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"I'm home!" Noah called out first thing as he opened the door to the house he and Kurt had bought just a year before. It was nearly paid for, there was a lot of work to be done on some parts of it that Noah wanted to do himself instead of hiring someone to do them, and someday soon all of the plumbing was going to have to be updated, but it was theirs and they had fallen in love with the noble, proud old house from the moment they had seen it with a for sale sign up in the front yard. They had tried to be completely objective about deciding whether to place an offer on it or not, agreeing to go over their finances and make up budgeting spreadsheets before they decided anything, but their resolve had only lasted three hours before they had called the realtor. They were surprised at how easy it was to actually get financing approval. Two weeks after they had made their offer, Burt and Finn were helping him move in while Kurt, Carole, and Finn's very pregnant wife Moon watched the kids and made what they called executive decorating decisions. Afterward Burt and Carole had taken the kids home with them for a grandparent slumber party and Kurt and Noah had christened the new house by making wild love on the living room floor and then again on the kitchen table the next morning. Noah smiled as he passed the living room. Good memories.

"Anyone home?" He called up the stairs as he passed them and walked into his office to set his bag down at his desk. He winced a little as heeled his shoes off and kicked them under the desk. He reminded himself inwardly not to forget to get the heating pad out of the closet before he and Kurt went to bed. He had tried to prove that he was still a young man with a perfect leg this afternoon when some of the football players just weren't getting the concept he was trying to explain to them. He'd pay for it the next couple of days when he limp was more pronounced and his leg killed him all day.

He liked to think that he was much smarter now, much more grown up, than anyone had ever thought he would be when they were still in high school. After all, he was a teacher himself now. Well, sort of. He liked to think of himself as a teacher even though he wasn't in the classroom. He'd always thought of Emma Pillsbury, now Schuester, as his teacher after she had helped him so much his senior year, guiding him through the symptoms of PTSD that had surprised them all when they popped up months after the accident and then helping him realize that he wanted to do with his life exactly what she had done for him. He wanted to build kids up, let them know he was there for them, and that someone believed in them and would do anything that could be done to see that they succeeded. He was a guidance counselor and just how ironic was that? If someone had told him when he was in high school that one day he would return to William McKinley to be a counselor and to coach their football team and be happier with the choice than he'd ever thought possible he would have punched them, then laughed at them and at the absurdity of their claims. But, here he was. Teenagers called him Mr. Puckerman and he now called Mrs. Schuester (His principal and his friend.) Emma. He even called Schuester Will. At first it had been strange for both of them, but they'd gotten over it. He was really good at a job he loved. It didn't mean that sometimes he wasn't stupid. Like today. He winced again as he walked into the kitchen. Maybe he would have to get the heating pad just after dinner instead of waiting for bed.

If there was any dinner. Where the hell was his family? He put his hands on his hips, trying to think about what the schedule said for Friday nights. They usually tried to keep them free if at all possible for family time. This was one of those rare Fridays during football season that he could get off. He was going to be very disappointed if he found out that Kurt had scheduled something over it. He saw the note on the counter, set over a child's school paper and smiled. It was Kurt's precise, decorative handwriting.

Gone to get pizza. It's Friday and Ari did wonderfully on her test! Be home soon. Love you!

He smiled again as he looked down at the one hundred percent spelling test just under the note.

"That's my girl," He murmured. Nothing to do but wait for them to get home. He grabbed a beer out of the fridge and made his way into the living room, collapsing on the couch. He turned the television on, but was asleep, his beer unopened, in five minutes. He was jerked awake with a flash of pain when a very energetic ten year old landed on his lap and, subsequently, his aching leg.

"Papa!" She shouted, throwing her arms around his neck.

"Ari!" He shouted back, putting his arms around her and shifting her slightly so that her weight was off of his bad leg. He looked down at her and couldn't help the smile that never failed to come to his face every time he saw his little girl. She was exactly what he had dreamed she would be so many year ago. So much so that he often wondered if the ladies had put the picture of her into his head as a kind of consolation for all he had gone through. Her hair and eyes were his. Her skin was pale as milk, like Quinn's, and at the moment was flushed prettily in her excitement. She was ten years old and in the forth grade. And so smart. She had some of the best grades in the class. The way her mind worked constantly amazed him and he often stood in her doorway while she was sleeping just looking at her, wondering where it had come from. To his never ending delight and Kurt's chagrin, she was a little bit of a tomboy. She would rather be in jeans and a baseball shirt than in a dress and ribbons. Her hair was still in the complicated braid Kurt had put it in before school, but little pieces were starting to come out of it and he tucked one behind her ear. She giggled and snuggled. She was a big snuggler, loved when either him or Kurt held her. He used to love to watch when she was younger and Kurt would rock her to sleep, kissing her face and singing to her quietly. She was a little old to rock anymore, but she still loved hugs and was always happy when Kurt was helping her with her hair or anything else.

"We got pizza!" Ari said happily, "Because I did so good on my spelling test Daddy said I could stay up late and have ice cream, too!"

"Well, Aria," Kurt called from the kitchen and Puck grinned at the voice even though he couldn't see him, "You did well on your spelling test. Go wash up so that we can eat!"

"Yes, Daddy!"

And just like that Hurricane Aria was gone. Puck grinned after her before getting up and making his way slowly into the kitchen. Kurt had turned on the kitchen radio and the gentle strains of some classical music Noah couldn't put a name to were filling the small room. It was probably something Mozart. Ever since Kurt had read that study linking better math grades in kids with Mozart he always seemed to have it playing. At first it had annoyed the hell out of Noah, (Mozart was just not his thing.) but now he hardly noticed it anymore. He paused in the doorway simply to take in the picture. Kurt was setting out plates on their small kitchen table with one hand. In his other arm was their nine month old son, sleeping peacefully against his shoulder. He was dressed to the nines as always in, if Noah wasn't mistaken, pieces from his newest line that wouldn't even premiere to the public for another two months. He liked the well fitting jeans and the short sleeved shirt covered by the tightly tailored jacket. The scarf, he knew, probably wouldn't be included with the outfit on the runway. Nor would the hat. Those were uniquely Kurt. He wasn't wearing shoes, Noah noticed. He lifted an eyebrow.

It was strange what turned him on now that they were responsible adults, parents, a business owner and a teacher. But Kurt in the middle of the kitchen, one of his fashionable outfits on, without shoes, their baby sleeping on his shoulder, was definitely turning him on. It probably had something to do with the fact that they hadn't made love in nearly two weeks. They'd both been ridiculously busy and ridiculously tired when it was time for bed. They snuggled and had made out a little, but they'd both fallen asleep numerous times before it could progress further. He looked at the wall calendar and grinned. Kurt had taken tomorrow off. They could have their late night with Ari and still make love because they could sleep in on Saturday. If Connor would let them. Even if he didn't Ari was going to Finn and Moon's for a play date and slumber party with their daughter Drizzle the next day and they could take a nap when Con went down. That was awesome.

"Hey, baby," Kurt murmured when Noah crossed the room and wrapped his arms around Kurt's still ridiculously small waist, kissing the back of his neck.

"Hey," Noah murmured in response, "How was your day? You hear from New York today?"

"Mmm," Kurt murmured in assent, "Everything's all set up. I'll show on Wednesday night again this year. First show of the night. It's a good time. I'll do some PR and advertising stuff on Thursday and be back by Friday."

"Quick trip," Noah commented.

"Yeah, but I don't want to leave the boutique for long. Or you and the kids."

"But, Babe, you love New York. You could stay a couple of days more if you wanted. We'd be fine."

"I do love New York," Kurt said, "But, I love you and Con and Ari more. I'd be miserable without you. Five days is going to be hard enough. Maybe in a couple of years when Con is a little older we can all go together, but for now…" He trailed off on a soft sigh when Noah kissed his neck again, then ran his tongue over the sensitive skin.

"Have I told you I love you today?" Noah asked.

"This morning." Kurt said quietly, reaching his free hand behind himself to cup Noah's head.

"Too long," Noah smiled against his skin, "Love you."

"Love you, too."

He wasn't sure that the people of Lima, Ohio quiet realized just what they had in the boutique that Kurt had opened here just after college. To the people of their small town Kurt was just another hometown boy. He had gone away for school, but he had come back. At first they hadn't been sure how to react to the "fancy store" he opened with some of the money from the trust fund that had been set up by his grandparents when he was born. But, the boutique had caught on. The clothes were a little on the expensive side for Lima, but no one complained. KHP was a formidable name in the fashion world. Stars tripped all over themselves to wear pieces from the collection. A KHP gown had been worn by the new first lady at the inauguration the year before. And the KHP flagship store was in Lima, Ohio. That brought a lot of revenue and prestige to the town that hadn't been their before. To the world Kurt was a genius, to the town Kurt was just one of their own.

They'd been surprised just how much they loved Lima as grown men. It was a great place to raise their family and the town seemed to accept them as a married couple with no problems. Of course, there were things they could do now because of Kurt's fame that they wouldn't have been able to do in the past. And, he had to admit, things had changed after he'd been hit by the car. People reacted to sacrifice and the sacrifice he'd made to save Kurt's life had touched hearts. Lima wasn't perfect by any means and there were still some people who would cross the street when they were walking on the sidewalk and they still heard some noise about it being a sin that gay men should be allowed to raise families. But, overall it could be ignored. Their daughter was growing up well adjusted, their son would do the same, and the town was much better to them than they ever could have hoped.

They'd originally come back for what they thought was only going to be a short time. Quinn had taken a position as a PR agent for a new presidential candidate and she was needed to travel around the country with him for a few months as the campaigning got more and more intense. So, Kurt and Noah had come home to take care of Ari. It was the summer just after Ari's sixth birthday. She'd been thrilled to have them there. Daddy and Papa were in her life as much as possible, seeing her ten or twelve times a year and talking with her on the phone at least five days a week, but their lives were in New York where Kurt was just getting his line started and earning a name for himself and Noah was counseling at a boys and girls club while he waited for a position to open up in a school. They'd talked it over and agreed to go back to Lima for the summer so that Quinn could go on the tour without having to worry about Ari. And suddenly the positions were inverted. They were full time working fathers and Quinn was calling every night to talk to her baby. But, they'd gotten comfortable. Noah had taken the position at the high school and Kurt had opened his boutique. Quinn's candidate had done better than expected, all the way up to the presidential election and what had originally been staying in Lima for the summer had become staying in Lima for six months. Quinn's candidate had lost, but before she could come home she had been offered a PR position in Washington D.C. After a lot of soul searching on everyone's part she had taken it and they had stayed in Lima. Now Quinn came in every other weekend to spend time with Aria and every summer they all, including Burt and Carole, Rebeka and her new husband David, and Miri and whatever guy she was dating at the time summered with Quinn in D.C. They worried at first that Ari would suffer for lack of her mother, but she had adjusted just fine. And she spoke to her mother more often than some kids who lived with theirs. It was a good arrangement for all of them. They were completely happy.

Then, two years later while lying quietly in their bed after making love Kurt had turned to Noah with that look on his face that said that he wanted to ask something but was afraid of the answer.

"What is it?" Noah had asked.

"Noah…I love you and Aria so much, but sometimes, it just feels like there's something missing."

"Like what, babe?" Noah had been almost afraid of the answer until Kurt had smiled at him.

"I want us to have another baby, Noah."

Noah had never really thought about having any more kids than Ari, but once Kurt had said something it had taken hold in his mind and he'd gotten just as excited about it as Kurt. They'd spent a couple of months looking for the right surrogate, never finding anyone they liked well enough to have her carry a child for them. Finally, at a reunion dinner with the old glee club while Mercedes was in town they'd told the club about the trouble they were having. Santana, now Noah's coworker (Cherrio assistant coach and physical education teacher), had rolled her eyes at them and asked why they hadn't told her sooner, as she or Brittany would be more than willing to do it. The rest had been so easy. Santana had gotten pregnant on the doctor's first try. Half way through the pregnancy Santana had discovered that she was carrying twins. Kurt and Noah had braced themselves, because they hadn't been prepared for it and weren't sure they were ready for something like that, but it had all worked out, because Santana and Britt had decided that they were ready to be mothers themselves. So, when the babies had been born, fraternal and not identical thankfully, Connor had come home with them and Aiden had gone home with Santana and Brittany. The boys would be raised as cousins and when they were older they would tell them that they were brothers. But, right now it didn't matter. Both boys were happy and healthy and had families and parents who loved them to death. They weren't lacking anything.

They'd mixed their seed to make Connor and they had never had a paternity test, but looking at him it could not be doubted that Kurt was his father. His hair was black like Santana's but his skin was pale like Kurt's. And those beautiful eyes, the eyes that Noah had fallen in love with, looked out at him from Connor's sweet face. He rubbed a finger down Connor's chubby little cheek and smiled when the baby wrinkled his nose, but didn't wake up. He shifted slightly so that he could run his hand over Con's dark hair, then pressed a kiss to it, then angled his jaw so that he could press another kiss Kurt's sweetly waiting mouth. Kurt sighed into the kiss and leaned into him. Noah wrapped his arms around Kurt's slight form and deepened the kiss. His hands drifted down Kurt's form until they rested on his hips and he pulled Kurt's pelvis to his, glad to feel evidence of arousal there as he was sure that Kurt could feel the same from him. Kurt moaned and wrapped his free arm around Noah to grip his ass and push their pelvises closer still.

They pulled back when they heard Aria pounding down the stairs and had nearly collected themselves by the time she slid into the kitchen in her socks and practically hopped into her chair. Noah listened, a grin on his face, as Aria told him about her day and Kurt woke Connor gently, not wanting him to get too far off of his sleeping schedule. He had started sleeping through the night a couple of months before and if they wanted to do what it was they both wanted to do then he needed to sleep through the night. Noah was hyper aware of Kurt as they sat in their darkened living room later that night, Aria between them, watching a movie that involved a lot of singing and dancing animated animals. Aria was enraptured. Noah couldn't concentrate at all. Kurt had reached over the back of the couch and was stroking his shoulder with feather-light fingertips. Half way through the film he switched tactics and instead began tracing light patterns on the back of Noah's neck, making him shiver. Knowing exactly what it was that Kurt was promising him, Noah had to put a pillow over his crotch so as not to traumatize their daughter. Luckily Kurt sensed when the movie was winding down and pulled his arm back so that Noah was in complete control again as he carried Aria to bed and then tucked her in. They kissed her goodnight and turned on the nightlight before they left the room, leaving the door open a crack, and made their way to their own room, carefully not touching each other.

"Fuck," Noah murmured when their door was finally closed. He whirled around on Kurt and pushed him up against the wall so that he could kiss the life out of him. Kurt responded with enthusiasm, jumping into Noah's arms and wrapping his legs around his waist. They were both hard, Noah noticed with a grin against Kurt's mouth. Maybe if they played their cards right and their bodies allowed it, they would be able to make love now fast and hard, then again later, slow and gentle. They both seemed to have enough need saved up for each other. He pressed his hips to Kurt's and gasped at the sensation when Kurt arched against him, breaking the kiss and crying out softly.

"Fuck!" Noah cried out again for a much different reason when Kurt's heel brushed his bad thigh and his leg nearly gave. Kurt made a noise of both sympathy and apology as he got down from Noah's arms.

"I'm sorry! Are you alright? Can I get you something?"

Kurt always freaked out a little when something happened to Noah's leg and Noah was hoping to cut off the panic this time before it interrupted his plans, so he just kissed Kurt again. Kurt melted into the kiss just as Noah was intending and was calm again when he finally pulled away.

"I'm fine, babe," He assured him, "I did some stupid stuff today that I shouldn't have done. But, that just means that you're going to have to do all the work tonight, okay?"

Kurt grinned at him wickedly, "Okay."

They made their way to their bed, tearing off clothes as they went.

"Do you want…" Noah began to ask, but was cut off by Kurt shaking his head.

"Maybe later. Right now I just want you inside of me. It's been too long."

Noah agreed silently as he watched Kurt bending over to grab the lube they kept in their bedside table. His mouth always went dry. Ten and a half years together, two kids, jobs, nearly losing each other and Kurt still turned him on like no one else had ever been able to. Kurt took it seriously when Noah told him that he had to do all of the work. Noah's mouth went dry as Kurt put one leg up on the bed and reached around to prepare himself quickly. By the time Kurt decided he was ready, Noah was ready to beg. Stroking himself to take off the edge, he grinned as Kurt moved to coat him, then straddled him. Kurt let out a long, satisfied sigh as he sank down onto Noah. It had only gotten better as they got older. Now every time it felt like they were made for each other. It was like coming home, being joined this way. Noah closed his eyes and moaned as Kurt began to ride him hard and fast.

"Noah," Kurt murmured as he reached down and took one of Noah's hands, laying it against his chest, just above his heart, "Noah!" His voice broke on a little sob and Noah gripped his hip with his free hand.

"Little bit more, babe," He murmured, "God, you're so good.

Kurt cried out as he rode harder, trying to bring them both over the edge. It had been too long, Noah knew, and they were both still young enough that it didn't take much. He moved his hand and took Kurt in his palm, stroking in time to the frantic jerks of Kurt's hips. In no time at all Kurt was crying out with his release, his back arching and his hands tightening on Noah's arm, which he still held against his heart. Feeling the way he tightened sent Noah over the edge with him and he cried out Kurt's name as he spilled himself into his body.

When he came back to himself Kurt was collapsed on his chest, making little contended sounds as Noah stroked his back. He hadn't even realized he'd been doing it. It felt good to be so in tune with Kurt's needs even when he was out of it himself.

"That was great," Kurt murmured when they had settled into spooning positions, Noah kissing the back of his neck tenderly.

"Mmm…" Noah groaned from the back of his throat in agreement.

"Nap a little, then again?" Kurt asked.

"Mmm…" Noah agreed again.

"I love you, Noah."

"I love you, too, Kurt." He whispered.

They both fell asleep with smiles on their faces. And somewhere in the world, interfering as they shouldn't once again, three ladies smiled again. And all five were at peace.