Chapter 18 Shock Value

Slight panic rippled through my body as the boy's eyes pierced straight through me. The once innocent shy eyes were now darker and evil; his eyes said so much that I didn't understand.

I took a small step back; though he was a young boy I could still see the anger spilling off of him causing me to feel over abundantly nervous.

At that moment I didn't know what to do

Should I ask where he came from, why was he here, who was he with…or should I run? I already knew the answers to my unspoken questions…and running just seemed to be out of the question in general.

I took another step back, I felt guarded, I felt like I should be fearful of the boy…but I also felt ridiculous, he was obviously a child…why must I feel this intimidated?

But the fact of the matter was, I was intimidated something in his presence was warning me he wasn't safe…warning me that he wasn't as innocent as he'd once appeared to be.

My eyes stayed locked on him, when I decided at that moment he was dangerous or up to something no good…my gut was telling me that he was here for me…that he was apart of a much bigger picture; something that I would be ill to find out about.

My next thought was to run -again-to the house as fast as I could but I wouldn't dare bring this half immortal near where my children were located.

I couldn't figure out why this half immortal seemed different than the hundreds of half immortals my family killed…what made him so much more fearing than the others…

My feet were still moving back slowly; I had no idea what I would do, but I couldn't just stand there

"You don't know me" he said lowly his voice raspy and quite deep for someone his age…or what I presumed his age to be.

"But I know you… I know a lot about you"

I blinked rapidly trying to figure out what that meant as he continued…

"I know that you are the daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, I know that you reached full maturity at age 8, I know that you attended Forks High School…"

My chest heaved in and out as his list continued. I felt like my eyes were beginning to water, this boy…this…child was telling me about my life as if he wrote it…

"You are married" he said evilly his voice turning almost demonic "to Jacob Black…a wolf" I didn't like the way he said Jacob's name as if he had a personal vendetta against Jacob…like he knew Jacob personally and hated him for reasons I wouldn't know.

"How do you…" I began to say but he continued…

"I'm not finished…and I know you have two children Edellah Bailly and Jacob Junior"

My nervousness and apprehension turned into anger

"Who the hell are you and why are you here?" I yelled at the boy…

He smiled evilly

I looked at him as I was sure my anger was plastered on my face.

"You know my parents" his voice was softer, child like, like it should have been.

"Who are your parents?" I asked eagerly.

His features turned dark as he answered my question.

"My father was Joham" he answered simply. And for some reason I wasn't shocked I knew that the boy had to have come here with Neatra, the fact that his scent is so unrecognizable was the obvious reason why he was not destroyed like all of the other half immortals.

The thoughts of hopelessness ran through my head again, another one of Joham's …children… out to avenge his father's death…it was like looking in a kaleidoscope, the bright colors were turning dismal as I watched my fairytale slip between the cracks again.

"I am not here to avenge my father's death" the boy said. My mouth fell to the floor, he read my thoughts, I tried to speak; my lips trembled trying to form a sentence…not that it mattered…

"I do not care about my father…he was no father to me" his words reminded me of the many conversations Nahuel and I had, how he'd never considered Joham a father that he was regretful that he could be related to someone so conniving and evil…

"I am nothing like Nahuel" he answered my thoughts again.

"But I am here for a reason…my mother was killed" he paused looking down then back in my direction. I waited for him to continue but he waited for my response.

My thoughts were riddled with wonder, it was like he wanted me to figure it out on my own… but I had no clue…

His mother was a human obviously and unless she was turned into a vampire after giving birth, she was going to die giving birth to him that was a known fact in the vampire world.

Who could his mother have been? How did I allegedly know her?

I traced my memory all the way back to the beginning of all of this, back to my first encounter with Joham… back to the reasons why I was pulled in the direction of Joham in the first place.

I was trying to save this girl, she was screaming in excruciating pain…


Impossible I thought to myself. Serina was pregnant but her child wouldn't even be a year old had it been born… this boy was much older…

I was missing something, an obvious clue…

I went back to that memory; the sounds of her blood curdling screams how I felt like I needed to help her…

Then quickly and unexpectedly my thoughts went to a dream I'd had all those months ago… in this dream a small boy was cowering by a tree, I felt like I needed to protect him as Joham so quickly killed his mother then…killed him…

But that couldn't be, this boy was a half immortal…not a full vampire…

There was no conceivable way Serina was his mother…

Why wouldn't he just say it, why was he playing this cryptic game?

"I don't know…" I said lowly but he interrupted

"You do know"

But I didn't, if it wasn't Serina there is no one else it could possibly be…I rummaged through my memories…all of my thoughts but nothing made sense; no one came to mind.

Then suddenly it hit me… the clues were right in my face, I berated myself for not noticing quicker

The picture of Serina 8 months pregnant and missing…no family contact only the police number on the missing persons poster… the loud screams…her blood on Joham's breath…

What if Serina suddenly went missing because she was pregnant…but not with a human child but what if she'd been pregnant with a half immortal? What if she had no choice but to runaway because how would she explain how fast her stomach grew, how would she explain birthing a half vampire?

But maybe she didn't need to explain, maybe she wanted this, maybe she wanted to disappear with Joham. She loved him so much and he had to have loved her in someway; why else would he have changed her into a vampire after she gave birth instead of leaving her to die like all the others? It was all making sense to me….

Her missing person's poster knew she was 8 months pregnant though…if she were trying to leave before anyone could notice, why did this poster say she was 8 months pregnant? Whoever reported her missing knew she was that pregnant in such a short amount of time…

I couldn't think about that now though, I had to focus on the fact that my theory had to have been true

I looked up at the boy in shock; he nodded his head as if to reassure me that my thoughts were correct …

I swallowed almost audibly before I could speak

"Serina" I said simply… "Serina is your mother?"

He stood completely straight facing me, I didn't like the way his eyes burned through mine…but I couldn't look away…

"Yes" he stated "And your husband killed her"

Chapter 18 II Bella POV

I hated taking the boys side over Renesmee's but I don't think she was truly understanding how advanced her children are; and I don't think she was being reasonable. She knows none of us would ever put the twins in danger.

"Your daughter's worse than you" Jacob said nonchalantly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked shocked as I threw one of Jakey's toys at Jacob's head. Jakey laughed as he rested his head on my shoulder.

"I mean exactly what I said…I never thought I'd meet another person as overprotective as you and Edward but apparently you two created a monster…literally" Jacob laughed and so did Jasper and Emmett.

Edward smirked "In my defense …I am not overprotective" he stated.

The whole room faced him and burst into laughter. Edward was by far the most anal-retentive person I knew especially in regards to those he loved. I went to speak but he continued…

"I'm just… cautious" he smiled as he walked over to me taking Jakey from my arms.

"Edward I'm sorry but you're alone on this one" I laughed getting up from the couch.

"If it were up to you" I continued "Renesmee would have never gone to school, never drove a car, never …"

"Caution…" he interrupted with a shrugged.

Jacob stood up with Edellah; she was sleeping beautifully; her hair covering her face completely. "She's right" Jacob said lowly.

"Well of course you would agree with her" Edward amended. "Alice…Rose…?" he asked as if he didn't already know what they were thinking. Rosalie faced Alice who was already preparing her answer. This light banter was so much fun, it had been such a long time since we were able to truly be happy and joke like this.

"I'm sorry Edward" Alice began "there is a dotted line between overprotective and caution…lets just say you colored those dotted lines in with a paint roller and high jumped over it"

We all laughed as Edward knew what she was saying was true, he looked around the room. "And you all agree…?" he sighed "Well let's not forget about Bella" he said abruptly turning all attention to me.

"Hey this is not a competition" I said. I knew I was pretty bad but I only did what every mother should do…I put my daughter above anything protecting her was much more than a job, much more than a responsibility …it was what I needed to do….there just wasn't any other option.

"Bells, she wasn't allowed to go to La Push without you tagging along, until what two years ago?" Jacob challenged.

I shot an evil look at Edward, thanking him with my scowl for throwing me under the bus.

"I'm going to check on my daughter" I said snidely ignoring Jacob all together. I could hear laughter as I walked away.

"Renesmee, they are attacking me in there" I said aloud with humor in my voice, but was surprised to not see her. I rounded the corner…I assumed she must have been sitting at the table.

"Renesmee…" I said again but she wasn't there. I walked back into the living room only to hear Jacob and Rosalie fighting. I'd only been gone a few seconds…these two should be banned from ever being in the same room…

"Go take a flea bath" Rosalie hissed.

"Not in front of the children you two" Esme ordered softly.

"Rose" Jacob said ignoring Esme "How do you drown a blonde…"

"I've heard this one" she interrupted "…more than once, you would think after 8 years you'd find new material" she interrupted her voice acidic.

"Glue a mirror to the bottom of the pool" he finished anyways; he didn't even smile; he knew exactly what to do to rub Rosalie the wrong way.

"Guys" I interrupted before this could go any further "has Renesmee walked by?"

"She's not in the kitchen?" Jacob asked. He was kneeling on the floor next to the couch rubbing Edellah's back who had been sleeping but her eyes were beginning to flutter open. I walked to the couch and picked her up. She rested her head on my shoulder.

"No" I then turned to Edward "Did you hear anything in her thoughts?"

Edward shook his head as Jakey laid asleep in his arms "I left her to her own thoughts since she was so upset" his face concerned as he quickly had Jakey laying where Edellah had been on the couch.

"She probably just went to get some fresh air…she was pretty upset" Esme said.

Maybe Esme was right…but I couldn't help but have this odd feeling that something wasn't right…that I needed to be with her.

"I'll go get her…she couldn't have gone far" Jacob said calmly as he got up from his knees and walked towards the back door.

"You know what, you stay here with Jakey…you know he only stays asleep with you" I managed to smile light heartedly. "I'll go get her"

"I'll join you" Edward was already ahead of me as we walked out of the back door. Edellah still nestled comfortably in my arms.

Renesmee wasn't near but I was so adapted and familiar to my daughter's scent that I knew she was out here I looked out and saw her standing facing a tree; she was a few miles out.

Edward held my hand as I easily supported Edellah with my other hand; we walked at a human pace towards Renesmee.

"Your mommy's really mad" I whispered in Edellah ear but she didn't respond.

"You know what maybe we should leave her be…" I began to say as we approached Renesmee but Edward's face turned into the most enraged scowl I'd ever seen, he'd quickly released my hand.

"Edward…?" I questioned.

"Don't move" he ordered. Before I could truly understand what he was saying I saw a dark shadow of a silhouette against the tree Renesmee was facing, Edward was already by her side

"Renesmee…?" I said panicked. I immediately had my shield covering her. Edellah could sense the distress in my voice her head darted up and was immediately facing in Renesmee's direction.

"Momma…?" she questioned.

"Momma's ok" Renesmee said, her voice shaky and unconvincing.

"Who are you?" Edward stated firmly and slowly. His voice was dark and daunting; how one would picture a vampire's voice to sound like.

"He's Joham's and …and Serina's son" Renesmee said. She looked at me and had I had a beating heart it would have skipped at that moment. There could only be one reason why he was here…

"I can't read his thoughts" Edward said angrily.

"But I can read yours…" the boy said lowly "…and to answer your question I am alone. And I didn't have any intentions of hurting your daughter…its Jacob…the Alpha, that's who I want to see"

I needed to get Edellah back to the house and get the others, this boy was just a child but I felt this certain flicker of caution when near him…I felt like he was capable of so much and I didn't understand why…I didn't understand why he felt so different than the other half immortals that we'd defeated so easily.

I started to walk away, my eyes still focused on Renesmee, I didn't want to drop my shield but I couldn't let Edellah stay out here not with the unknown lingering so close to us. Just as I was about to quickly run to the house and come back with the others, I felt Edellah shaking in my arms.

"Edellah…?" I said panicked. Renesmee and Edward's eyes darted to her. Her skin was blazing hot under my ice cold touch…

"You're not going to hurt my daddy or momma" Edellah yelled loudly, louder than I thought her voice capable of.

"Edellah" I heard Renesmee say panicked as I could see in her eyes that she wanted to grab Edellah but feared moving near her daughter with Serina's son right in front of her.

Edellah was all but convulsing; I held her tightly in my arms, afraid that if I held her too tight I would crush her small frame…

"Edellah calm down everything is ok" I said as I knew my voice was shocked, I had no clue what was happening. My eyes diverted from Renesmee's face back to Edellah's when I heard a high pitched yelp. Then silence.

My arms were empty as I stared in shock; along with Edward and Renesmee.

"Oh my God" Renesmee said as her facial expression mirrored mine, her hand covering her mouth.

The small-but large for her age- beautiful child, with the long black curly hair and the big brown eyes identical to mine was not there anymore; in her place on the forest ground was a dark black wolf. Probably half the size of Jacob in his wolf form but still a rather large wolf stood in the place of where granddaughter would be.

I stood in complete and total shock…

My granddaughter was a werewolf.

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