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"Right then," Cal said squinting in the low light, obviously trying to read her face. She moved around him to her side of the bed so her back was to the light. She didn't notice until he moved forward a few steps that she had backed herself into a corner. "What'd you run off for?"

She eyed him, wondering if she had imagined the whole thing in front of the fire place.

"I'm tired." She lied. If 'it' had happened she decided he could bring it up. She ducked her head slightly and crossed her arms over her chest before she could stop herself. She waited for him to call her lie but he grinned and gestured to the bed.

"Naw, you just couldn't wait to get me back into bed."

"Yes, Cal that's it exactly." She replied, her tone flat. She was relieved and slightly disappointed at the same time that he was leaving her lie alone.

"You just want to shag the boss." Cal's eyes shone with amusement and he stepped closer so there was only a foot between them.

"You're not the boss." She felt her pulse speed up and thought he must have been able to hear it.

Cal grinned then,

"Didn't deny wanting to shag, though."

She blushed and hoped the candle light hid it.

"I can't deny wanting to shag the boss if there isn't a boss to shag." She challenged, raising her chin slightly. "We're partners."

Cal shrugged dismissively.

"You didn't deny wanting to get me in bed."

"Shut up, Cal." She smiled. Cal grinned like an idiot.

Cal closed the little space between them, his chest was brushing her arms. She could feel his heat through the fabric. Her mouth opened in a tiny gasp for air. She was sure now that they had shared a moment before.

Gillian opened her mouth to speak, to say anything but she didn't get the chance to.

Cal's hands cupped her face and mouth crashed into hers. She dropped her hands to his chest, his tongue slid against her bottom lip, then in to deepen the kiss. Her hands clutched at his shirt and she felt herself moan into him.

His chin stubble was rough against her face but before she could pull back he let her lips go and started to kiss a trail down her neck. The stubble on her neck though burned a path through her body to her center making her gasp. She quickly realised he was doing it deliberately. Alec had always kept his face shaved smooth, now she knew what she had been missing.

His arms circled her slim frame, one hand sliding up under the flimsy fabric of her tank top while the other went to cup her ass pulling her flush against him. She could feel his arousal hard against her belly. The way he held her was possessive and it aroused something primal within her. It had been a long time since she'd had sex, the last time had been with Alec and it lacked everything that Cal was enticing from her body.

The way he held her suggested he was going to take what he wanted from her. And she was going to let him. He lifted her up, holding her by her thighs and pressed her against the door. His hands were all over her, cupping a breast and grabbing her ass. She wasn't idol either, her hands went to his belt and pulled his dress shirt out of the waist. He let her go long enough to strip them both.

He pulled her leg up to hook on his waist and a hand slid between her legs, fingers brushing over her wetness. He growled low in his throat,

"I knew you weren't a good girl." His words caused something primal in her, she reached down and grabbed his length, she locked eyes with him as she stroked him.

"Shut up and fuck me, Cal." She flushed at her boldness, suddenly worried that she went too far but Cal's mouth crashed down on hers, his teeth clanging against hers. He pushed her hand away and thrust up into her.

She cried out into his mouth but he didn't stop. She didn't want him to. She clung to him, her nails digging into the flesh of his back. She pushed against the door to meet his thrusts. She grabbed his head and directed him back to her neck. He chuckled low in his throat, it sent additional vibrations through her body taking her arousal higher. She was close, panting into ear.

"Oh God!" she exclaimed breathless. Cal growled thrusting harder.

"The only name I want coming form your mouth is mine, Luv." His hand slid down between them, his thumb brushing over the bundle of nerves where their bodies joined.

A burn started where his thumb rubbed. Her toes curled, she felt her body go ridged. Her thighs were twitching and before she could tell Cal what was happening, her orgasm hit her hard. His hand went up and covered her mouth. She didn't even realise she was making any noise.

He moved in and out of her body while she continued to ripple around him. He brought her over again, it wasn't as intense as the first but it was yummy just the same. She met his eyes when she'd come down from her high. He was searching her face, asking if he could have his.

She nodded. He began to thrust faster and harder but his movements were erratic. She knew he was close.

"Come for me, baby." She whispered grabbing his ass and pushing harder off the door. He came hard, groaning out her name. When his breath had returned to normal, he let her down and pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

Gillian woke warm and comfortable.

And slightly aroused.

And naked.

She was pressed back against a hot hard body, one arm was up around her shoulders, his hand cupping her right breast while the other arm was over her hip, his hand flat against her belly, fingers brushing the hair there. She could feel the hard body's erection nestled between her butt cheeks.

This time she pushed back into him and guided his hand down to her center. He groaned and nuzzled her neck, igniting her passion.

"Good mornin' Dove." Cal murmured into her ear. He rubbed his chin on her skin and she arched her back, unable to control her body's reaction. She let him roll her onto her back and smiled up at him when he positioned himself between her legs. He slowly entered her body, enticing a moan from both of them and moved in and out of her body at an excruciatingly slow pace.

"Cal..!" Her release surprised her. Cal finished shortly after.

"I take it back." He said looking down at her as they caught their breath.

"What?" She asked, feeling panic rise as she thought that he was telling her he regretted what they had done. She tried to look away but his hand came up and cupped her face, forcing her to look at him,

"This is a much more pleasant way to wake up." He smiled and kissed her. She sighed into his mouth.

Call broke the kiss, rolled off her and the bed then pulled on his boxers.

"Now, I'm gonna find out if we can get out of this place. I never want to come back here again."

Gillian sat up, holding the sheet to her chest.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe we could come back for our vacation? It would be romantic"

"You still insisting on believing in all that rubbish?" He grumbled but she could see the amusement in his eyes. "Fine, but it better be in the summer. Assuming this bloody country has a summer."

She reached for him, pulling him into a passionate kiss and let the sheet drop.