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Summary: Due to a failed assassination attempt, Tsuna losses his memories. His Guardians have gathered to protect him before another attempt occurs. But no one thought Reborn would also help. He claims it's for the Family... Is it? Or is he lying to everyone and himself?

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The Lost Memories of a Past Life

Chapter 01: The Accident

"Stop worrying so much Hayato. I'll be just fine." Tsuna assured his Storm Guardian for what had to be the umpteenth time as the plane gate got ever closer, an extremely worried Gokudera hot on his heels.

Not bothering to even stop, he reached inside his gray pinstriped suit jacket with his free hand and pulled out the plane ticket that was located in the hidden pocket there. Switching the ticket to his other hand, making sure that his hold wasn't too loose nor too tight, he tugged the mussed lapel toward the center of his chest before reaching to the bottom of the jacket and giving it a tug as well. It straightened out instantly.

Reaching up, he swiped at his bangs to get them out of his eyes. He wanted to be able to see what he was doing after all. Holding his hand out, he silently asked his Right Hand to pass him his mantel. Feeling the weight settle he quickly tucked it under his other arm. Glancing at his wristwatch, he noticed that the flight would be getting ready to leave in twenty minutes.

"B-but Tenth…" The other began.

"It can't be helped." The young Boss interrupted as he approached the flight attendant, a very pretty woman, in charge of receiving the tickets to board the plane. He smiled at her as she took his ticket to check it over, giving her a playful wink when he noticed her eyes were still on him. She blushed cutely before averting her eyes to the ticket.

"But you can't just leave for Italy without anyone there to protect you, Tenth!" he stressed, "What if something happens to you?"

Tsuna sighed and turned to look at the Bomb Expert face to face. He no longer had to look up at the silver haired male to meet his eyes. In fact, if anything, it was the other who had to look up, just a bit, to meet his. Not that the other had a problem with it. Tsuna had grown a couple, more like several, inches in the past few years. He's now almost as tall as his dad and Reborn. His high pitched voice had changed and was now deeper than before, earning a couple of sighs of admiration from the girls and even some envious glares from the males.

He smiled at the thought, who would have thought the pipsqueak, Dame-Tsuna, was one of the tallest, handsomest guys in all of Namimori High School?

"Like I said before, Hayato, it can't be helped," he replied, "Reborn has some duties to take care of in Italy. You have to take your last exam and, for the last time, no you can't skip it." He shot a meaningful glare at his Guardian as the silverette opened his mouth. It promptly closed with a snap and a small pout. He continued, "Takeshi has the last game of the season and Ryohei has the same problem, in a way, with his boxing. And Hibari…" he stopped as he gave a throaty chuckle before continuing again, "Well, he won't do it just because I ask him to. Chrome was nowhere to be found and I'm not taking a hyper Lambo with me just so he can embarrass me." he smiled fondly at the last, he loved Lambo but the trouble that child caused would outweigh the benefit of having him for what little protection he'd be able to provide. "Nothing will happen to me." he stressed again, "I'll be alright."

He patted the Bomb experts' shoulder before turning to leave and gave one of his last charming smiles at the flight attendant as she bowed.

"Trust me on this Hayato… and good luck with your exam."

"Tenth!" Hayato called. Stopping before entering the gateway, Tsuna looked over his shoulder. The Storm Guardian still looked worried but there was nothing he could do except smile and wave goodbye, "Just relax, and I'll see you in a couple of days. A week at most."
With that, he disappeared from sight.

The Tenth Vongola Boss made himself comfortable in his First Class section seat as he chuckled at the magazine in his hands. In truth however it was actually a manga on the inside of the magazine he held that made him laugh. It was honestly funny that no one noticed that he was reading something that was so much thicker but so much shorter than what was in his hands. After all, for a twenty year old man to be reading manga on an airplane, it just screamed immature; especially if that same man was to be the next Boss of the Vongola Family.

He remembered that one time he did this. Reborn, in a teenage body, had almost killed him for reading manga instead of studying for his exams and slacking off.

After they had returned from the future, it took just a couple of months for Verde to find a cure to the curse of all the Arcoballeno. Reborn had left one day without saying anything to anyone and had returned six days after. He was still in his baby form, but he seemed a bit bigger than before. The next day, the Spartan Tutor was half the size of Fuuta and Leon seemed to have grown an inch too.

As the days passed, he grew and grew, until he was stuck in his Adult form and didn't budge an inch since then. He remembered Reborn telling him some horrifying words that caused him to have nightmares for days: "Since I'm in my original form, I won't have to hold back in your training anymore Dame-Tsuna. So prepare yourself."

True to his words, Reborn didn't hold back and Tsuna's life turned into hell. Triple hell to be exact. Lal Mirch and Colonnello decided to pay a small visit— if you could call five months a 'small visit'— to Reborn and took this chance in helping the Sun Pacifier Holder shape Tsuna up for his destined role in life.

He shuddered at the memory.

Think happy thoughts…

Pushing that horrible experience from his thoughts and burying it deep in some corner of his mind, he started humming to himself. Looking to the manga once more he returned to the page he had been reading as he took a glass of red wine from the small table next to him and took a small sip.

This was heaven! It had been a long time since he had had silence, let alone some time for him to be alone. There were no exploding bombs, no screaming children, no harsh training, and no bullets of any kind.

He shuddered and felt cold sweat drip down the side of his head. Something was wrong… but what could possibly be wrong? His intuition started to act up, telling him that something bad was going to happen, but…what could it possibly mean?

He pushed away the feeling and continued his blissful moments. There were no explosions, no screaming and certainly no bullets—

His thoughts were halted at the sounds of guns going off. Did he hear right? Maybe he was a bit homesick, but to hear gunfire—

He placed the glass of wine back on the table. That wasn't his imagination. He looked at the other seats of First Class. They all were too busy looking at the curtain that separated the First Class from the Second to notice he was staring at them. By the looks of them, they were all scared out of their wits because of the screams of the passengers and the gunfire that filtered in from behind the curtain. Yup, definitely not his imagination. His intuition was right. He sighed as he faced forward. How could have he been so stupid to not notice it before? There was even a plausible reason for this particular adventure:
Sawada Tsunayoshi, the Vongola Tenth, was on an airplane without his Hitman, at-home, Tutor or any of his Guardians, not even protected by one of his other, just as dangerous, friends. That just screamed "Come get me, I have a Death wish."

Placing the magazine he was 'reading' over the small table, he tucked his hands into his pockets and put on his mittens, making sure to grab a Dying Will pill from the container before holding it tightly in his covered hand.

He sighed again. He should have listened to Hayato.

Hurried footsteps were heard coming towards them. He slouched in his seat to keep out of sight as he heard a woman scream before a thud warned him that something, someone, had been dropped to the floor. The passengers who screamed were immediately silenced as bullets sliced into their foreheads. The ones who had lost their voice to terror were shot soon after.

Tsuna closed his eyes in guilt and shame. He couldn't help them.

"Tch… What the hell? He's not h-" the man's words halted by a shuffling sound, "Or maybe he is..." The man walked slowly, to the point of tiptoeing, towards where the sound was heard. Quickly reloading his Glock, the man stopped right behind the black armchair. He held up his gun, ready to shoot, and took another step. He looked past the piece of cushion to see… nothing.

Cursing, he stepped back and was about to turn around and head for his Boss to inform him that the Vongola Tenth wasn't there. His intention was interrupted when a gloved fist covered in amber flames, punched him square in the face, sending him into the other side of the First class section.

Dying will flames flickered when its holder approached the knocked out man. Standing over the body, Tsuna examined it, making sure to remove the gun the man was holding in his limp hand. He inspected the man's face. While quite ugly he doesn't look at all familiar. Than again... his thought process was interrupted. Shit! Letting go of the Glock in his hands, knowing it'd be useless to him, the Tenth Vongola moved to stand slowly, a gun pointed at the back of his head.

He didn't even turn as he asked, more like demanded, "What do you want?" His hands above his head, in an attempt to lower the other man's guard, he heard the person behind him chuckle before re-adjusting the gun, cocking it to the side.

"Why, I'm just here to protect you, dear Vongola."

"From what, exactly?" the Tenth voiced out; he heard the other give another chuckle before feeling just a little bit of body heat radiating off the nameless man. The man was confident by the way he had stepped closer to the Boss.

"From everything." he could actually hear the smirk that was undoubtedly on the others' face as he said this, "From the Mafia, from Vongola and most importantly…" he paused, as though waiting for some sort of reaction, "… from yourself."

"Well, there no need for that because—" the rest of Tsuna's sentence was halted as he turned around in a flash, taking hold of the gun, pushing the man away with a firm shove to the breast bone, and just as quickly jumping away from him. The man, try as he might to stay grounded, fell on his backside. Quickly getting to his feet, he had a mission to do, he looked to the Vongola Boss to see him knelt and melting the gun with his Dying Will flames. He saw a small smile on the otherwise emotionless face as the Tenth said, "I can protect myself perfectly fine." Tsunas' amber eyes saw that his assailant's face was hidden in a ski-mask so all he could see was the man's mouth.

"We'll see about that Vongola."

The man charged at Tsuna as he took out a pocket knife and threw it, as though he were some sort of wanna-be ninja, towards the kneeling Boss. Tsuna dodged it effortlessly and ran at the other as well, causing them both to clash. Fists were thrown and kicks were brought into play too, but both methods were dodged by both sides. Tsuna usually would have used his flames to finish the battle quickly but he wanted to ask this man a few questions so he had no choice but to hold back lest he accidently kill the man, the fact that there was an unconscious only one foot away was forgotten.

Fatal mistake as said man regained consciousness and, rather than help his comrade, ran to the pilot cabin, his recovered Glock in hand.

Tsuna heard the gun fire just as he managed to get past the defense of his enemy with a fist, which hit him straight in the face, making him lose his balance. The Tenth Boss' eyes widened at the sound. If the pilot and copilot have been killed that means the airplane's going to— his thought process was interrupted as a very sharp object chose that time to pierce itself into the his body, once, twice, three times, four, and one last time in quick succession. Shocked amber eyes slowly lowered to look at his chest. There was one, no, five stab wounds in his chest that were bleeding severely. He looked in front of him and stared at the man. How could he have let his guard down like that?

"I thought you said you could protect yourself." He watched the other smirk as the man, panting from the fight, stepped away from him, his arm falling to his side. He held a very bloody knife in his hand.

"Well, I'll be taking my leave now." The man chuckled and walked past the now kneeling, heavily panting Tsuna. He opened the exit, but instead of jumping out as Tsuna had first thought he leaned on the wall, just as the plane started to descend. The man Tsuna had first seen returned from the cockpit and promptly ran to the opened hatch and jumped out, the second one must've been waiting.

"I'll see you in hell Tsunayoshi." He said as a final farewell before turning and jumping out after his comrade.

Tsuna continued to gasp in pain, a bit of blood being coughed up, as he fell to the floor on his hands and knees. His vision was beginning to cloud, darkness taking over. He fell to his side. His vision was almost gone. This wasn't good; if this kept going he was going to die of blood loss. He whimpered, not wanting to leave his friends behind, as he was almost gone. The last thing on his mind?

I should have listened to Hayato.

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