New guardian

Mr. Poe went to the Beudelairs to tell them the wonderful news. A nice grandfatherly figureby the name of Albus Dumbledore had become their guardian. Mr. Poe said that Mr. Dumbledore would be meeting them at a pub in London called the Leaky cauldron. Mr. Poe was driving them there now. For the entire car ride Violet Sunny and Klaus were silent. The only identification they could find of Dumbledore was something called a chocolate frog card. It sounded like Dumbledore had very bad delusions from what Klaus could see. He tried to tell this.

"Nonsence, Klaus, I know Dumbledore and the truth is he has a secret. I am one of the few muggles that know of this secret." Poe said proudly.

"What's a muggle." Klaus said.

"Don't rightly know, Dumbledore and his crowd called me it and I liked the name so I call my self a muggle, whatever they ment by it."

"This is weird." Violet said. "What is Dumbledore's crowd."

"I promised to keep it a secret." Poe said smiling doefully.

Mr. Poe stopped his car and got out. He opened Violet's door and let the children out. All they saw was a bookstore and a resteraunt. "Where's the pub." Klaus asked.

"Oh right I forgot. Dumbledore told me this will happen. No need to worry children." Mr. Poe said pulling out a piece of paper. He looked at the space between the bookstore and the resteraunt and said "Mr. Poe, Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelair are allowed to enter the Leaky Cauldron."

From out of nowhere the dingiest pub any of the orphans have ever seen appeared out of nowhere. They haulted a bit before entering. The walked through the door and all the people at the bar turned to look at them.

Tom the barman walked over to Mr. Poe and said, "Mr. Pool I presume."

"No, no, no, it's Mr. Poe. Now where is Professor Dumbledore." Mr. Poe asked

"Right here, Mr. Poe. I do like to get aqauited with people so may I call you by your first name." A voice said behind them.

Violet, Sunny, and Klaus turned around to see a kindly old man smiling down at them. He looked back up to Mr. Poe. Mr. Poe finally came out of his shock and said, "You may call me Edward, Mr. Dumbledore." Poe said shaking the man's hand.

"And you Edward may call me Albus." Dumbledore said smiling then he looked down at Violet, Sunny, and Klaus. "And these must be the Beudilaries. Did you know that your family was at one time a powerful family in Britain."

"No, I didn't." Klaus said, "Then again I didn't really read all those books on England my mother gave me." He said sadly.

"Oh, that's okay, I am excited about how you will like Hogwarts. The good news is unlike most students there you will not take part in any classes seeing as how you are not exceptionally gifted."

"I beg your pardon," Mr. Poe said flustered. "Are you calling the children dumb."

"No, Edward I am simply stating the fact that I am taking a big risk adopting Muggles." Albus said calmly.

"What exactly are Muggles." Klaus said.

Before Albus could answer however, a ruckus started at the bar. "So these are the ruddy muggles your adopting," A dirty fat man said getting off his bar stool and pointing at the Beaudelaires.

"Mr. Poe, I suggest you make a run for it." Dumbledore said grabing Violet and Klaus by the arm. Half the bar was running angrily with what Violet saw as woden sticks, not clubs but small pointy sticks. She had never seen on of them before.

Mr. Poe ran outside and left without a goodbye while Dumbledore spun around. Violet heard a big crack and was soon suffocated by Darkness. When the feeling lifted, Violet, Sunny, Klaus, and Dumbledore found themselves in a samll town.

"Where are we." Violet said.

"Wait until we get to my office." Dumbledore said. He walked down the street with the baudelaires in tow. "You said something about Hogwarts, what is Hogwarts exactly." Klaus said.

Dumbledore pointed up. Klaus, Violet and Sunnylooked up and gasped. On a hill overlooking the town was a gigantic magnificent castle. "That is Hogwarts." Dumbledore said.

They walked into the castle and was surprised by its grandure on the inside. They walked down magnificent hallways and saw classrooms on the inside. Dumbledore finally led them to a big stone Gargoyle. "Lemon drops." He said. The gargoyle moved away showing an escelating staircase. Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and Dumbledore walked up it. After that the staircase took them to a nioce woodent door. They entered the room and was amazed at all the paintings on the walls and the weird silver instruments.

"Welcome to your new home." Dumbledore said. "We have a lot to talk about."