To be and not to be

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Chapter 1:

Look At Me

Bella P.O.V

I wouldn't live,

if you weren't there,

to hold me,

to kiss me,

to look at me,

if you weren't there,

I should not be here anymore.

My heart is in your hands,

I'll hope, you do not break it.


I know there is no one for me, and I'd accepted that a long time ago. I looked out on the other students, they where talking, running around, making fun, hanging, and such.

I sat at a table with myself, nobody really wanted to sit with me, it was like I was poison for them.

My eye caught the table. Every school had the groups, the hot group and the not group. In Forks we had two hot groups, the second hot group was: Jessica, Lauren, Mike, Angela, Camille, Tyler, and Erick, and first hot groups was: Emmet, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and the couple Edward and Tanya. Everybody loved them; they wanted to be like them, to look like them, to talk like them, and most of all; be as popular as them.

You could not, not love them, it was impossible. They were lovable, well all except Tanya, everybody hated her, but feared her in the same time. She just tough of it as respect.

I -as possible the only one-, didn't care about things like that. I just wanted to get out of here, to move and to get a job. That was all I wanted, I wanted to have a normal life, but that was all soon going to change.

The bell rang telling us that class was soon to start, and I'd disappeared away between the many people walking around, trying to make their way to their next class. They'd all ignored me, they walked into me, they simply didn't see me, and I was more than happy for that.

I'm Bella Swan, and I'm the most unpopular person, in the whole school. But the good thing is, that nobody wants to make fun of me or just, like talk to me.

It was the first day of second year of high school, and nobody wanted to talked to me, I wasn't a geek or a nerd, and I wasn't ugly or fat, I just wasn't beautiful and skinny.

I'm really plain, really. I have brown eyes, that match my brown hair, I don't were clothes where you can se my stomach, or my legs. I were plain blouses and jeans, that's me plain Jane.

I had biology in my first class.

I walked to the open door, I just stood there looking inside. Everybody was there, everybody was talking, and the only seat free was at Edward Cullen's side. I walked quietly inside, looking up at the teacher I saw that he , the teacher just looked at his phone.

"You can fell free to speak with your side parter, but this is only happening today!" The teacher yelled.

I looked at Edward who was looking at me, with a smile. I couldn't help but smile back, he had this kind of charm, and his smile was so handsome, and lovely.

"Hey, I'm Edward Cullen." He said when I sat down, okay I'm not that stupid.

"I know." I mumbled.

"Oh, so… You're new?" He asked, my smile dropped and I turned in my chair.

"No…" I said trying to hide the burn that started to fill out when I realized that he -of course- didn't know who I was.

"Oh..." I heard from his side.

I took my notebook out of my bag and started drawing, not really sure what to do. After some time, I heard his chair move, I looked out of my eye corner, he as walking away, with a sad frown. He didn't come very long before he tripped, nobody noticed since they all were busy in their conversations.

I quickly rushed to him and gave him my hand, he looked up at me with a confused face, I shrugged and gave him a small smile. He then flashed me a bright smile and took my hand.

We sat down again at our seats, I reached out with my hand to him, again.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Bella Swan." I smiled a warm smile to him.

"It's also nice to meet you Bella, and... Sorry." He said and looked down, avoiding my eyes.

I slipped one finger under his chin and lifted his head up so we were face to face.

"It's okay, not many know that I even exist." I said.

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