Hey there, been a long time. Yes, far to long to say a chapter is coming soon though. Let me explain.

So as I said before, I was inspired by the events in mass effect 3 to finally continue Alex's journey in the ME universe. Even years from now, it's still in my head, playing out the continuing character interactions that I've been dying to write down.

Unfortunatly, the same thing that inspired me is the same thing that bogged me down. The ending, or rather the reaction of negativity for the ending, left a bad taste in my mouth. While the extended ending and the last bit of DLC helped, but at the same time I was also beginning a move to another state, new job and a lot of new things that kept me occupied.

So fast forward some years to the present, and I find myself doing writing, and people enjoying it. It's short stories for my pen and paper game night involving my characters, but still I'm seeing people are liking what I write. I'm also eyeing the little word document that with the next chapter to this story I never finished.

So I'm playing Mass Effect series again, trying for my "True Canon". I'm also seeing if I can get the creative juices flowing the way I want. I'm toying with restarting the series, or at least rewriting the chapters and making them a fuller and more satisfying experience. I can't promise that this means I'll be able to actually begin again, but I would love to hear from any of you about what kind of future you want this story to have. Should I just continue on, or start fixing my older chapters?