Chapter IX - New Dawn

Above the hidden halls of the FLAG storage facility...

KITT had a well stocked trunk and ten minutes later they had Michael out of the canyon and Kyle bandaged up. He was lucky, the bullets had missed vital areas, hitting him in the lower chest, left arm, and the right side of his face. Some surgery and he would be fine. He was sleeping off a sedative now.

"Pretty cool, using KITT's Passenger Eject to launch you to the top of Goliath, while we distracted Roland." praised Trek as he closed the trunk.

"You weren't so bad yourself, kid." said Michael, "Saved my bacon, and Kyle's. You're a hero."

"No I'm not." replied Trek somberly, "Duke, Erica, the cars, I couldn't do anything to save them."

"Don't beat yourself up over them, you did everything you could." Michael consoled the young mechanic as he walked back to Goliath's cab.

"But I thought one man could make a difference." said Trek, "That's FLAG's motto."

"One man can, and you did. I did, Duke and Erica did too." Michael replied, unhitching the last of the trailer from the cab.

The shattered box tumbled off the cliff, leaving only Goliath's cab. Michael climbed in, grabbed the door.

"You're taking the cab?" asked Trek.

"We need it, kid, and with it having a molecularly bonded shell it's far too dangerous to just abandon. You take KITT, race you back to the Vault."

Trek got into KITT's driver seat, shut the door and KITT started up.

"Do you think we made a difference, KITT?" asked Trek as they followed Michael back to pick up Jenny.

"We stopped Mobius and saved the world, that's pretty amazing." replied the car.

"But really, all this sacrifice, loss of life, to stop one power-mad maniac." frowned Trek over the wheel in frustration, "It's such a waste."

"It's our job." said KITT.

"Not anymore." replied Trek, "No vehicles, no Sky One, no TKR. We're all out of a job, once the higher-ups hear what happened. Finished."

"Speak for yourself, boy." came a familiar voice over Trek's comlink.

"Beast!" exclaimed Trek as he happily activated his watch, "You're alive!"

"Need some paint and maybe an oil change, but otherwise..." replied the tough pickup, "Oh, and I'm not the only one."

"Hey, honey." came the distant voice of Domino over the link, "Trek, who is that incredibly sexy sports car your driving?"

Trek laughed all the way back to the Vault...


Twenty-four hours later the two vehicles were heading down a stretch of deserted highway, bound for New York. The group of four survivors had broken communication silence with the Pentagon just an hour ago, and the news was not good. Trek's prediction had come true: TKR was no more.

The loss of two members, Sky One, and all the cars was bad enough. But that FLAG technology had been used in Mobius's botched takeover had been the straw that broke the camel's back. The word had come down from the highest level in government: TKR was disbanded, FLAG was liquidated, and Kyle, Jenny, and Trek were recalled. Possibly to face charges.

Kyle had left out any details about Michael Long, KITT, or the two surviving matrix's stowed safely in KITT's trunk. They had destroyed the Vault using it's own power systems, and all that remained of what it had stored within lay in the new trailer attached to the back of Goliath's cab.

They had also destroyed Beast and Domino's frames to cover up their survival.

"So Kyle, how long before the government decides we're not coming in, and starts looking for us?" asked Jenny, stowed safely in KITT's back seat.

"No more than forty-eight hours, I should think." replied Kyle, from the passenger seat in the rig's cab.

"But where can we go?" asked Trek, concerned about his freedom, or soon lack there of.

"I have a place we can go." suggested Michael, "We'll be safe in New York. I won't let Wilton Knight's dream die away. This is not over. Knight Rider will return."

"Right!" said Jenny.

"I'm with you." said Trek with a grin, "Who needs job security."

Kyle was silent for a moment, then said, "One team can make a difference."

"I like the motto better that way." said Jenny.

"We do too." said Beast, his and Domino's voxes now hooked into KITT's.

"Let's get this show on the road." KITT declared and both he and the Mack rig accelerated to full speed down the highway, bound for the future.

The End...for Now...