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Chapter 318

There was some glaring around the table. While the women each had a different date in mind for their weddings, and different styles of wedding in mind, a bone of contention had finally come up. The problem was in the timing. The other two women, according to the contract had to have there ceremonies with Tsukune before Moka and he married. But the dates the women had chosen put Moka's wedding after Mizore's and before Kurumu's, which meant that Moka would have to wait another year.

Moka did not want to wait. She was already making plans for her wedding and had no desire or intention to change her schedule. Kurumu declared flatly that she would not rush her own wedding plans just to get it out of the way for Moka's sake. The two women glared at each other.

Moka pulled out a copy of the contract at almost the exact same time as Kurumu. While Moka was an attorney by profession, Kurumu had to deal with contracts frequently in her career as well. Both women were ready to fight for what they wanted.

In the end, the solution to the problem was found within the contract. It was not a perfect solution, but it gave the women a chance to work things out before violence could be applied to the argument. The contract specified that before Moka and Tsukune were legally married, Mizore and Kurumu would be allowed the opportunity to hold a ceremony reflecting the wedding they wished to have for themselves. There were two paragraphs specifying that no ceremony would be considered legally binding.

The compromise was that each woman would get to have a wedding ceremony on the date of their choosing, and that after the ceremonies were over, then Moka and Tsukune would legally file as a married couple. Moka was unhappy about the solution because it left her marriage to Tsukune in legal limbo for months. It put their relationship into an awkward position, because there was just enough question room left open to make them living together possibly appear improper.

Mizore had no trouble with the compromise. Kurumu on the other hand was feeling unhappy because it would let Moka hold her ceremony before her own. That meant that on her "big day," Tsukune would be able to remember his ceremony with Moka, and possibly compare the two. Kurumu knew some comparison was inevitable, but she wanted Tsukune to be distracted in thought during Moka's wedding, not hers.

Of course none of the women were going to ask Tsukune for his opinion on how to solve the wedding schedule issue. It was not that they did not want to, or that they thought that there was no need to. Tsukune, when he had added his contribution to the contract had very specifically included a clause that stated he would have no authority over the arrangements, scheduling, or planning of any of the ceremonies, save that he could be asked only twice by each woman for his opinion on any detail of their choosing, but his answer, or lack there of could not be held against him. He also retained the right to walk out of any ceremony at any point if he felt that participation would hurt his integrity, credibility, or reflect in a negative way on himself or another person, present or not.

The trio of women had not considered the power Tsukune had kept for himself when they had read the contract. They could ask him for help with the scheduling issue, but each woman only had two questions, and none of them wanted to give one of them up when they might not like the answer. Also, Tsukune could refuse to answer, and the question would still be spent.

While a compromise had been reached, there was still a tension in the air. The women tried to ignore it as they continued to talk about different wedding details, but it wasn't going away. In fact, the tension was still noticeable when Tsukune arrived after his dinner meeting with the mothers, but he was careful to not react to it in any way.


The war between the women was never going to end. All three of them agreed to that. The level of intensity was different for each of them, but they were all willing to fight for what they wanted. For Moka, power and respect were tools to be crafted and used. She pushed herself to build a strong reputation as an attorney so that she could be, and appear, strong, confident, and capable. She was determined to show the world that she was the best possible match for Tsukune.

When she had first opened her own office, it had been small and simple. She had carefully chosen a place that her law practice would grow into. There was a front sitting area, a place with a desk for a secretary, and two offices. In the beginning, there had only been Moka. It had not taken long to bring in enough basic business with things like contract negotiations and arbitration for her to be able to justify employing a secretary that would also become the office manager.

Tsukune was able to watch Moka's practice grow. Schedule permitting, he had found opportunities to bring her lunch. There were also the times she called him in for a meeting to use his investigation services. The first paralegal Moka had hired had thought he might someday catch the eye of his stunning boss, until Tsukune had casually arrived with an aura of such confidence in his own strength that the paralegal could not help but feel intimidated.

Moka's practice had outgrown that first office quickly. In just over a year she moved to a larger, and nicer location. Her office staff was up to five people by the time she had agreed to the contract with Kurumu and Mizore. After her meeting with her friends and rivals, Moka had gone to court to argue a case while still feeling frustrated about the wedding issues, so she had unintentionally projected such an aura of violent intent that the opposition settled just minutes before the hearing had started.

It was little things like that which added some interesting color to her building reputation. Intimidation attempts by older, and frequently bigger rivals never fazed her. Her confidence in her own power allowed her to stare down opposing counsel in negotiations. Each time she came out on top, Moka felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. She counted each success as proof that she and Tsukune belonged together.


Mizore had decided to choose her battles carefully. Her war was not one of total domination, but of quiet conquest. She made her home a place Tsukune would want to be. When he came to visit, she made sure that she gave him the attention he would enjoy. And of course, she gave him children he could love and help to raise.

Hers was a quiet battle. Like snow flakes building up into an unstoppable glacier. Mizore was looking ahead to the future. She knew how much she had wished to know her own father, and counted on there being a time when Tsukune's daughters would need more of his attention and support. When one of their children reached a crisis and needed him, Tsukune would be there, which meant that he would be with Mizore as well.

Someday, Mizore hoped, her daughters would find boyfriends of their own. When they were old enough, Tsukune would be there to comfort them through heartbreaks, or to stand at their weddings. Mizore was confident that she would be able to hold a place in Tsukune's heart, and in his life, for the rest of his life.


Kurumu approached the war for Tsukune in a way that could be seen as a combination of approaches used by the other two. She was working hard on her career to prove her worth, but she was not dependent on her success to make her future with Tsukune come true. As she had told her agent, she could work in a cafe for the rest of her life if it meant having more time with Tsukune.

Kurumu wanted to be a success for herself. She wanted to be able to show what she could do regardless of being a succubus. She wanted to have a life she could be proud of, and that Tsukune would be proud of. She wanted to have a career that she could retire from when she and Tsukune were ready to have children together.

Kurumu was intent on proving her worth as a good woman, and as a good future mother for Tsukune's children. Some day their children would be asked about their parents, and would be able to talk proudly of their father the business man and protector, and their mother the famous chef. Her and Tsukune's children would grow up with strong examples that showed that they could do anything in life they truly wanted to.

Kurumu wanted to have a long and happy life with Tsukune, one way or another. Of course as a succubus she had a natural talent to understand the desires of men. As a chef, she understood the value of good food. And as the saying goes, the fastest way to a mans heart is through their stomach.

"...And that is how it's done," Kasumi said as she served a dish of Tsukune's favorite stew to Kurumu. The housewife was tickled to no end that the famous Sweetheart Chef was taking cooking lessons from her.

Kurumu had taken notes all through the process of learning the Aono family dish. She had made a list of all the ingredients down to the smallest measure. When she had tasted it at different stages, she had jotted her observations. Kasumi was more than happy to share her cooking experience. The fact that it was the Sweetheart Chef that she was teaching the recipe to was not what made her the most happy in that moment. What made the housewife and mother the most pleased was that Kurumu had come to hear to learn how to cook for her son.

Kasumi knew she should be disappointed that her son had seduced so many young women, but she just could not find it with in her. Moka was such a sweet girl. Ruby was so much like the daughter Kasumi never had. Both of them had learned some dishes from her in the past. Ruby even made it a point to visit regularly just to be friendly. After the first time Kurumu had come fore a visit, Kasumi found herself wishing all of Tsukune's young women would come by to see her.

It was a lot like when Kasumi was helping Moka and and Ruby learn to drive. It was a chance to pay mother to both of the young women, and she had found it very rewarding. She could not help but look forward to the time when she would get to teach her grandchildren things as well, even though she didn't want to admit she was old enough to have them.


Koji had to admit he liked some parts of the plan to warm his wife up to being able to accept the truth about Tsukune's life. Some of the dramas and movies he had sat through, Tsukune's father would have been happy to avoid. Making those same moves a part of playful dates with Kasumi on the other hand, made the nights worth a little suffering. Looking around the club, Koji decided that the strange night was going to be one of his favorites in going along with his son's plan.

The plan to get Kasumi used to the idea of supernatural things was going along well. Someone as caught up in television dramas and wild romantic stories was almost always willing to accept horoscopes and fortune telling as legitimate tools for gleaning information. Taking a weekend to visit shrines dedicated to kami that supported romance was a good step in the over all plan. But the plan Tsukune had put together had more to it than just softening his mother up to the idea of youkai being all around her.

The dinner date with Tsurara and Ageha had been another facet in Tsukune's plan. The idea was to get Kasumi close and friendly with the other two women. Koji and Tsukune both knew that once Kasumi felt a connection with anybody, she could be fiercely loyal, even in the face of hardship. She usually showed that side of herself when she get attached to a character in one of her dramas, but she had a few real world friends that she was still willing to go to bat for at the drop of a hat.

Koji, doing his part to support the plan, was out with Kasumi for an evening with Ageha. The two women had started out their time together in the early afternoon. When Koji met them he almost didn't recognize his own wife. Ageha had put the other woman through a process of mysterious rituals to turn the housewife into a woman of the nightlife. Hair, makeup, a silk minidress, and an impressive set of high heels had given Kasume a face, figure, and legs she would have killed for back in her single years.

Koji felt that it would be his favorite event in the whole plan. He had visited a few hostess clubs, so he knew what they were like. For Kasumi it was a new and very different experience. She watched what Ageha did, and copied her. Whatever Ageha did to encourage attention and spending from a client at the club, Kasumi did to her own husband. Koji got to enjoy his dolled up wife being flirty and playful, and unlike the clients that Ageha entertained, Tsukune's father knew he was going to be going to bed with the woman on his lap.