Bella and Emmets Super Fun Weekend

Explanation : A cute oneshot between bella and Emmet


Bella P.O.V

I was staying with Emmet this weekend, Edward and the other were going hunting....And ofcourse Edward dident think I would go a weekend without hurting myself so, Here I am Stuck with Emmet of all people. Right at the moment Im sitting on the couch stairing at Emmet playing

X-Box 360. Im so bored That Im acuttaly curiose in what he's palying. ''Emmet, what are you playing?'' He looked at me like I was crazy then replied ''This Bella, Is the best Game ever, The ultiment game, The game that will make you go crazy You get addicted, This game is Called Halo 3'' He looked at the T.V with a devotioniont look that a Budist would give a Ganesha statue. I laughed. ''Emmet It Cant be that addicting'' I answerd. He paused the game and looked at me. ''Bella, what part of this game is god dont you get? Do you want to try just so you can see how addicting it is ??'' I sighed. ''Okay fine'' He staired at me then handed me the remote. ''Dont touch ANYTHING'' He staired as he said these words, he turned back to the T.V and saved, Then he went to the start of the game. ''Okay Bella, Where going to start of where we just have to kill each other'' I nodded as he explained the different buttons and what happend when you pressed them, after half an hour of him explaining, we started. I was walking around in the game, I looked at his part of the screen and saw he had a perfect aim to hit me, I saw he was walking closer, So i started turning around like crazy ''I CANT SEE YOU'' I screamed turning my person around and around. The next thing I knew, My person was dead and Emmet was laughing. ''I guess I beat the little fragil Human'' he said and laughed. I got hooked up ''lets play again'' I said devoted. He smiled ''Game on''. And we played again, and again finally after five hours it was a tie. I sighed, and said ''Last game Emmet, May the best man win'' He smirked at my words and said '' Yes Bella may the best MAN win '' He chuckeld and the game started....I could see I had a clean shot to shoot, I made the shot and Emmet scream ''YOU KILLED ME'' he yelled,I smirked ''I won, i beat the big vampire !!'' He Looked at me with a pained look. ''Fine bella, Now we are going to do my secound favorite thing, watch scary movies'' He laughed. I sighed, ''Okay Emmet what will we be watching ??'' He smirked ''Only time will show'' he ran upstairs and came down with a movie , two blankets, four pillows, three glasses of chocalate milk, two bags of skittels, One huge bag without hershey kisses, And a bowl of popcorn. ''Time for scary movie !'' He exlamied. we both tucked ourselfes into the blankets and sat with a pillow each next to us and another one behind us. He started the movie ''Emmet what movie are we watching ?'' He looked at me with a creepy stair ''Its called 'The eye' I havent seen it yet Its so scary !!'' After He said that I got scared...I mean if emmet was scared then what about me the poor fragil human, I started Eating the popcorn......Halfway through the movie Emmet screamed, And so Did I. I mean who blames us ?? You watch a girl get hanged !!! It was so creepy, By the end of the movie me and Emmet were huddeld together. Emmet spilt the popcorn and skittels , But we were two scared to get it and pick them up. The movie ended and we were huddeld together, when all of a sudden we heard a knock at the door, we both screamed, and hide under the blanket. Half a secount later Edward had pulled the blanket from over us and I was in his arms. ''You guys watched The eye, Emmet are you dum ? Isent it a bit to scary ?'' Edward sighed. Emmet was still scared ''THE BLACK MEN WILL COME AFTER US'' Rosalie then walked in the door, slapped him and said, ''Come on Emmet Up in our room emmet , Theres no such thing as the black men , And I will let you watch a really scary movie, called Hannah Montana.'' He nodded and they went up the stairs. edward looked after them then smiled down at me and kissed me. ''I missed you'' he said after a minute of kissing, I smiled ''I missed you too'' I said. He then asked ''Did you have fun with Emmet'' I nodded ''It was very intersting, I May have to buy an X-box now'' I then heard Emmet yell from upstairs ''YOU CAN ALWAYS COME OVER AND BORROW OURS'' Edward laughed and looked at me ''Always''.

The End