Safe by being his Daughter

Author: FelesMagica

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of these characters (they belong to J. K. Rowling), nor the idea of Harry being the heir of Voldemort or Harry becoming a girl. I don't know who owns them, to say I'm sorry for borrowing them. If I would know, I would ask. However, I do own my plot.

Summary: Harry has been feeling ill for quite some time. When Voldemort is attacking Hogwarts, Harry is too weak to defend himself and is kidnapped by the Death Eaters. He wakes up in a room with Snape standing next to his bed, who tells him something that will change his life forever.

Genre: Romance / Drama

Warnings: This story may contain some swearing. Furthermore, it contains intelligent, independent Harry, not so nice Dumbledore, several dead characters, friendlier but not nice Death Eaters and Voldemort, a gender change and some minor bashings. You don't like any of that, then please don't read further.

1. Demonstrating Perfectionism

Out of nowhere, the Death Eaters attacked them.

It had been a shock for all of them. In the middle of the night a loud signal had woken them all up from their peaceful sleep. During the Welcoming Feast Headmaster Snape had told them that in the case of acute and utmost danger this signal would alert them. So in case they heard this sound, they were to leave their classrooms, common rooms, dormitories or whatever room they were in currently and gather themselves in the Great Hall. There they would receive more exact tasks, depending on the situation and danger.

Some had laughed about this measure, seeing as they thought it to be useless. Others, however, were happy about the safety system the school was provided with. There were after all several known or suspected Death Eaters teaching at the moment: the Alecto siblings were teaching Dark Arts and Defence Against the Dark Arts while Snape had even been made Headmaster. If those three thought it prudent to use this signal system, then it probably was.

It had been strange returning to Hogwarts, knowing full well that Dumbledore, their symbol of hope and success, had died, murdered by some of the Death Eaters who were now teaching at Hogwarts. With him, their hope had died, every possibility for them to win the war and come out of this horrendous situation alive, had vanished. No one expected them now to be victorious, now that Dumbledore was dead. It had been their back step to reality, a rather harsh one that was it.

Sadly the more people realized they were in a tricky situation with the Death Eaters looming and roaming everywhere, with Dumbledore dead but Voldemort alive and kicking, a lot of people suddenly looked at Harry differently. Now that there was nothing more to hope for many decided Harry to be the one to safe them all. They didn't know how nor did they even want to think about it. All that mattered was that Harry had faced him five times and each time had he come out alive. He was the one to safe them. He had to be.

He just had to.

Stumbling out of his bed and rashly pulling over his school robes, Harry could see his friends already leaving the dormitory. At the beginning of the year they had agreed on, should this case of emergency really happen, they would wait for each other, wake the others up and help them should they need something. But now that they had this exact case of emergency suddenly no one seemed to be able to remember this agreement anymore. All they could obviously think about was rescuing their own skin and waiting for a friend could only hinder them.

A strong curse escaped Harry's lips when suddenly his world had gone black for mere seconds. Due to not seeing where he was going to and not knowing what was happening, Harry had hit his foot at Ron's bedpost rather painfully. It seemed to happen more often and regularly, Harry suddenly realized with dread. He would once in a while suddenly collapse, just break down, without any signal to alert neither him nor an explanation as to why it had happened. He would just collapse and then wake up minutes later.

Now that he had managed to leave the dormitory and stumble out of the common room, Harry could see that he was not the only or even the last one to head for the Great Hall. Hordes of small students, some of them had to be first years they were so small, were looking around widely, horror struck wide open eyes scanning the area for any potential danger while running towards their supposed to be safe destination. It didn't ease Harry's worries at all. They were in danger, the longer they stayed outside the safe walls of the Great Hall the more dangerous.

But soon Harry realized he didn't have to fear the other students' safety, he rather should worry about his own. While the other students may be late, they still were able to run and that rather quickly. Harry on the other hand, had grave difficulties with stumbling forward. Every now and then his vision would blur, as if he had forgotten to take his glasses with him. His heart was beating painfully in his chest and sometimes he would suddenly have difficulties with breathing. It wasn't normal; something was happening to him, something was making him feel this bad.

The only question was what?

From far away Harry could hear the distinct sounds of a battle. People were shouting, curses were yelled, things were crashing and breaking and some people were screaming in obvious pain and distress. With a faint feeling Harry closed his eyes and rested against the ice cold brick stone wall. His head hurt and his vision was spinning, not even resting his heated forehead against the wall would lighten it. He was feeling weak; like something had rolled over him and an invisible string was constricting his lungs and heart. He was ill, very ill and there was nothing he could do against it. He had to fight and come out alive of this.

Gathering all his remaining strength, Harry pushed himself from the wall and stumbled further forward. Just as he opened his eyes, he could the see the flash of poisonous green light breaking through the darkness. The green would haunt him in his dreams. Feeling his heart sink and an enormous feeling of dread and fear develop in his hearth, Harry tried to walk faster. He had to safe them. Remus was there, as was Tonks, Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charley and Moody. A group of full trained Aurors was stationed somewhere on the castle grounds, only waiting for the Death Eaters to show themselves. It was good to know, it gave him a secure feeling. They would be able to protect the students while he couldn't.

But the Order and Aurors would never use the killing curse.

It was something Harry didn't want to think about. Reaching around the last corner, Harry's hearth swelled in relief. He could see the doors of the Great Hall, students and teachers were running around, the later shouting orders to the fearfully waiting students. He could see some of the older students follow the teachers, preparing obviously for the fight. With a proud feeling he realized Hermione, Ron and Ginny were among them. They would never just cover and wait for all to end. No, they would always take an active role in such a situation.

A fiery redhead girl was standing next to a red-headed boy and a brown haired young woman. All were wearing stern and grave expression, slight worry creeping over the females' faces while the male was trying to hide his discomfort and fear. In the background Harry could see the teachers preparing the castle walls and the doors so most of the spells and curses would be blocked. A light frown appeared on his sweaty face. Nearly all of them were present, only three of them missing. He didn't think it possible, but with a sinking feeling Harry suddenly realized what their absence meant.

They were traitors.

The actual Hogwarts Headmaster and two of the teachers' bodies were missing. If they weren't here, where all the others were gathered, then there was only one other possibility for them to be. They were with Voldemort. The greasy haired, pale faced and dark eyed Potions Master, the black haired and brown eyed crazy looking woman with a this feral grin and her brother with the same facial features only some more scars gracing his body, the Alecto siblings, were currently kissing their lord's feet. It was disgusting and revolting.

Suddenly a loud, booming voice made him nearly jump.

"So, that's it. Everything is ready. The walls and the doors are guarded; there won't be a possibility for them to enter. All students who wish to remain here in safety go further inside the hall. I will soon guard and close the doors so they will open, once everything is over and there is no more danger. All students who are in their last year and wish to fight, please step out of the hall and gather around me. I won't try to hinder you. But remember, once outside, there is no way to get into the safe halls again. Your decision is definite."

A small group of students stepped out of the hall and gathered around the Professor. Harry's heart was jumping with joy; most of them were from the former the DA. He had trained them personally. It made him proud to see his students confident and strong enough to face such dangers. But at the same time an incredible fear overtake him. Suddenly he wished for them to remain inside the Great Hall. Yes, he had trained and prepared them. But what if it hadn't been enough? What if they got hurt because of his lack of teaching abilities, what if someone even got killed? It would be too much for him to take.

When Professor McGonagall's gaze met his, her eyes grew softer, but concerned. She could the fine layers of sweat covering his fragile body, he was trembling and sometimes his eyes would spin a little. He looked like Death on his feet, as if the next soft wind blow would break him. He was weak, no, he was ill, and she could see it. She had seen it all the time before but never had the thought crossed her mind to send him to Poppy. She wondered why. But now it was too late. Now, while being attacked, Harry would have to work. It was his task to vanquish the darkness. She couldn't take pity on him now and allow him to just rest like all those others. No, Harry had to fight.

It was his task to fulfil.

"Listen closely. We will go out there as a group and stay near the doors. The Death Eaters won't be able to enter. We will guard the castle entrances with our very lives. Potter and the Aurors will try to take them out as good as possible. That is why we stay behind, we will guard their backs. No spell or curse shall hit them from behind. This is our task. The others will try to stop them. This way, nothing can go wrong. We will be victorious, they won't get the school."

While the students cheered and tried in vain to mask their growing fear and dread, Harry idly wondered when he had declared he would be one of those suicidal people to try and fight with the Death Eaters directly. He couldn't remember ever having volunteered to do so, nor had he ever been asked if he would be willing to. It seemed people just suspected or knew he would do it and this angered him a lot. Who were they to decide whether he wanted to sacrifice his life or not? It just wasn't fair!

Through his anger filled vision and his angrily pounding heart, Harry realized Professor McGonagall had ended her pep talk and was now leading the group of students and teachers towards the doors leading to the castle grounds. Still shaking, though this time due to rage and not weakness, Harry followed them. It would be hard, he reminded himself, he had to be careful, take exact knowledge of his surroundings, otherwise with Death Eaters and perhaps even Voldemort running wild out there he would be as good as dead.

They reached the castle doors within what seemed to be seconds. With pounding hearths and fearful clutched and gripped wands in their hands, the students stared at the wooden material and tried to prepare themselves for what was to come. Some had wide open eyes, others were biting their lips nervously, some were shaking like leaves in a full blown storm and others again had lips firmly pressed together it looked like they had none at all. It was their way, their special and personal way to deal with this enormous stress.

Not looking back the doors were suddenly thrown open. In an instant, the students prepared themselves, wands raised ready to attack and head lightly dodged. Not waiting until fear and rational thinking get the better of them, the students suddenly started to run, leaving the castle with loud and animalistic battle screams. Harry, a bit surprised by the obvious feral battle instincts braced himself and followed them. He was to protect them after all; it wouldn't do him any good to stay hidden in the castle.

What he saw shocked him.

There were people fighting everywhere. Figures in black were throwing dark curses and vicious spells at brightly clad ones, electing screams of pain and horror from their victims. Their black, hooded cloaks were masking their genders and identities perfectly; they looked alike, no real difference visible. Their silver skull masks shining brightly in the pale moonlight. It wasn't full moon, but nevertheless one could see quite clearly without the use of any candles or other light. Red, green and bright orange light was shining through the darkness, creating a feeling of enormous uneasiness.

When Harry had realized it wasn't full moon, he had thanked all possible goods and fate with all his heart. At least he wouldn't have to worry about that. He knew Voldemort had a strong alliance with the werewolves. They were vowing to support him and do as he pleased, while Voldemort let them roam the grounds and through the forest during full moon. The rate of infected victims had increased dramatically. The first few times during full moon they could be kept hidden and guarded, but during the first year after their infection, one full moon night they would suddenly disappear, leaving behind divested parents, siblings, family and friends. It was said they left to bring no further shame upon their families. Or that was what the Ministry and the families kept saying. Harry didn't believe this. He had another theory.

The infected were collected by their alphas to be trained and socialized.

Taking a quick glance to figure out the situation, Harry suddenly had to grab the wall for support as his sight began to blur again. Until now he had been able to walk just fine due the huge amounts of adrenalin pumping through his veins. Now, facing the danger and realizing how bad their situation really was, reality struck him like lightning. The adrenalin vanished, leaving him behind weak and powerless. If he wasn't careful he wouldn't need a Death Eater to take him out. He would even manage it without one.

"Harry! What are you doing?! The fight is over there, near the forest! We don't have the time to space out and look around the field for eternity. Do something! Fight them, Harry!"

Shaking, Harry looked around. Hermione and Ron were standing behind him, guarding the doors against every eventual intruder while taking them out with stunning spells. Their eyes were fixed on the enemy, brain working like mad to try to figure out what they would be doing next. Confusion spread through Harry. It wasn't them who had been screaming at him. It had been Ginny. The small but fiery redhead was standing beside them, throwing tickling curses and wobbly legs hexes at each person passing their way. Her eyes were burning and her aura was emitting a slight killer intent if that was even possible.

Gulping Harry decided he wouldn't want to cross her path and therefore thought it prudent to start taking an active role in this battle. Raising his wand with a steal like grip, Harry slowly stumbled forward. He couldn't really decide where to go to, as small groups of four or five were fighting everywhere. Deciding to join the next best group, Harry turned slightly left and prepared himself. The fight was fierce, even the killing curses were flying, though thankfully no one was hit by one.

Suddenly his foot connected with something hard, nearly making Harry fall in the process. With fear in his eyes, Harry looked down to see what nearly had caused him to kiss the floor. What he saw made him gag. A young Auror had obviously been hit with something a vicious and older Death Eater must have fired. Blood was running out of his eyes, his mouth was open in a silent scream, his skin over and over marked with gashes and scars. His left leg was missing, blood soaking in the wet and muddy ground. He could see it lying several meters away.

Automatically his eyes searched for his chest. If the poor man was living, Harry thought about killing him himself. There was no possibility on earth that this man could be saved in any way. Finding it blood soaked, Harry realized with a jolt of relieve that is wasn't moving anymore, indicating the poor man was already dead. A small prayer was sent to whatever god watching and guarding this spectacle. Had the man been still alive, Harry wouldn't have known what to do. He might have just cried and break down.

He was about to straighten up again and take his place in the battle, when a loud explosion made him spin around in horror. There, at the entrance door to the castle interior, was burning a bright blue fire. The heat could be felt several meters away, making Harry's skin red and dry. He wanted to scream, he wanted to rage, to kill, to damage. He wanted to run to the fire and do what he could to stop it from burning. He wanted to throw himself into it.

But he didn't.

It was a magical fire. His friends, the one he had thought of as a family, were surrounded by the most dangerous and deadly fire. The problem wasn't the fire itself, its properties were. From outside it look like fire, but if one came near enough and tried to touch, he or she would realize it was hard like steal. One couldn't enter this fire; it was absolutely guarded, making it perfect for any kind of repelling or guarding aims.

The only problem was you couldn't leave it either.

Tears started to run down Harry's pale cheeks. A thick and strong knot was forming in his throat, making it difficult for him to breathe and to gulp. While he was standing there, looking at the bright blue fire, his friends were trapped inside it, with no way to escape. He wanted to help them extinguish it in any possible way. But he couldn't. The fire had another property. It would burn as long as something was there that it could feed off. His friends would die. There was no way for him to get them out of it alive. He knew it.

And probably they weren't even to die.

The spell was normally used to guard important and special things. It wasn't used in combats normally and if, not as a form of attack. It was to defend and keep safe, not to harm and kill. Someone must have used it to keep the entrance safe, to keep the Death Eaters from entering. Whoever it was must not have looked correctly, missing the black clad Hogwarts students and thinking it to be left alone. His friends were dying because someone had been in a hurry and had cast this spell to protect the other students without making sure nobody was standing there. His friends died this very moment uselessly.

His friends' deaths were useless. And this didn't help him at all.

With tears still streaming down his face and clouding his vision, sobs now wrecking his body and hate, anger and loathing burning brightly in his heart and soul, Harry stood up again - he hadn't realized he had fallen to the ground some time before - and turned around to the battles. His wand was shaking in his trembling hands, but he didn't care. All he could think about was that the one thing he had been fighting for had been taken from him this very instant. His friends and family were dead; there was nothing he could do for them.

He wouldn't even be able to bury them.

Far away, he heard someone laugh. He didn't know why and didn't think the person was laughing about him, his situation and his loss of family and friends. The person probably didn't even know about it yet. But the very thought that someone was happy enough to laugh, while he just lost his only friends and family at this very moment, was just too much for him. His fragile and several times broken heart just couldn't take any more pain.

With tears still in his eyes and hindering his vision, Harry more stumbled than walked through the battle field. His wand was raised in attack, but shaking so badly one might have feared he would lose it any moment. His mind was racing and yet at the same time it was absolutely blank. If someone were to attack him, Harry wouldn't know what to do. He had his wand and it was ready to attack, but he wouldn't know which curse, hex or spell to utter. He didn't know anything at the moment. He might die within the next second and even if he would, Harry couldn't bring himself to care. He had lost too much at the moment, he just didn't care anymore.


A bright, deep red flash of light suddenly came out of nowhere. Having no time to react and feeling too weak to care, the red light hit Harry right in the chest. At first nothing happened, then his bright green eyed fluttered close, his body became limp and finally the boy collapsed.

Harry would have hit the floor hard, as he was standing outside on a path down to the forest. He would have surely hurt himself by doing so but mere moments before his prone body hit the hard floor, a strong pair of hands grabbed his upper body and held him. With a sudden movement Harry was lifted from the floor and brought to a firm chest, one arm under his knees and one under the boy's neck, holding him closely and with a firm grip.

The tall figure, clad in a long, black cloak with a thick hood and a silver skull as a mask was holding Harry Potter, guarding him, as if he never wanted to let him go again. A pair of blue eyes looked around, scanning the area for all possible and impossible dangers. Next to him the Death Eaters and the Order members were fighting fiercely. The black cloaked figures were fighting elegantly, their movements were unexpected, their attacks full of wit and cunning.

"Oh my god! They've got Potter! Get them!"

The loud scream caused all activity to halt. With big, horror struck eyes the Order members were staring at the one Death Eater standing a little far away from the others. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. Their saviour, the one to safe them all by vanquishing the Dark Lord, was lying limply in the arms of a filthy Death Eater. His eyes were closed, his mouth slightly open and his face sickly pale. A fine layer of sweat was covering his face. He looked like Death was knocking at his door.

The moment the Order members realized this, hell broke loose. Had they been fighting fiercely before, now they were fighting for their dear lives. If the Death Eaters got Harry everything would be lost. Stunning curses were thrown, curses which would make the victim's legs snap, glue them together, freeze him or hinder his escape in any way possible flying around, aimed to hit the black cloaked figure and the stunned boy in its arms.

Sadly they didn't reach their goal.

Elegantly the Death Eater evaded each and every flying curse. Turning right, turning left, jumping, running, stopping the black cloaked figure held the boy to his chest like he was an important and precious price. Every curse and spell that shot too near to the man carrying the boy was taken out by the other Death Eaters. It was well planned, well thought through and especially well carried out. It was a masterpiece of act, no one was able to break through them and their concentration. They had studied their moves and the way they realized them, it only could end as a success.

"Stop them! You have to stop them! At all costs!"

The shout was desperate, full of utmost horror and fear. The Order members tried to increase the number of their spells and their force. But it didn't work. The more spells and curses they uttered, the more they were taken out by the huge number of Death Eaters still roaming freely across the castle grounds. The one carrying the boy finally started to sprint, running over to where the Forbidden Forest began. Crossing an imaginary line, the Death Eater stopped suddenly, spun around and then, with a last dangerous glint in his eyes and a leering smirk on his face, the man vanished into the darkness of the night, taking the wizarding world's last hope with him.


As if the animalistic scream and the disappearance of the one Death Eater and their saviour had been a secret signal, the remaining Death Eaters started to run towards the spot the two had vanished before. Instead of throwing curses, they only dodged them. Death Eater by Death Eater arrived at the first trees of the forbidden forest. The last three Death Eaters took their departure together. Stopping at the border, the three turned around, took their hands, bowed mockingly to the devastated Order members before vanishing with a loud bang leaving behind nothing.

"No, you let them disappear! You let them take Harry with them! You failed, all of you failed!"

A sobbing, lonely figure appeared where the Death Eaters had kidnapped their only hope for a better future. The man took a deep, shuddering breath, his eyes aimlessly roaming over the deep footprints in the long, wet grass. Now they were visible, but soon they would vanish, just like the boy in the evil Death Eater's arms. Tears streamed down his pale cheeks, only to be whipped away by trembling hands. As his sobs increased, the man couldn't take it anymore. Sinking down on his knees he banged his fists against the wet floor, allowing his feelings to roam freely.

They had lost their only hope for a better life. The Death Eaters together with Voldemort wouldn't let the boy come out of it alive. There would be no chance for the poor boy that had been in such a horrible state the last months to come out of it alive. They had failed. They had failed themselves, they had failed their world, they had failed Lily and James, who wanted him to be safe and worst of all, they had failed Harry.

By losing him.