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Our Little Miracle

Third Person POV

The heavy falling of water as the showers ran caused a loud continuous ringing in his ears, Randy was tired as he waited for Shawn, John, Adam and Phil to get out of the showers everybody else had left and there were only four other people who still needed to shower; As Shawn and Adam exited the shower and started to get dressed Miz and Morrison went in, now it was only him and the Game that were still waiting their turn. After a few minutes Shawn and Adam both grabbed their bags casting him a final glance before heading to their respective vehicles, for a second he had thought he had seen worry in their eyes, though he soon forgot about it as Phil and John got out of the showers and it was finally his turn to get in.

Randy's POV

I quickly got into the shower after making sure it was just the right temperature. I let the hot water pour over me, the gentle drumming soothing my sore muscles from my match earlier that night, I heard the door to the locker-room shut and figured that Phil and John must have taken their leave.
A few minutes passed and I turned off the shower walking out expecting to see Hunter but he wasn't there, I was alone I quickly got dressed and gathered my belongings before leaving the locker-room. I reached the car park quickly due to my fast pace and long strides. When I got there my eyes immediately searched for my car but strangely it was nowhere to be seen, I notice Hunter's car parked close by even though he wasn't in it and I briefly wondered where he could be before continuing the search for my car.

"Wow that's fuckin weird" I said to myself in disbelief.

After a moments thought I decided the best thing to do would be to call a cab, my car had to be somewhere around here but it would be easier to find in the morning. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my cell phone dialed the number and waited as they put me on hold, I put my bag down on the floor next to me as I listened to the songs that played in the background I was beginning to get bored, little did I know I was being watched though I was about to find out.
Within seconds I was grabbed from behind and my arm wrenched behind my back, I didn't even flinch let alone scream it was probably just a crazed fan who wanted an autograph or picture, nothing unusual as many fans tended to get handsey.

All of a sudden I was let go only to be hit in the back of my head with something heavy I fell face first into the ground and blackness overtook me until there was nothing left.

I woke up but my eyes would not open they felt heavy and no matter how much I tried I just could not open them I felt a terrible throbbing pain in the back of my head and I could already feel the beginnings of a killer headache setting in. After a minute or two of having my eyes closed and trying not to think too much I was finally able to open them, my vision swam for a second before I was able to focus slightly, I was in the backseat of a car, my vision was still blurry but it was getting clearer as I sat up slowly trying to keep my head from moving too much. I looked out the window It was dark outside but I could make out we were in a forest of some sort.
I tried to open the door but the car was locked so I laid back down trying to think of a way to get out of this situation.
I was deep in my thoughts by the time I heard footsteps coming towards the car. Quickly closing my eyes I waited for the person to enter hoping in my mind that the person would not notice that I was already awake. I heard the driver side car door open and somebody get into the front seat, the engine roaring to life but the car was still stationary, I stayed there keeping myself perfectly still but it wasn't good enough and I felt my heart stop for a moment as my left hand was grabbed and something clicked snugly around my wrist, shortly after I heard another clicking noise.

"How long have you been awake?"

I opened my eyes, completely stunned not because the voice was familiar but because the person somehow knew I was awake.

"How did you know?" I said incredulously

"I have my ways..." he replied his voice void of any true emotion

And then it clicked, I was shocked as I finally managed to place the familiar voice "Hunter is that you?"

"Maybe...then again maybe not "

Okay now I was scared I tried to move but that was when I realized what the clicking noise was from earlier...Handcuffs, I was handcuffed to the headrest of the front passenger seat.

Hunter was in the back now. Leaning over me, his hands wouldn't stop touching me as I quietly begged him to stop.

Though,Hunter showed no recognition of even hearing my pleas. Hunter's hands moved from where they had previously been caressing my chest and instead moved further south to the space between my legs and applying pressure in a way that almost represented a warning and caused me to let out a near silent whimper but as soon as it was there the pressure had been replaced by a slightly more gentle rubbing and squeezing.

I was trying so hard not to like this it was disgusting I didn't like men that was just gross I was straight not gay I didn't go around touching other guys butts when they weren't looking, I love boobs so why am I liking this?, why am I getting a reaction out of this?.

"Stop fighting it Randy, you know you like this so just give in"

"No I don't like this, I hate it...I hate you!" he spat in Hunter's face but Hunter was quick to move his head out of the way and it missed.

Hunter didn't reply instead he undid Randy's belt and slipped his hand inside his jeans.

"Don't!...stop. no..don't do that!"

"Why not, afraid you'll like it?"

"I won't give in to you Hunter so just let me go you stupid son of a bitch!"

"I suggest you stop talking Randy"

"No, you can't do anything...I won't let you!" I yelled as I started struggling harder.

"I said ENOUGH!" Hunter roared clearly pissed off.

"I...HATE...YOU!" Randy said kicking the Game in the chest, unfortunately for him that's when he realized his mistake and he definitely saw the change in Hunter's body language.

"I told you to shut up and you didn't listen did you Randy? Well, I think that you should be punished"

"Wait Hunter I'm sorry...no stop don't!" I said, my voice wavering with fear.

Hunter kept his hand on the waist band of my jeans together with my boxer shorts and with one swift move he pulled both off.

"Too Fucking Late!" Hunter yelled his voice icy cold and deceptively calm.

"Hunter STOP!" I tried to plead with him.

"Oh I don't think so, tell me Randy have you ever been fucked?"

I quickly shook my head repeatedly as I felt a few stray tears fall down my cheeks, knowing that this was going to be a loosing battle.

"Oh well that's too bad, hope you enjoy this then" Hunter said sarcastically as the psychotic look in his eyes intensified with what Randy assumed to be Lust, Desire..Murderous Hatred.

Hunter stripped off quickly not even giving me anytime to try to escape, not that I could. I was scared senseless. All I could do was scream loudly when Hunter pressed his massive cock against my opening getting ready to enter me. I tried kicking, punching even with one arm, but nothing was helping it was just making the man above me angrier.

"Stop resisting and this will be a much more pleasant experience for you"

I didn't... I couldn't, I kept on trying until Hunter's hand finally wrapped around my ankle, he grabbed another handcuff and swiftly handcuffed both of my ankles together before putting my legs on his shoulders the handcuffs were now behind his head and no matter how much I tried I knew it was over, Hunter had won and there was no chance of escape.

Hunter smirked down at me knowingly, I couldn't get away, I had no choice but to lay there and take it until Hunter said it was over.

Hunter began pushing himself against my unprepared hole, I wasn't making it easy on him I clenched my muscles tightly refusing to let him in and keeping my muscles tensed.

"Relax or it's going to hurt you a lot more than it should"

I didn't answer so Hunter kept putting pressure on the virgin opening. Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore and Hunter took the opportunity to push into me. I cried out in pain, tears escaping the edges of my eyes.

"Ughggh god you're so fucking tight!" Hunter moaned before opening his eyes to glance down at me "I told you to relax that's what you get for not listening"


"I'm sorry but there is no way in hell I'm stopping baby" he said his voice mocking.

Hunter pulled out watching as the now abused hole started closing, he used his fingers to stroke the silky ring of muscle grinning to himself when he heard Randy sob in pain, he pushed both of his thumbs into the hole before stretching it open, he smiled before plunging his manhood back into the formerly virgin body beneath him, he felt something rip as he pushed past the entrance, Randy screamed loudly trying to move away from the intrusion, whimpering every time Hunter pushed into him.

Hunter wrapped his hand around Randy's cock stroking it to life; he wanted Randy to suffer, to feel humiliation so he angled his thrusts so that he was hitting Randy's prostrate head on. It didn't take long before Randy came.

"C'mon baby ride it out!" Hunter said his voice taking on a husky tone.

Hunter kept on pushing into him until finally it felt as if Hunter's cock couldn't go any further into his body and that's when Hunter finally came, his cock exploded and Randy felt like his cum was being sprayed into his stomach, finally it stopped and Hunter pulled out watching with a smile as blood and cum dripping out onto the leather seats from his abused hole.

"Thanks for the great fuck babe" There was no response; Hunter looked back at the broken body and realized Randy had passed out.

"Maybe I went a little hard on him...how ironic" he said, quietly laughing to himself as he put his clothes back on and grabbed his keys from the ignition he got out of the car and opened the boot quickly grabbing the blanket and pillow he had placed there earlier, he closed the boot and returned to Randy, putting the blanket over him and tucking the sides in like you would do for a little child, he softly lifted Randy's head and placed the fluffy pillow underneath. He closed the door and returned to the front seat before driving to their next destination.