Western Show in Dimmsdale!


Tootie as Peach

Chester as Mario

Remy as Bowser

and Timmy as Luigi

Chester: Hey Remy, why won't you just give up? Tootie will never fall for someone stubborn as you!

Remy: I'm sorry, but that's impossible; I'm her destiny, there's no doubt about it!

Tootie: Please stop fighting...just look at yourselves in the mirror.

Chester and Remy: Now you don't have to say such a thing; real men fight with their hearts!

*-*-*Intermission 1: Remy and Chester have a friendly chat.*-*-*

Remy: Nice Job!

Chester: Thanks, you too!

Remy: How've you been doing, Chester?

Chester: Wonderful! The "Wishology" movies were a hit!

Remy: That's nice, let's not get carried away!

Chester: You should get ready, Remy. The second verse is starting!

Remy: My sweetest Tootie-Fruitie, I really love you; if you don't, I'll steal you away!

Chester: I'll steal you back with my life, but somehow I can't steal your heart!

Tootie: I've had enough of you both! You're not listening to me!

Chester and Remy: The tsundere in you is charming, but real men fight with their hearts!

*-*-*Intermission 2: Tootie Fanservice. (Picture Tootie as sexy for while!) *-*-*

Timmy: Wait a minute, aren't you forgetting someone? T-IMM-Y! Sorry to keep you waiting!

Chester: Wha-wha-WHAT!?!?

Remy: KY!! KY!! Try to understand the situation here!

Chester: Get out now before I KICK YOUR BUTT!!!

Tootie: One loser is good enough for me...quite insolent for a stand-in!

Chester: Looks like we're just either mediocre or middle-class, but real men fight with...

Remy: Real men fight with...

Tootie: Please fight with your faces!

*-*-*End: Chester and Remy head out. *-*-*

Remy: It's over.

Chester: I'm beat!

Remy: Want to have a soda on me?

Chester: Sorry, but I have...other things to do.

Remy: Ohh...please invite me to meet this girl, OK?

Chester: Uhh...Remy? Your MIC's still on.

Remy: UH-OH!

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