Characters: Sakura, Karin, Sasuke

Spoilers for chapter 484. You've been warned.

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Forgiveness & Compassion

She's crying, that pink-haired Leaf medic, and Karin hates it. She hates it because she knows how she feels. She knows why she's crying. It's the same reason why she feels betrayed. It's because of Sasuke.

She must know him from back in the day. Otherwise, why would she call him such an affectionate term as 'Sasuke-kun'? She's a fool, though. He's far from the Sasuke-kun she knew back then. Far from what Karin thought he was back then when she was a foolish child with an even more foolish crush.

His chakra's grown darker. More evil. He's a wanted criminal, obsessed with revenge against his former home for the brother he killed himself. He didn't care for what happened to Suigetsu and Juugo—who were probably dead, caught by the Kage and samurai back at the conference, and that saddens Karin for some reason—and he cared so little about Karin that he attacked her while she was a hostage and said he had no use for someone who got caught so easily. And no matter what relationship he had with this pink-haired girl, he was prepared to kill her with a swift Chidori.

This medic should know this by now. It's common for ninja villages to get word of their missing nin when they've done heinous crimes. So far, Sasuke's managed to attempt kidnapping Kumogakure's Hachibi jinchuriki, attacked the five Kage of the great nations and killed one. He was a criminal, and growing more mentally unstable with time. So then why…? Why would she go searching for him to try and kill him…then stop all of a sudden? If it had been Karin—which she wishes it had been right now—she would kill him without hesitation for everything he'd done. But instead, she hesitated and left herself open to attack, only to be saved by that man—the legendary Hatake Kakashi if she remembers. Did she honestly think that Sasuke wouldn't hurt her? Was she honestly so quick to forgive him for all his crimes and sins?

And now, here they are. The pink-haired girl is crying, Karin knows why, but she knows that she shouldn't care for the feelings of the enemy or the past with her former teammate. But she also knows how she feels, and if she weren't near death, she'd probably scream and curse Uchiha Sasuke to bloody hell, but seeing this girl cry…it…it…

She wants her to stop with the waterworks. Stop. Stop. Stop it.

A tear happens to drop onto her cheek. It slides down the side of her face. Damn her…


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