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*Warning this is an ultrashort chapter!*

Deidara and I were in the kitchen cooking something we found in one of Konans cook-books so we had no idea how it was going to turn out; since both of us are mentally challenged in the kitchen. Itachi and Kisame were in remission so they could recooperate from their last mission, my father...well he was giving me the cold shoulder for not tell him who I was dating. Deidara thins it's funny as hell that we fight like two year olds, I told the blond that him and my father acted like bickering toddlers. The only person I argue with is Hidan and that's because he has no sense of respect one bit!

"Hey Sakura-Chan, I have a question un." Deidara finally broke our our long silence.

"Um, yea what is it?"

"What would you do if Sasori and I were to you know...somehow get married un?" He asked nervously depositing some of his chopped up leeks into the stew I was stirring.

"I would make sure you guys made me the flower girl!" I smiled holding my finger up before looking down into the pot and smiled. "Listen Deidara, I dont know why my father thought that I wouldn't approve. I'm happy if he's happy, and as long as the person he marries likes me and I can get along with. I mean you and I get along great, so there is no problem. I'm going to enjoy you being dad number 2." I explained tasting a little bit of the soup before adding in more leeks. I felt Deidara's eyes on me and turned to see him giving me a admiring look.


"Sasori is lucky to have a daughter like you un." He said wrapping me in a hug.

"My father is lucky to have a boyfriend like you Deidara. You make him very happy and I am grateful for you being there for him when I could not." I said resting my forehead on his shoulder.

"I'm here for you as well Sakura un. I'm here for the both of you." He said and soon we were back to cooking setting the table as everyone glided in at the smell of food. My father came over and gave me a hug.

"Thank you for accepting Deidara and I sweetie." He whispered kissing the side of my head, I giggled.

"Eaves dropping now are we? Your welcome father....Now...Have you seen Itachi?" I asked looking around noticing he wasn't there.

"Check the roof, and by the way I do approve of him." He said before walking off to join Deidara getting glomped by the blond. Shaking my head I exited the dinning area and made my way up to the roof cursing Pein for not building in an elevator. Yes I was in shape but these stairs were fucking hell! I opened the door and saw Itachi sitting there resting an arm on one of his drawn up knees the other hanging off the side. I walked over and knelt behind him wrapping my arms around him and drapped them over his chest kissing the top of his head.

"Dinners' ready." I whispered his hand reached up and began rubbing circles into my arm. He didn't answer though.

"You're in deep thought...what troubles you?" I asked moving downward resting my chin on his shoulder.

"I lost a battle to my brother because of my eyes. My vision blurred out for a second...even with my Sharingans activated Sakura. I'm finally going blind." He said blankly, this was how he was always going unemotional when something like this hits him. He didn't face me, and I felt a pang of pain hit my heart when I felt drops of water fall onto my arm. He didn't face me cause he didn't want me to see him cry.

"I almost lost you when you fought Sasuke. If it weren't for your new bloodline showing itself when it did. I would have lost you and I couldn't do a thing Sakura. It scared me, with me going blind I wont be able to stop Sasuke if he comes for you." He said tilting his head downward. Thats when I noticed it, he's been keeping this all locked up in his mind for a long time now. Probably since the day we rescued him a month ago.

"Itachi look at me." I ordered sternly and he did hesitantly, I gripped his cheeks with my hand wipping the tears away with y thumbs and kissed him. "Why do you think I trained to be a good medic. So I can help the ones I love. Healing your eyes will be n o challenge for me!" I said after pulling away. Itachi graced me with a small smile before swipping me out from under my legs spinning us around on the roof. I erupted into uncontrolled giggles my arms wrapped around his neck. We ignored the rain as it began to fall around us.

"We should get back inside and get some food before there is none left for us." He said and we headed inside hand in hand. I saw Pein standing at the bottom of the steps holding two bowls of the soup Deidara and I made.

"I rescued two bowls for the two of you. You two should into your rooms while getting dried off." He said handing both of us a bowl and walked off. Pein most of the time was an asshole, but as Konan says he has his moments. Shrugging Itachi and I walked off to his room sitting on his bed while still soaked and eating the soup.

"Wow this came out better than I thought!" I exclaimed the both of us eating in silence. "So...can I start on start on your eyes now?" I asked looking into my lap after setting the bowl onto the floor. Itachi wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer till I sat in his lap my legs wrapped around his waist. I felt my face flush and he chuckled kissing me softly. After we pulled apart he closed his eyes and i rested my hands over his eyes. My hands glowed a vibrant green calculating the damage and healing the most severe damages he received from the over use of Mangekyou. The tiny damages healed quicker so did those first. I never realized I pushed myself too hard until my hands suddenly stopped glowing and I slumped against him breathing heavily.

"You pushed yourself." He said laying us onto our sides hugging me close to him.

"I healed your eyes." I smiled brushing my fingers through his hair.

"Yea, just dont over exert yourself, kay?" He asked and I nodded my head my eyes drifting shut.

Okay that's the chapter and like I warned it was ultra short. Now for the exert to the new story I'm typing. I've come up with two Titles for it and need help deciding:

My eyes opened to reveal I was in Deidara's room now, he was laid next to me his arm gently drapped over my stomach his nose buried in the side of my hair. Pushing him onto his back I slowly sat up wincing as pain shot through my waist up my side, climbing out of bed I walked to the bathroom and turned the light on. I looked like fucking shit! My hair was a mess and smudged with mud and blood, my face was pale and my eyes bruised from lack of sleep and nutrition, and then my clothes were all raggety from battle. Sighing I turned the shower on making sure the water wasn't too hot or too cold before stripping down and climbed in standing under the water letting it hit my face, my eyes closed. The hurt expressions on all of my friends faces still haunted my memories. But...Naruto's was the worst. Not only was it of hurt, but of betrayal and anger, and I still remembered his words.

'How could you Sakura! I never thought you to be Sasuke...No...YOU'RE WORST THAN SASUKE AND I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! BELIEVE IT!' He had yelled, it took me by surprise and that was how Kakashi managed to lodge the shuriken into my side. Deidara rescued me soon after. Jumping in surprise I felt Deidara's arms wrap around me resting his chin on my shoulder kissing my cheek every so often.

"Are you alright un?" He asked the mouths of his hands licking my stomach.

"His words hurt so much Deidar-Kun...He was my best friend." I cried, he shushed me rocking us side to side. His fingers did circles on the bottom of my stomach the mouths on his hand planting odd kisses as well.

"I know, but there is nothing we can do about it Sakura. You're sent there as a spy for us when you were 7. No one knew what you really were when your foster parents adopted you from Iwa, they had no clue you were planted there. But I remember, very well do I remember when you were dropped off at the orphanage by Zetsu. At that time neither was I a member until you were 12. But I remembered that I wanted, no knew I had to be your friend for many reasons. In the end our friendship became genuine and when you were adopted by that family in Konoha, I vowed to find you and get you back. I love you Sakura, truly I do un." Deidara whispered turning me in his arms smiling down at me. I remember Deidara as my child hood friend for a short 6 months before I was adopted, we were very close for kids who barely knew one another. Even after I was adopted the two of us found a way to stay in contact from him sending clay bird carriers to me, and when I found out he was a part of Akatsuki was when not only did I send messages to keep in touch, but I also sent messages with information.

For two and half years I had wandered why he never sent me anything and the day that bird carrier came with his apology note along with an order from Pein and I knew then everything was starting. It was the morning of when Naruto returned and my predictions were correct that was when it truly began. I remember when we entered the cave and I came face to face with my and favorite artist, my best friend and my lover; but it killed me to kill Sasori, the one who never gave up on me and trained me when no one knew it. He was the one who killed my biological parents when I was 2, it never bothered me that he had killed them and I had followed him all the way to Ame where I learned I had an emmense amount of chakra could conceal it quite well.

"Deidara, you promise to never leave me right?" I asked looking up to him he sighed disappoinntingly.

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