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Chapter 17: The 'Heart-Warming' Reunion II

Cobalt eyes stared at the form of a male, standing right in front of him. A strange spark glinted in the copper eyes when the owner noticed the hold Sawada Tsunayoshi had on his steel weapons. The grasp the omnivore had on his tonfas was neither tight nor loose. Almost as if he wasn't showing his full strength. Hibari was sure it was that way since the omnivore held his tonfas as if it was nothing, like holding a simple stick. For Hibari, it was a perfect kind of clasp that let him know the power the omnivore was capable of having. The omnivore's gloves were missing, sure, but there still was a soft, almost invisible, orange flame covering them. If it wasn't for the narrowing of Hibari's eyes, he was sure he wouldn't be able to see them.

He smirked.

This sudden display of strength from the omnivore impressed Hibari. Supposedly, the omnivore had been declared amnesic. But for him to still have his strength and ability to change into this state, his state of fighting, really impressed him. He was sure in a corner of the subconscious mind of the omnivore, was stored the knowledge of his fighting skills and his state of Hyper Dying Will mode; as the baby and the other herbivores like to address it. Once again, the omnivore had rewarded himself the respect of Hibari. The latter will not deny it wasn't the first time happening. No. In the contrary. It has happened multiple times in the past. Each and every single time the omnivore did something outstanding, he gained a small amount of respect. Those small amounts of respect were growing too, rather quickly. Sawada Tsunayoshi was gaining the utter and sole respect of Hibari Kyouya. He should feel pleased and accomplished a carnivore had respect over such a simple omnivore. The only person who had the respect of Hibari was the baby. But it wasn't much of a surprise if his student had gained it too.

No, it wasn't.

The baby had trained the omnivore. He had showed the omnivore everything he knew; from training and education, to the ability to speak coherently or discuss with someone about politics and negotiation matters …Even walking properly. The baby had claimed himself to be responsible for the omnivore, multiple times in the past too. He claimed it was his duty as Tutor to teach the omnivore all the important components for his student to be the perfect Boss for the most powerful Mob Family in all Italy.

Hibari found his eyes drifting to the man clad in a black suit and a black fedora standing away from the herbivores and from the omnivore and him. His face was shadowed by the rim of his fedora and his head was downcast. He seems as if he was having a debate with himself; since his hands were clenched, to the point of his knuckles going white not to mention his lips were in a thin, tight line. He almost smirked at the sight. He knew why the baby was uneasy. His student was bleeding because of his wounds being reopened and had jumped in between him and the pineapple to take the hit direct at the latter. If Hibari didn't know better, he would have thought the baby was jealous.

He almost scoffed.

The baby jealous… Preposterous.

Hibari turned his attention to the omnivore when the latter tightened the hold he had on his tonfas; creating a sound of skin grinding against steel. He smirked again. It seemed as if the omnivore does not like to be ignored. Wao, he was growing a back bone already. Dark cobalt eyes found themselves being immersed into those deep orange eyes glaring at him fiercely. The omnivore did not like to keep him waiting indeed.

His good mood was broken, however, when he noticed the pineapple behind Sawada Tsunayoshi, smirking at him. He had this strange victorious smile on his face, it made him want to beat the crap out of the pineapple. He would've of had anyways of course. But now, he had even more desire to do so. Before he focused his attention to the omnivore again, he noticed the smirk on the pineapple's face getting larger. Hibari's eyes narrowed to slits.

How could that herbivore feel smug about this? He had almost kicked his ass if it wasn't for the omnivore stopping his attack. He should be feeling anything but smug. But even if he was in his state of triumphant, Hibari was sure it wasn't something good. And, first of all, why was he even here? He should be in that prison, rotting himself until death came for him. But if he was here, it meant—

"You released him herbivore." His cold, threatening voice stated, not asked. Hibari waited for an answer, but all he got in return was silence.

And silence is another way of saying yes.

Hibari noticed the rest of the herbivores' jaws opening in shock. Wao, not even his loyal puppies knew of the actions of the omnivore. He spared a glance at the baby; only to see him more restless than before. With that sight, Hibari felt a smirk growing on his lips slowly.

The ex-prefect fully focused on the omnivore first before making his move. Hibari broke the grasp the omnivore had on his tonfa with a twist of his wrist. The omnivore stared at him with his eyes slightly wider, not expecting the sudden move. As he was about to steady himself, Hibari didn't let him. He lashed his right tonfa to his mid section, trying to end this quickly. His smirk got larger when he saw the distance being shortened and the little movement the omnivore did to dodge it. Good, he was being submissive. He was accepting his punishment like the good omnivore he was.

Hibari was already proclaiming victory. But little did he know he would not be the one to get out victorious out of this spar.

Tsuna dodged the tonfa gracefully, without a break of sweat. He took a hold of the hand who was about to hit him in his midsection to make him pass out. He pulled with forced at the hand and took a step aside, fully intending in making Hibari lose his balance; if he was lucky, to throw him into the floor. Tsuna managed it of course, not the latter but the former; which was good enough for him. Tsuna was not aiming to hurt the raven haired; immobilizing was enough for Tsuna. He did not wish to injure him. But he had the duty to take care of Mukuro. It was his duty to have him safe and out of problems; one wrong move from Mukuro, and he's off to Vendicare.

As Tsuna was about to knock the other unconscious, a hand launched out to restrain his wrist.

"That's enough, Tsuna." Stopping the engagements from his body, Tsuna looked over his shoulder to stare at the Hitman who just stopped his movements. He stared at the Hitman in query; not finding a good answer as for why the other had imposed in the fight of the two. Perhaps, it was because he was about to knock Hibari unconscious? Maybe, if they continued with the spar, they'll destroy the room? Tsuna couldn't settle for a reasonable answer since there were too many.

But, Reborn surprised him when he lowered his hand still caged in his hold and informed him: "You're bleeding Idiot Tsuna."

His eyes glanced down at his chest. True to Reborn's words, he was bleeding; the front of his white long sleeved shirt was almost drenched in blood. Sure, he knew his wounds reopened when Hibari threw him against the wall, but they didn't start bleeding right away. Probably they began spurting out blood when he began with his abrupt movements. Most likely.

The taller man slowly freed the hold he had over Tsuna's hand. He observed as the soon-to-be Boss blinked his eyes slowly and continued to stare at him with half lidded eyes. Reborn almost thought that Tsuna didn't realize he was losing blood until he informed him. He now looked as if he would lose consciousness in any second. Reborn placed a firm hand on the shoulder of Tsuna when he was about to lose his footing. Gratefully, Tsuna clutched his hand and supported his upper body against the arm of his tutor. The flame on his forehead still didn't dissolve. This most likely meant he couldn't control his flame fully. But Reborn would be more than glad to help his student to reach that peak once again.

Reborn threw a glance at Yamamoto; silently ordering him to carry his student. Nodding, Yamamoto quickly went to his friends' side.

"Up we go…" Yamamoto muttered as he carried his friend up in his arms in bride style. Gokudera would've commented something at him for carrying the Tenth in that matter. Maybe in the lines of: 'The Tenth is a man and he shouldn't be carried around like that!' But the Right Hand Man was too preoccupied with the big amount of blood his Boss had lost rather than the way he was being carried. If Yamamoto didn't know the bomber, he would bet his lucky socks Gokudera would not press him on to take the Tenth to the hospital wing as quickly as possible. You would note the sarcasm in his sentence if you knew Gokudera well.

Yamamoto took a step back from the Hitman as he fixed the hold he had on his best friend; moving his arms to make him more comfortable. He felt Tsuna rest his head against his shoulder as well as his body losing the tension it previously had. The swordsman glanced at the bleeding male in his arms briefly. But that was small glance was enough to place a worried frown in his face. Tsuna looked paler than usual. He looked up and with his brown eyes, he told Reborn to lead the way before anything more happened.

"The Infirmary Wing is this way," Reborn informed as he turned around on his heels and headed to the door. He walked by a grinning Mukuro in his way out; which only made him scowl at him. "Wipe that grin off your face before I do Mukuro." The Hitman venomously advised.

That sole comment only made the grin on his face to grow. "Kufufufu…" He chuckled before continuing; "A bit touchy, aren't we?" He closed his mismatched eyes briefly before turning around to follow the swordsman and Hitman to the Infirmary. "We most certainly wouldn't want that, now, would we?" His grin turned into a smirk at his taunt.

Reborn was about to his revolver out of the gun strap under the jacket, but the quivering voice of his student beat him to it.

"M-Mukuro… stop… it." Tsuna voiced it out sternly. The Tenth looked over the shoulder of Yamamoto and stared at the other Mist Guardian walking behind him. Mukuro just stared at him with those red and blue eyes before a grin appeared on his face.

"I wouldn't want to anger Tsunayoshi-kun in his state." He could clearly hear the mischief in his words, sure, but he also noticed in the eyes of Mukuro that he would stop. For now.

He heard a grunting noise, almost a growl, coming from Reborn. It angered him fully to hear the mocking the bluenette did to him. He couldn't understand why though. Sure, Mukuro can be a bit annoying when he constantly talks to him or Reborn, to make them explode; but he isn't that bad. Just a little.

After noticing there won't be any more bickering between the Mist Guardian and the Hitman, the auburn haired sighed and turned his head forward. Tsuna resisted the urge to cough. But he quickly regretted it after feeling the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. He put up with it and swallowed the liquid; which made him gag a little from the liquid.

Not long after swallowing the blood that came up with his suppressed cough, Tsuna began to feel a bit light headed. Maybe it was from fighting Hibari while bleeding, or maybe getting into this strange state; he did not know. Probably it was from the two. Fighting while bleeding and using a strange type of fighting he has never used. Or… maybe it was from using this type of fighting while he was bleeding so much? Yeah that must be it.

Before he passed out from exhaustion and blood loss, he heard Gokudera-kun saying:

"Why is this bastard here anyways?"


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