Author's Notes: I've realized that it's best if I just shut up when it comes to things like this. So, yeah. I'm called Cracktastical for a reason.

Also, 2009movie!Sherlock Holmes is my best friend. So you get him.

Disclaimer: Nahhhhhhh.


Angelus Aeternus Meus



I think that if I'm going to be blaming someone for this, I'm going to go ahead and blame JARVIS because it's all his fault, anyway.

Well, JARVIS and Mark IV, but Mark IV isn't a person, and I said someone (well, okay, JARVIS isn't a person, either, but he's… a person to me, alright?), so there you go.

But what's the thing I'm blaming JARVIS for?

Easy – that's for falling from the sky and all that stupid junk.

Yes, falling from the sky again.

Though this time I'm a great big ball of fire, and that's actually kind of cool.


But fuck, JARVIS!

Did you have to purposely not tell me that doing wasaggalagga would make this happen?

Oh. What THIS (I'm capitalizing it for effect, if you caught that, hehe) is, you're asking?

I'm falling from the sky as a great big ball of fire in a time different from the twenty-first century.