for Parappa. Why can't you see the heartless dog that he truely is?"

After that extremely harsh explanation of Parappa that Joe made, it made Lammy finally snap, more than she ever has in her entire life.

"You know what? I actually AM covering for Parappa! I'm sorry, Joe, but Sunny's lying to you for more sympathy! I know that Parappa would never judge someone by their looks! He's sweet, kind, caring, and he would never call anyone a 'bitch'! If you ask me, I think Sunny is a jealous little creep of a Sunflower!"

And with that, Lammy stormed off to her apartment.

(Going back to Parappa...)

Parappa decided to check Sunny's house. Even though Sunny broke up with him, they were still friends. Well, hopefully...

A loud and fancy chime rang when Parappa pressed the doorbell button. The person to respond to it was Sunny's mother, Flooris Funny (Also a made up name!)

"Oh, Parappa? What do you want?"

"Um, could I speak to Sunny?" asked Parappa nervously as he twiddled his paws.

"Oh, she isn't here. By the way, why do you want to see her after you rudely dumped her?"

Parappa's eyes widened.

"Eh? Why could you think that? Sunny broke up with me...she said that we could just be friends..."

"Oh really?" questioned Flooris with an oblique tone. "I would think otherwise after how she explained the words that came out of your filthy mouth:

' Sunny, I know that you like me, and I like you, too. It's just that, well...Your flowers have gotten very brown. Do you water yourself often? Well, I'm sorry, but, I need to date a pretty girl, not some ugly old Sunflower. See ya never, bitch! '

The young dog's ears suddenly rose up after hearing the white lie that Flooris said she heard from her daughter.

"Um, Mrs. Funny, I think that Sunny was, erm, lesse...lying, to, y-you?" Sheepishly explained Parappa, still confused that Sunny would say that to her own mother.

"What? I'm sorry, it just seems that your covering for yourself, because you don't want to reveal yourself as the heartless dog that you really are!"

Before Parappa could clear his name to Mrs. Funny, she slammed the door in his face, leaving the poor pup without a say, and despised by another person. And with that, Parappa decided to go to Beard Burgers to try to think of how to clear his name. And who knows how many other people heard what Sunny said?

At the Chunky Burger (yup, changing fast food venue), Sunny and another person were seated at a table, discussing about the morning's occurrence.

"So," said Sunny. "Who are you supposed to be, anyways?"

The unknown person responded.

"Let's just say that I have a score to settle with that lamb."

"What score? What did she do?" questioned Sunny, with a hint of greed in her tone.

"She ruined my career. She took my job, and now I don't any calls on my beeper!"

Sunny was starting to like this black and white persona.

"What's your name, anyways?" asked Sunny, closing in closer to the jobless guitarist.

"The name's Rammy. Vum Jammer Rammy."

So that concludes chapter 1, or chapter 4, or whatever chapter you want to call it! Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, and the epilogue will be the last parts of this adaptation. Later!