Okay, before anybody jumps in to moan at me that I'm starting yet another story when I still have several on the go to finish (which I will start updating again soon); this fic has/is being written as a birthday gift for a friend and since it contains only canon characters from each of the respective shows I thought others might like to read it also.

Set after series two of Torchwood and after the anime series for Loki.

I own no rights to characters since this is purely fanfiction and I'm poor :P

Chapter One

"Come on Loki, don't dawdle!"

"Remind me; why are we here again Yamino?" The shorter and seemingly younger of the two boys asked the taller one by his side. Together they shuffled after the over-active teenage girl as she raced ahead of them in the night-time park area behind the castle's grounds. He wore a long flowing black cape-like coat which was tied together by a huge white bow, carried a black puppy in his arms, and had a small pink creature not visible to anyone but themselves, that occasional chirped happily, - 'Punyan, punyan!', - as it hitched a ride by resting upon his head.

"Well Master Loki sir, it's all on the account of Miss Mayura." Yamino began to explain quite enthusiastically as they trudged on to catch up with the girl in question. "She entered a competition in one of her 'Super Mystery Detective' magazines and was fortunate enough to win the grand prize of holidaying in a paranormal activity hotspot of her choice …"

"You do know that he didn't really want all the details, don't you brother?" The puppy yawned in response to the taller boy's words. "Daddy was just being rhetorical."

Yamino seemed slightly taken aback by his big brother's statement. So much so, that his glasses slipped down the bridge of his nose. He pushed them back up. "Oh."

"Nonsense Fenrir." Loki cooed and tickled the back of one of the big black floppy ears. "I'm always interested in hearing whatever he has to say. Please Yamino, do continue."

"As I was saying, Miss Mayura won the competition and after much online research where she discovered reports of freak weather patterns, missing people, a variety of alien encounters, and even several Pteranodon sightings, she decided to choose Cardiff, Wales as her destination. And since the trip was for a party of three, we were invited along to accompany her."

Loki gave an amused sneer at one of the preposterous claims. "Aliens indeed."

Fenrir, - who'd escaped spending time in the visited country's quarantine procedure, all thanks to his big puppy-dog eyes, - tilted his head back to talk with the boy whose arms he was in. "Why did you agree to come Daddy?" It was pretty clear that his father didn't believe in the majority of things that the girl did, yet he had willingly accepted the invitation that had been made to him.

There was no answer from Loki who was paying more attention to the load alighting from his head. 'Punyaaan?' The little pink spirit, - Ecchan, - broke away from them and floated closer towards Mayura who had stopped in their path several metres ahead.

"Er, I think we may be a little bit lost." She frowned whilst trying to consult the map that she struggled to hold with one hand and torch in the other. "I don't understand! I plotted everything out according to what I found online."

"Have no fear Miss Mayura, I'll sort out this dilemma for you." Yamino offered as he stepped forward to take the map from her.

The markings on the map, both drawn on by the teenage girl and the original ink printing, criss-crossed on so many occasions along with scribbled notes that weren't even legible, that it was hard to make the intended directions clear. He shone the torch around their unfamiliar surroundings to try and get a better grip of their location, but with the darkness and lack of landmarks or features besides the odd cluster of trees, it was of no help at all.

"Yes, I'd say we are most definitely lost." Yamino concluded. "We should double back the way we came."

"Or we could just ask the locals for help!" Mayura exclaimed excitedly as she spotted a gang of shadowy figures in the near distance. "Maybe I'll even get a couple of eyewitness' accounts out of them to help me solve some mysteries!" She snatched back the map and torch, and flounced over to the group.

"I guess we better follow her." Loki sighed and they continued after their friend.

"Hey, excuse me!" Mayura shouted as she waved her arm in the air to get the gang's attention, and caused the map to crinkle and flitter from the motion. She needn't have bothered though as they were coming towards her. "We're lost and were wondering if you could …"

Her explanation trailed off as she couldn't help but gawk at the disfigured wrinkly face of not one, but all of the gang members' approaching her. For a moment she assumed that they had been in some kind of accident, - or was it possibly a birth defect? - and then felt excited and giddy when she realised that they were exactly what she had been looking for.

"Look Loki! Aliens!" She pointed her arm and waved it frantically. "See, I told you that they do exist!"

'Punyan!?!' Ecchan was swift to fly back towards its master as one of the fierce creatures suddenly leapt forward at the girl.

Startled by the unexpected action, Mayura let out a huge scream and stumbled backwards, leaving her attacker with only a mouthful of the map she had previously held. Her feet became entwined with each other and she fell hard to the ground, knocking herself unconscious from the force of the descend.

Yamino raced to her side and Fenrir dived from his father's arms. The puppy landed on the ground and with teeth bearing, he roared like a hound of the underworld whilst Loki was about to summon his staff to deal with the demonic creatures, but stopped upon hearing several gunshots fired through the darkened air.

The wrinkle faced attackers growled angrily yet cautiously retreated their paces and regrouped. Their eyes watched the man striding up to position himself directly in front of the youths. With his gun arm confidently and firmly held locked onto them, he used his free arm to activate the hidden comms within his ear. "Jack?"

"Ianto?" The captain sounded breathless with his reply.

"I'm in the northern section, inward from the river; how far away are you?"

"Not far." There was the sound of heavy panting that effortlessly morphed into a chuckle. "Why, you missing me already?"

"It's not in the way that you have in mind, but yes I could do with your assistance right about now." Slowly the group of aliens daringly edged closer as they tested out the human's threat of commencing further firing at them. "I've got just one magazine left to defend a group of three youths from a shitload of Weevils with."

"A shitload eh?" There was a grunting amongst the breathless chuckling from the captain. "Nice to know our terminology for their grouping stuck and became official."

Gwen's frustrated voice could also be heard over the link between the two men. "Oh for goodness sake Jack, hurry it up and finish already!"

"You two had better be just Weevil hunting!!" Ianto exclaimed as he swiftly vanquished the inappropriate mental image of his lover and colleague that had been caused by the current sounds he was hearing.

"Well, you know me …"

"Exactly!!" The Welshman popped off another bullet that sent the Weevils snarling as they retreated back another step. He had been easily irritated by the way that Jack laughed and joked around with the issue of something suggestively sexual taking place. All of it was unnecessary jealousy, Ianto kept telling himself, but still there were tiny traces of doubt in his mind as to weather or not there was something, - anything, - more going on between Jack and Gwen. "Just hurry, yeah?"

"Be there in a sec." Seriousness had found its way back into Jack's tone of voice before the comms fell quiet between them.

Ianto took a deep breath and silently cursed at the fact that he hadn't gotten around to making sure that they as a team had properly re-equipped themselves for the spot of Weevil hunting in Bute Park that night. The fact that he was low on ammunition was why he had been heading back to the SUV when he had spotted the youths coming under attack, and prepared or not, he couldn't just walk by and leave them.

"Okay kids, here's what we're going to do."

"Watch who you're calling kids!" Fenrir retorted with a sour tone.

The Welshman quickly glanced over his shoulder at them and spoke over the commencing sound of puppy barks. "I'm going to distract and lead these creatures as far away as possible so that you can escape …" Several of the Weevils daringly stepped closer once more and he fired his gun again but this time the group of attackers failed to be intimidated the slightest. "Carry the girl and move as fast and as far as you can. My friends will be here shortly to provide back up, but you guys just keep on moving until you're back out on the city's streets; got it?"

"I've got another idea." Loki, now with his summoned staff in hand, stepped forward to stand alongside the man holding the gun. "How about I help you fight these demons instead?"

"A little squirt like you?!" Ianto snorted at the boy's laughable plan. Where did that staff come from? He didn't have it a moment ago. The Weevils stepped closer still and he fired another shot only to find out that he'd misjudged his ammunition and that he was now out of bullets. Shit!! "Run, now!"

Now aware, by the scared human's reaction, that their prey was completely defenceless, the group of aliens sprang forward in an all-out assault. They'd feast well tonight on something other than the sewage that flowed through their temporary home on the strange world that they had found themselves on. The sight of the youngling foolishly stepping up to his death as though they would spare him from such a fate only thrilled them more, as did the helpless yapping of the small black creature by his side.

'Get back!' Ianto had wanted to scream at the boy who had calmly moved forward instead of making a speedy retreat with him. But his throat made no sound as he watched in fear and unable to stop the first Weevil towering over the small boy and puppy.

"Vere luvadrok!"

There was a blinding white flash that caused the Welshman to shield his eyes. Once it cleared he saw a diamond-shaped mirror hovering in front of the staff wielding boy. Inside the mirror a frozen image of the attacker stood with its teeth bared fiercely and ready for the kill.

"Cuerious!" At Loki's second command the mirror shattered into tiny fragments that disappeared into nothingness, taking its captive with it.

Ianto watched in awe as more Weevils were speedily imprisoned and disposed of in the same manner by use of the young boy's staff. Who was this boy? Had he come through the Rift? If so, how had he avoided Torchwood's detection? Was he dangerous to other humans? One thing was for sure was that Jack would need to know about this ASAP.

After seeing the rest of the group vanish one by one before its eyes, a lone Weevil tried to make an escape with his retreat but failed as Loki was quick to make sure that he destroyed every last one of the mysterious demonic creatures.

"Nice one Daddy!" Fenrir barked happily by his father's side.

"Thanks." Loki panted in reply. "I was pretty good wasn't I?" It felt like years, and not the actual months, since he'd last battled otherworldly creatures. He glanced across to his youngest son. "Yamino! How's Mayura?"

"Unconscious but breathing." The teenager assured from where he still knelt on the ground beside their fallen friend. "Doesn't seem to have obtained injury apart from a few minor bumps; she'll be okay once she comes around."

Thank goodness! Loki sighed internally. He'd never forgive himself if something serious had happened to her.

"Ianto!" The captain's voice sounded out through the darkness.

"Over here!" The Welshman shouted in response so that Jack would know which direction to head in to find them. It was then only a matter of seconds before he could see the form of his lover, - with Gwen following close behind him, - come into view in the natural light of the moon shining above them.

Jack came to a halt beside Ianto. His magnificent greatcoat was bloodied and torn as a result of his brawls with the Weevils that he and Gwen had just finished subduing. He clasped a hand on the younger man's shoulder and surveyed him for any sign of injury. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Ianto nodded, sounding a little shaken from the sight he had witnessed. After all the things he'd seen during his years of working for Torchwood and yet he was still taken by surprise of seeing a young boy with god-like powers?

Seeing that his lover had sustained no harm the captain now glanced around them. There was a young boy, - around ten-ish Jack guessed, - in some kind of fancy dress outfit and complete with staff and a small puppy at his feet. For some reason it felt like the dog was giving him a heated look but he shrugged this off as nothing more than his own imagination. A little further back he saw Gwen approach two teenagers, one of them lying down on the ground. Additional glances around them all found no signs of the aliens he'd been informed of. "Where's the Weevils that you were talking about then?"

Fenrir's nose sniffed the air as he caught a faint aroma of a scent he'd once known. He stopped as the greatcoat wearing stranger caught his eye and gave him a suspicious look, then conversed with his father about the discovery he had just made. "That guy smells like Odin."

"What?!" Loki exclaimed whilst keeping his voice as low as possible. He was greatly surprised to learn that they'd encounter the god who had banished him to the human world inside a human body also. "Are you sure that's him?"

"No, he's not him; he just smells of him." The black dog explained a little better as he gave another sniff. "Underneath the odour of coffee and sweat, there is the distinct whiff of him having had close contact with Odin. Deeply rooted and pretty recently too."

One by one, Loki's fingers flexed to gain a firmer hold of the staff in his hand. If this man had connections with the god he sought answers from, then he'd persuade him to arrange an audience with Odin, even if he had to capture and force the captain to do so himself. And after previous experiences with some of his foes, he'd be a fool not to act on impulse and get what he desired.

"Ah. They've been taken care of." Ianto assured his lover with regards to the alien attackers.

"Taken care of? All of them? On your own?"

Out of the corner of the Welshman's eye, - that had been drawn to the yapping puppy, - and over Jack's shoulder, he saw the boy raising his staff and pointed it directly at the captain's back. After what he had seen happen to the Weevils he became quite fearful of what would happen to Jack if he'd ever ended up inside one of the mirror prisons that the boy was capable of summoning, but more importantly, destroying. Could he ever reform himself from such a fate?

Probably not, Ianto decided since the shattered fragments dissolved into oblivion right before his eyes. There'd be no way that Jack could ever come back to life if there was no body for him to do so in. As he saw the first command about to be shouted out by the boy, he was quick to act and pushed his lover with all his might. "Down!"

"Vere luvadrok!"

Brilliant white light flashed throughout the immediate darkness and Jack groaned as he hit the ground hard. What happened? Ianto? He quickly scuffled around to see behind him.

The light cleared and all that remained where they had once stood a moment ago was a single diamond shaped mirror slowly turning in mid air. In horrified silence the captain's mouth gaped and eyes dilated at the sight of the Welshman's frozen image trapped within the prison. Ianto!!

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