Oh, this is a bittersweet one for me, I started this series on Feb. 28, 2120 and we are to the LAST show. I missed some along the way, Like, Big daddy's funeral, another one that I remember but can't place and in the last season, a show with Dick Van Dyke.

The last show, as some of you may or may not remember was 'One flew out of the Cuckoo's Nest'. As a joke, Blanches Uncle Lucas and Dorothy pretend to fall in love but in the end...really do! They get married and well, on a certain part of Lucas anatomy, they, uh, call it 'Freddy Peterson', why?I think I'll show my version.

Dorothy NEVER told anybody. Not even her mother. In kindergarten, she had a crush.

He was special, he knew she was scared that first day in class but he soothed her feelings, her fears. The teacher, Mrs. Webster, introduced Freddy to Dorothy because she knew what Freddy could do. He had a gift, a way about him.

He was the class's 'friend' doll. Dorothy couldn't wait to go to school every day to see him.

Lucas was 15 years old in 1945 and on his first job working for Mr. Claude Peterson, owner of the hardware store in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Peterson gave Lucas confidence in himself. He was insecure in a lot of ways.

His big brother was almost larger than life to Lucas and it scared him worse than a alligator in the swamps and his daddy, well, there was no words to describe him even though he loved him more than the very land on earth itself. Claude Peterson gave him something that he would never forget.


So now we know, Freddy helped Dorothy gain trust and security and Mr. Peterson gave Lucas confidence and knowledge to enter a world of business. No wonder they combined those names.