Epilogue. How PaRappa and Lammy are after their first kiss. I might make a continuing story that continues FROM the epilogue, but for now, enjoy the continuing life of PaRappa The Rapper.

It was early evening. The night lights of all the hotspots of Parappa Town were glistening and completely lighting every street. In the PaRappa residence, there was a huge fuss. There was the sound of drills drilling, saws cutting, and hammers hammering. PaRappa was getting ready for a special occasion that night. After what seemed hours, PaRappa came out of his room. He was dressed with an oversized purple tuxedo, and under that a white button up shirt with a red bow tie. He also wore baggy purple pants, which were hemmed. He still wore his orange beanie with a frog on it, along with his red "M" logo shoes. He grabbed a comb from his back pocket, and combed his ears and beanie. His sister, Pinto, was coming up the stairs, and saw her brother all dressed up., As usual, she teased him, like little sisters do.

"Hey, PaRappa. Going on a date?" Pinto made her usual little girl laugh, while grinning at PaRappa.

"Shut up! And...um...it is a date..." PaRappa blushed at his own words.

"Tee-hee! Big brother's going on a date!"

"Cut it out, Pinto!" PaRappa playfully nudged her sister out of the way so that he could continue with his night. He rushed down the stairs and out the door. PaRappa's dad was in the garage, working on his car. PaRappa tugged his dad out from under the car, pushed him away, prayed that his dad wouldn't kill him, hopped in the driver's seat, turned the keys that were already in the ignition, and took off to the Parappa Town Skating Rink. His dad was cursing to himself as PaRappa rolled out of driveway, but he remembered the day his son got his license, and how responsible he was, so he would probably let that one slide.

Lammy was waiting in the front of her apartment. She had a sparkling purple skirt along with glittery red high heels. She was also wearing blue eyeliner and red lipstick, along with a necklace with a flower as the pendulum. She looked to the left and saw a gray classic car with a duck on the hood. She could easily see that the driver had an orange beanie. She smiled as PaRappa drove to the edge of the curb, smiling as well.

"Sorry. I don't have my own car yet." PaRappa was abash by his dad's old car, but he was still glad that his dad even had one.

"Isn't he going to kill you?" Lammy was concerned, but was being sarcastic.

"Oh, u-uh...No he's not. He, um, let me use it!" Parappa tried to keep it cool, calm, and collected.

"Of course he did!" Lammy teased PaRappa, but was still smiling. "Let's go!"

"Okay!" PaRappa became used to hanging out with Lammy often, along with the rest of Milkcan.

So Lammy let herself in to the passenger seat. PaRappa was starting to sweat from anxiousness. Lammy calmed him down by giving him a peck on the cheek, squishing his face together, and nuzzling her nose with his. She then shifted back into her seat, and PaRappa began to drive to the skating rink.


Sunny was waiting at her house. She had her usual getup on, nothing fancy. She then noticed a fancy red limo turning into her street from the right. She could easily noticed the rich-boy face. She moaned and tried to make a fake smirk as Joe chin pulled in front of her house. Joe rolled down the window, showing off his shiny teeth as he was smiling.

"Okay, Sunny! Ready to go on our date?"

"Fine...*sigh*..." Sunny wasn't looking forward to her first actual date with Joe Chin. She still tried to smile.

"Hurry up, Sunny! The rest of my limo blocks the entrance's for 3 blocks!" Joe Chin gloated, not knowing that he was doing so.

"Okay, Okay! Jeez," Sunny was trying to run to Joe's car, but ever since PaRappa excepted them not being together, she was having food cravings left and right, since she didn't have any distractions that kept her eating right. At that moment, PaRappa's name went through her head, as well as his face on their last date. Every now and then she would remember that day, and she would sometimes regret her action she made that day.

Joe honked his horn, almost in harmony as the cars awaiting his limo to move were honking their horns off the charts. Sunny was taken out from her daydreams, and she let herself into the passenger seat.

"Hey Sunny," inquired Joe. "Do you want a kiss?" Joe was a confident as ever, especially in front of Sunny.

"No thank you, Joe," Sunny was gritting her teeth, but still tried to keep a sweet tone.

"Okay, then. We're off!" Joe put on his usual brown scarf and sunglasses, whenever he was driving, and took off in reverse. He accidentally ripped through a few houses as he turned out of the neighborhood track. :)

"Oh, for God's sake...KILL ME!!!" Sunny was screaming that thought in her head, as imaginary hammers were banging at her head, which what it felt like whenever Joe was talking.

So, with that, it just goes to show...

Appreciate what you have, and don't let that go to think that you can find more pleasures served to you on a silver plater. In a more sensible way:

Appreciate the people you love, and don't let any of them go, because you can never find that same rapping dog served to you in a Seafood Cake. ;)

The End, I guess...

|| Author Notes: ||

|| That's pretty much the end. This was probably the only story that I actually worked hard on. Also, I would like to thank all the fans who pushed me to continue this story. Thanks for doing that :) ||

|| I guess I'll be in a short hiatus, but don't worry...YA GOTTA BELIEVE! XD ||


~The Narrator (A.K.A. Parappa Fanfare)