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Omake – Gate: Thus Tsukune Fought.

Aono Tsukune, Hakumei Omo, stood at the head of a bridge to the south of the Ginza district. Behind him, on the other end of the bridge, was the Hamarikyu Gardens, and thousands of frightened people. Human and youkai, they had been surprised by the sudden appearance of a gate appearing in the middle of the Ginza district, and the invading army that had spilled out of it.

Tsukune had been up north when the breach between worlds had occurred. He had felt the cry of Nippon herself at the first moment of intrusion. He had been enjoying a playful day with Mizore, Moka, and their children when it happened. The shrine in the gardens was the closest place to the intrusion that Hiru could carry him to. Energy was bleading out from the location of the gate, befouling the jump points that Tsukune might have otherwise used reach the disturbance.

From the Shrine, dressed in a dark kimono and barefoot from Mizore's home, he had rode Hiru towards the gate, until he reached the leading edges of the panicked crowds looking to escape the invaders. Thinking fast, Tsukune pushed youki into his voice and shouted out, calling out to the masses.

"South!" Tsukune ordered. "Go south! The gardens are a safe place! Go south!" Tsukune continued to shout out instructions even as he pressed north.

When he broke through the crowds, Tsukune got a look at what had frightened them. It was an army of men and youkai in what looked like Roman armor. Tsukune didn't hesitate. Lives were on the line. He summoned Tetsu Odari and rushed to meet the enemy.

Hiru was sent to harass the invading dragons as Tsukune charged into the leading elements of the invading army. He knew he could not stop them. Not by himself. Not even if he had his whole company with him. Tsukune did what he could to buy time for the fleeing people to escape to safety.

For nearly an hour he moved backwards as he fought. Stretching his fight out over a crooked kilometer, fighting to slow the enemy and distract them, but also trying to keep himself from being surrounded and overwhelmed. He fought with Tetsu Odari. He used his talons and wings. Tsukune used every skill and trick he knew to bleed the invaders.

As the fighting continued Tsukune discovered allies coming to his side. Police men, common citizens, and local youkai, all fighting to defend their neighbors and countrymen. Fighting to protect their fellows and their homeland. They may have been afraid of the monster Tsukune appeared to be, but he was fighting against the invaders, so they stood with him. At the head of the bridge leading into the Hamarikyu Gardens, Tsukune and his companions made their stand.

Behind them, people watched in disbelief as mortal men and the spirits of the land came together. From out of the sacred places and the shadows, spirits from the past and creatures of legend stood to face the invaders, the enemies of Japan. The head of the bridge became a deadline. No invader challenged the line and survived. A line of bodies turned into a barricade. Invaders were struck down in place to hinder their companions. Defenders, even in death, helping to shelter the refugees in the gardens from the violence that sought to reach them.

They held their ground, until the fight was over. Some stayed on their feet, facing the enemy even after being given mortal wounds, fighting on out of pure determination. Tsukune kept his strength up by taking the life energy he needed from his enemies. Feeding on an invading soldier to heal his body and empower his limbs. He was covered in gore, and more monster than man when the thunder of jet engines washed over them all.

Shin-Ohashi was a wide street in front of the bridge. Clogged by abandoned cars and filled with invading soldiers, it was a place where the enemy was massed to press against the bridge defender. It was also a wide open field of fire for the pilots of the Japanese Air Self Defense Force. At six thousand rounds per minute, the guns of the F-16 passing over the invaders started cutting them to pieces. The heavy rounds, flying faster than sound into the men and monsters, penetrated armor and flesh. In just a few passes the assembled invaders were reduced by half. The remainders broke, turning to run, looking to escape the death that was striking down from above.

Tsukune stood at the head of the bridge, watching the invaders retreating. Beside him, some of the other defenders sank to the ground in exhaustion. Some fell, surrendering at last to the wounds that had already killed them. Tsukune stood for a moment, gathering his strength even as somewhere behind him some of the refugees started to cheer.

It was almost enough. He had saved lives. He had held his ground, held the line, protecting people that would have been killed or worse. It was almost enough for Tsukune to accept that he had done his job.

Except he could still see invaders in the streets. He could see them running for the side streets and doorways where they could escape from the fighters overhead. He could see them running into buildings where he knew there would be people that had been hiding from them. With grim determination Tsukune moved forward. He crossed the killing ground to continue the fight. He had enemies to hunt. He still had people to protect.


It was only five days after the incident, but government maneuvering was already in high gear. The meeting room was packed tightly with bodies. People had been summoned to the meeting from what seemed to be every level and branch of the government. The appearance of the gate in the Ginza district, and the violent battles that had followed, had shaken things up. The Self Defence Force was on the highest level of alert. The National Police had every officer they could get in contact with on the schedule. Even retired officers had been asked to return to duty.

Tsukune was crowded into the meeting beside his former coworker. While his official position was not being shared, his history in fighting Fairy Tail and Tate no Kai was well enough known in some circles of government that his presence wasn't going to be questioned. While Senior Inspector Tanaka Ito of the Imperial Guard was comforted by his friend being in attendance, neither man really felt any desire or need to be there.

The meeting had been little more than a review of known information that had been thrashed for every kernel of value, boiled down, and restated to meet politically approved standards. The government wanted everybody to have the impression that things were well in hand, and wanted to make sure every department knew what to say, and what to avoid saying to the general public. Once it was all over, people pushed to escape the crowded room.

"Do you think you will be going through?" Ito asked Tsukune. Neither of them were in a hurry to push through the masses trying to get out the doors, and having heard the plan to send a force through the gate, it seemed a natural question. The younger man had been in the thick of things over and over again in the past, and Ito expected him to be there again.

"No," Tsukune replied with a firm shake of his head. "My work is going to be on this side of the gate. Some of the things that came through still need to be tracked down, and I need to be on the look-out for any signs that another crossing point could be forming."

"Another...?" Ito was aghast at the thought that another gate might open somewhere else in Japan.

"I am already reaching out to others that know more about this kind of thing than I do," Tsukune explained. "And I am setting guards to help watch for trouble."

"I'll trust that you are doing all you can," Ito said in a flat voice. While he had come to accept the spooky things that were a part of the world around him, he knew he was out of his depth when it came to actually talking about how it all worked.

"The police, the SDF, and everybody else," Tsukune nodded. "We all have our tasks, and here or there. we'll all do our part."

"Yes, we will," Ito agreed solemnly.




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