Evangeline One Half Chapter 3

Ranma sat in Cologne's home and sipped on a cup of tea as she watched the elder tend to Xian Pu. Ranma felt slightly bad for knocking the girl out, even if by accident, but Chachazero had pointed out had the girl been more alert she would have avoided falling and knocking herself out, a point Ranma had to agree with. Ranma then took another sip of her tea and leaned back in her seat, she would soon get some more answers about her curse and the power that came with it. Ranma then cast a side glance to her father whom was currently back in his male form, and whom was trying to stay as far away from Chachazero as he could. This made Ranma smile a slightly dark smile. 'Who would have thought a little doll would scare pops so much, granted it might be the sharp knives Chachazero seems to pull from nowhere but it sure is funny,' Ranma thought silently to herself.

Ranma's musings were halted as Cologne pogoed back in and too a seat across from Ranma. "Xian Pu will be quite alright and she sustained no permanent damage or injuries when she fell, nor did the other girl," the Elder stated with a smile then continued, "I suspect you have many questions about the form you now take?" she asked earning a slight nod from Ranma.

"Yes Elder I am quite curious as even since I emerged from that pool I have noticed slight changes, I have powers I didn't have before and memories pumping into my head at random moments, I have even noticed my speech has improved somewhat, and then there's Chachazero whom made mention that her previous master was a powerful mage and vampire who battled another mage, lost, and ultimately drowned at Jusenkyo." Ranma paused to take a sip of her tea the continued, "also while I suspect highly unlikely I was hoping you had a way of controlling the curses to make water a less of a hassle on myself, I don't care about my pops curse too much, personally I think he deserves it" she stated with a smirk.

Genma's eyes widened at that "BOY! How could you say such things about your father, didn't I teach you anything! Oh what have I done to deserve such a dishonerablGACK" Now the word GACK wasn't usually a word found in Genma's Vocabulary but today it was a steeple point as he suddenly found a knife embedded into the wall just a few inches from his head, as well as a certain creepy doll holding a knife to his throat in front of him.

"I suggest you shut up and let the master talk, of course if the master would let me I could just could out your tongue so you couldn't speak," Chachazero stated with hopeful eyes as she looked to Ranma, while Genma began to sweat.

"Tempting," Ranma replied. Meanwhile while Cologne was confused at how Genma apparently the girls father had referred to the girl as her son, but had a suspicion about why that was, and she couldn't help but chuckle as she thought the scene before her was funny as hell.

Cologne after reining in her chuckles looked to Ranma and asked, "Young one would I be correct in assuming your birth form is male?" she asked as she poured herself a cup of tea and refilled Ranma's as well. Now normally she would try and impose the outsider marriage laws upon an outsider male even if he was Jusenkyo cursed, however this was a special case, and a special law had been made for just this event making it should any male fall into the spring this one had fallen into that person would be immune to the outsider laws.

Ranma took a sip of her tea after the elder refilled it and nodded a polite thanks before answering, "Yes elder I was indeed born a male, may I ask why you inquired?" Ranma was quite curious about that and for some reason had a feeling she had just dodged a bullet somehow. She was also still wondering though why her vocabulary was suddenly improving but filed that thought away for a later time. She then glanced over to Chachazero whom had recovered her dagger from the wall and moved back away from Genma, and was now happily sharpening her knives while humming a little ditty that seemed to have to do with panda steaks.

The elder watched the doll a moment before looking back to Ranma, and saying, "You may child, you see this village has two special laws regarding to outsiders, the first is that if an outsider female defeats an Amazon warrior in battle that Amazon must give the outsider female the kiss of death and hunt down and kill the outsider female. The Second law relates to outsider males and under normal circumstances would apply to you as well. If an outsider male defeats an Amazon that Amazon must give the male the kiss of marriage and by our laws they would be married." Cologne paused and took a sip of her tea before continuing, "However a special law was made regarding the Jusenkyo pool you fell into, any female or male who falls into that spring and is cursed by its waters would be immune to our outsider laws as we held the one who drowned there was very high respect thus the outsider laws don't apply to you."

Ranma blinked a few times at this information and chuckled silently to herself. 'Yup I really did dodge a bullet,' she silently thought to herself then smiled at the Elder. "I suppose I can count myself lucky then," she stated with a grin then asked, "so about my question about ways to control the curse?" she asked she then reached over and picked up Chachazero and placed the doll on her lap

Cologne watched Ranma a moment before answering, "The most we have to offer is water proof soap that can prevent the change until the soap wears off, aside from that we don't have anything in the way of controlling the curses." Cologne paused a moment before continuing, "The Musk though have an artifact, a ladle that can lock a person in their cursed form, and usually use it on victims of the regular spring of the drowned girl to make wives for themselves. There's also an item to unlock the effects of the locking ladle as well, but its been lost for sometime"

As Ranma leaned back in her seat to digest what the elder had told her, off in another room the elders great grand daughter was beginning to wake from her impromptu nap. Sitting up and rubbing her eyes Xian Pu glanced about the room she was in and looked slightly confused a moment. 'What happened,' she thought to herself as she recalled the events from her fight. 'lets see, I was in the tournament, then saw funny panda woman then...' "Then an ice thing cut down fight log, and Xian Pu fall," she said the last part of that thought aloud as she stood and looked herself over making sure nothing was broken or damaged, though she assumed nothing was seriously wrong with her else she would have been bandaged up, her great grandmother tended to take very good care of her injuries. Noting that all was well Xian Pu opened the door of the room she was currently in and stepped out stretching some as she went to find her great grandmother and ask about the ice spear that had severed the battle log and knocked her out

Xian Pu's trek from the healers house to her grandmother's house took about five minutes as she was lost in though and had took her time and upon arriving in the living area she noticed a few things, the first was the panda woman sitting there sipping tea (Genma's curse had been triggered before she arrived) the second thing she noticed was her great grand mother sitting in a chair and sipping tea but there was nothing odd about that. Her eyes then traveled to the blond haired girl sitting in a chair sipping tea and eating Ramen and her eyes widened, it was HER, the one girl she idolized even above her own great grandmother it didn't even register that the person in question might just be a cursed individual all that registered to her was her long time idol was sitting right in front of her so it was understandable what she did next.

"Ayah!" Shampoo yelled before charging the blond, said blond only having time to blink before finding a purple haired girl latched into her and speaking to her in Chinese

Ranma looked over at the Elder whom was chuckling at her plight. "Umm what's she saying?" Ranma asked while looking at the elder, and trying the pry the purple haired girl off of herself without touching too much. Ranma really had no idea what to do at the moment, and it just felt weird having a girl pawing her for some reason.

Cologne smiled at the blond girl. "She said her name is Xian Pu and she's your biggest fan," the elder replied her great granddaughter nodding in response.

Ranma blushed at that slightly then gently pushed the girl off her. "I am pleased to meet you Xian Pu," she replied not quite pronouncing the girls name correctly but getting rather close. "My name is Ranma Saotome, and this is my father," she said motioning to the panda girl. "He currently in his cursed form, the baka didn't know any Chinese and wound up falling into two springs," she explained then added, "I too fell into a spring, spring of the drowned girl."

Shampoo looked to her great grandmother who promptly translated for her and nodded. "I understand, and am glad to meet the one who takes on a Amazon hero's form," she replied, to which Cologne promptly translated for Ranma and made a mental note to teach her great granddaughter Japanese and Ranma Chinese.

It was then that Chachazero hopped onto Shampoo's shoulder and smiled. "But master was born a boy, and becomes a girl when splashed with cold water," the knife loving doll stated in Chinese. This scared the hell out of Shampoo who hadn't noticed the doll until then.

"Ayahh! Where did that strange doll come from?" the startled Amazon asked, then looked towards the blond haired girl and asked "Is that true?"

It would be Chachazero who translated this time as the doll hopped onto Ranma shoulder. "I told Shampoo about your birth form, and she asked if its true you were born a boy," the doll said to her master whom nodded to Shampoo.

"Yes I was born a boy and become the girl you see when I am exposed to cold water, I have taken on her memories and powers too it seems, as I was the one whom accidentally knocked you out while I was chasing my father and trying to hit her with an ice spell." She then sighed a bit. "I REALLY need to learn Chinese," she said to herself as Chachazero chuckled and translated for Shampoo.

Cologne nodded."Yes I agree, and I would be more then happy to teach you and my great granddaughter your respective languages," she said kindly earning a smile from Ranma. "And perhaps I could teach you a few Amazon techniques too," she added as an after thought.

"Thank you Elder it would be a honor to learn from you," she replied politely while nodding, which earning a warm smile from the ancient elder.

Meanwhile back at Jusenkyo a bandana clad boy with a large back pack and umbrella on his back was currently staring intently and uselessly at a map. This young man was one Ryoga Hibiki, aka The Lost Boy, whom is rumored to have been everywhere at least once, including hell itself. Now one might ask how this could even be possible, and the answer was simple. Ryoga's family for generations has had absolutely no sense of direction, and were capable of getting even lost in a room with a single door, even a map doesn't help. Ryoga had been training ever since is last defeat by his rival and friend Ranma Saotome, back when there were still little kids, is was rather irritated Ranma had up and left on a training trips with his father, but knew it couldn't be helped.

As Ryoga wandered around Jusenkyo, with his nose in his map, and somehow managing, for the moment, to avoid falling in the springs he didn't see the Jusenkyo guide exit his home. Ryoga DID however hear the guide call out to him about the springs being dangerous…this had the effect of distracting the boy just long enough to cause him to miss a step and tumble into a spring. As he went under he, like many before him quickly changed form.

The guide, seeing the boys plight, grabbed a nearby rod and went over to the spring. Being extra careful not to fall in himself he fished the boy out. The boy was now a small brownish cat. The cat let out a yowl as it was fished out of the water and then suddenly its eyes widened at the sound that had came from it. He then hopped out of the guides arms and walked over to another spring. He looked into it at his reflection, let out another startled yowl, backed up in shock, and fell into another pool and soon resurfaced this time as a Cat boy with light brown fur and green eyes. Atop his head oddly he had one brown cat ear and one white cat ear. A brown tail with a white tip also was now gracing his posterior. "What the hell!" the cat boy left out as he made his way to the side of the spring, and climbed out naked as the day he was born much to his embarrassment.

The guide simply watched on, as he was confused at this turn of events. He then fished out the boys pack from the first spring the boy had fallen into. The guide then turned and faced Ryoga. "Young customer, come to hut and I explain things, and customer get dressed," the guide stated, then he began to head towards his hut while muttering something about seriously needing a drink.

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