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Summary:Merlin views himself as a bit of an arse .

Warnings: Overuse of the words 'arse' and 'figurative.'


Merlin had started viewing himself as Arthur's arse, figuratively, after about four months in his service. Despite their seemingly random tender moments, Arthur still treated Merlin as his figurative arse.

Merlin didn't term it as 'shadow' because people don't notice shadows much. Arses you did; they'd get pinched and criticized, like Merlin did. He was a necessary evil to Arthur.

When he voiced his concern to Gwen, and Arthur had overheard, his only reply was, 'Nonsense, you're more like my liver or spleen; necessary inside bits nobody really thinks about.'

Eventually Merlin learned that 'liver' or 'spleen' actually meant 'heart.'