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She screamed as the Ark around her cumbled, Allen and Lavi having been thrown away as if they were nothing. They were both exhasted from fighting all day, and neither had the strength to fight this new enemy that presented itself in the form of Tyki Mikk. She groaned as she tried to move her unresponsive legs. Her fist slammed down on them harshly.

'MOVE!' she screamed in her mind, to no avail.

They remained limp and unmoving.

She suddenly felt something cold and jagged wind around her throat as it jerked her into the air, cutting off the oxygen in her lungs. She opened her eyes, having not realised that they had closed to come face to face with the new Tyki Mikk. She clawed at the thing around her neck, she thought it might be a tentacle, like she had seen lower level Akuma have, but it was rough and nicked her throat with sharp edges as it tightened. She gasped as it suddenly tightened, cutting off her air completely. Her fingernails dug at it desperately, her mind growing foggy.

She opened her eyes, her vision rimmed in black at saw his smile. It was somehow vicious and degrading at the same time. She stared at him in fear and panic as he came closer, his hand raising to grasp the back of her short hair, the things around her throat loosening. His other hand raised up and stroked the side of her face as she panted, that smile still growing on his face.

Then the unbelieveable happened.

He kissed her, his lips crashing into hers violently, drawing blood.

Lenalee had no idea what the hell was going on. Nor did she know why her body was reacting the way it was. With panic she realised this was her first real kiss, the one she had wanted to give to Allen. She felt Tyki's tongue lap at the blood on her lips and trembled.

But whether from fear or pleasure she didn't know. But as he pulled away and her instincts made her raise her leg and kick at him, she didn't know what emotion crossed his masked face as he frowned, looking at her for a short moment before that smile returned and Lenalee felt herself fly up into the air, Tyki's hand gripping her neck, pressed against her chest.

She felt the downward motion as he slammed her into the crumbling rock underneath him. She felt it give way and herself start to fall, she looked up to see him looking at her, an indecisive frown on his face. And as she fell through the air, she wasn't sure if the ache in her body was of regret....or simply the ache of sore muscles.

Either way, Lenalee felt tears in her eyes and wondered a simple word before she hit the ground....


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