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Chapter One:

I couldn't tell you how the others reacted when I told them I was running off to track down the Akatsuki's and make them let me join; and honestly it didn't bother me either. In the end Kakashi knocked me out and locked me in a supposedly seccur room here in Suna. I easily tore out of my restraints tiptoeing to the window, I could hear everyone conversing in the room below me. If I wasn't careful then I'd alert them, and then I would be seriously screwed! I made it to the window with no casulties and quietly pushed it open feeling the cool, summer night desert wind against my face. Looking around the room, my eyes narrowed at Naruto's stupidity. By the looks of it, he was the last one to watch me and left all of his gear in the dusty old room. I'd have to thank him sometime for the weapon boost and his stupidity; hoisting the napsack onto my back i jumped out the window and landed on the ground with little to no sound before dashing into an alley and kept my back to the wall scanning the area to see if anyone had seen me. Luckily no one hand and I made my escape climbing the village wall teleporting myself to across the area so I didn't have to deal with any unnecessary fighting.

Walking out here in the desert was peacful and very quiet, to be honest, I liked it a lot. But I was a long way from the border and I made a run for it hoping to reach it by morning and hoping Sasori and that Deidara fella weren't too far ahead of me. I needed to speak with Sasori, I have seen him from somewhere before and from what i over heard from my so called parents in the leaf, I was adopted into their family from the sand village after my mom died and my father went criminal. With this hunch, it gave me a feeling Sasori might either A) know something about my past. B) Think I'm mental and have nothing to do with anything. Or C) He has everything to do with my past life.

Proving myself correct I made it to the border by early sunrise running till I reached the battle sight looking for any clues to where they might've gone. To my disappointment, the two had already left and I was left alone to face the horror when the others caught up to me. I couldn't let that happen...Not yet...Not now...Not...EVER! Jumping onto the fallen ceiling of the cave i ran into the forest again, running as far as I could from Suna and from Konoha. My breathing was becoming ragged and my eyes were drooping. Running an all nighter wasn't one of my brightest ideas, but I knew my life was in danger and I could sense Kakashi and Gai closing in on me. Abandoning the bag after taking all the weapons out I was able to run faster jumping through the trees.

"SAKURA STOP!" Kakashi yelled, I heard the whistling sound of his kunai being thrown and dodged it watching the kunai hit a tree and explode. Now, they were out to kill me and I ran in a panic, my vision blurring. I hid behind some boulders and cautiously looked around it seeing Kakashi and Gai land near it. I ran again and ran out across onto a lake and to the other side collapsing to me knees on shore when I felt my chakra give out, I was breathing heavily and I could hear the padding of their feet drawing nearer.

'This is the end!' I thought cloing me eyes waiting for impact.

"KATSU!" I heard someone yell, an explosion sounded off right infront of me the shockwave sending me into and threw a tree. My world spun and everything became topsy turvy. Across the way I saw Itachi and that Deidara person attack Kakashi and Gai, somebody had landed next to me and held their hand out to me. Looking up I saw Sasori standing there with a smirk on his face, smiling my thanks I reached up and grabbed his hand letting him hoist me up and catch me when my knees buckled under me.

"Deidara, Itachi...let's go we've got the medic now!" Sasori shouted to them swiftly swipping his free arm to under my legs the two jumped off onto Deidaras' clay bird. Kakashi ran at us to attack, Sasori shrunk back ready to fight even with me in his arms. Noticing one of my explosive kunai's had fallen out I brought up my hand setting it off right under him. Sasori smirked before jumping into the air with me landing onto the clay bird. I had no idea what the hell was going on because right as Sasori was asking me if I was alright...I passed out my head resting on his chest.

For once...I felt safe.

I dreamt no dreams in my unconscious state everything was completly black, but I guess my conscious was out to get me because the guilt hit me. I just ignored it as usual. Opening my eyes I noticed I was in an unfamiliar room the sound of the heart monitor beeping close by, groaning it took all of my nerves from destroying the annoying piece of machinery. Sitting up the room was dark, but I could tell I was in an infirmary or in some sort of medical room...somewhere. Peeling the monitors off my arm and chest, then yanking the IV out I swung my legs off the bed and slowly made my way towards the door. I prayed to Kami that I wasn't in Suna nor Konoha and that the fight against Kakashi and Gai...had actually happened. Creaking the door open I narrowed down that I wasn't in Konoha for sure and doubted this was anywhere in Suna. So the question was now...where the fuck am I?! Stepping out I looked down each way and wandered, which way was safer, or if any way was safe.

"Looks like you finally woke up Cherry Blossum." A deep voice said from the way I wasn't looking towards, turning my head I saw that is was Itachi. I simply blinked at him for a moment before sighing in relief, what had happened wasn't a dream.

"So...am i...?" I began to ask wandering if it was okay to ask what I wanted to ask.

"Yes you're in the base of Akatsuki here in the Rain village." He explained to me leaning up against the wall.

"So in technicalities...I'm now a prisoner for this natorious group...huh?" I asked putting my hands on my hips glarring at him. His serious face turned into an amused smirk looking to me.

"Whoever said you were going to be prisoner. You're either going to join us willingly or...we'll force you." He stated matter of factly, I probably looked stupid then with my dumfounded look before my face lit up.

"SWEET! Now I don't have to force you guys into letting me join!" I cheered jummping into the air excitedly.

"We had a feeling that would have been your reaction." He chuckled softly before waving his hand for me to follow. So I did and it was pretty much quiet the entire time. I felt like I was walking beside Sasuke again, but...minus the negativity that always came from Sasuke-no-Baka. Itachi on the other hand though he was more resigned didn't have any negativity coming off him towards me and actually spoke more than two syllabuls. We didn't really walk for very long until we reached what looked like a dojo where everyone was practically training. The masked figure was running away from Deidara who was trying to blow him up, Kisame of the mist was lounging in the bleachers they had along with this man who had the bottom part of his mouth covered by a mask. A green plant like person was having to endure this silver haired mans' vulgar language. Off to the side in a corner a woman with blue hair and a man with orange spiky hair and a lot of piercings were conversing with one another. I looked around again trying to see if I could spot Sasori, but I couldn't find him.

"Looking for me blossum?" Somebody said from behind us, whipping around my heart jumped to see Sasori had snuck up on us. He had a smirk upon his face and wore no shirt, blinking I sighed in relief, I had a feeling he just used a justsu to make his body look like he had turned himself into a puppet...and I had been right. He was taller than me, probably about Deidara's height, and his hair was much darker and you could tell he was 30 and not 15. That was a relief, i didn't like the idea of him probably being my father and looking younger than me.

"Um...yea." I answered looking to my feet twidling my thumbs behind my back. "...Thank you for saving me back there...You two Itachi, thank you very much." I whispered, my inner self slapped me for suddenly becoming nervous. I never noticed Sasori walk up until he was standing right in front of me using his fingers to lift my chin up.

"You don't have to thank us, Akatsuki was just repaying you for you risky generocity with letting Deidara and I go. You put yourself into jeporady for a group of criminals with no second thoughts. We wish to know why?" I jumped when the man with the piercings appeared behind me, his cool demeanor reminded me of Kakashi and or Sasuke, but he spoke like Jiraiya when serious. Lookig down at my feet again, I sorted out my thoughts trying figure out the best way to explain my resoning.

"I...wanted to figure out the truth about something. The truth behind why I look nothing like my parents and see if what they said about me being adopted from Suna is true. I have no memories of before I was 7. It was like something had whipped them away with a eraser. When Sasori had uncloaked himself, it had triggered something and I wanted to know more...especially if it's a key to my past." I explained looking up to the man, my heart stopped for second at the sight of his smirk, it scared me cause I didn't know whether if it met danger or if I had something good. My thoughts were answered when I felt Sasori's arms wrap around my shoulders pulling me back into his chest.

"Do you wish to find out?" He whispered into my ear.


"Even if it means you will never be accepted by your friends again?" Itachi asked I looked to him and study his face. It was so serious.


"It will hurt Haruno Sakura, and what you might see and find out is probably something you wish that you hadn't found out. Are you still willing to regain that of what you have lost?" The man in front of me asked walking up until he stood mere steps in front of me. I looked around to see the other members had gathered around us all abhoring serious looks on their features. I looked back to the man in front of me and gave him my most determined face.

"Hai...I want to know the truth." I answered and one look into his eyes I fell into unconsciousness feeling nothing, and hearing nothing. In the back of my mind I heard the scream of a little girl, screaming for her father. The scream shook me and I recalled that scream, it was my scream, and a memory I was forced to forget and didn't want reliving the moment again. But...it was too late to pull back, I was already set into place watching the scene in front of me.

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