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Chapter one: The store clerk

"Jasper, sweetie, do you think you could hold this for me?" Alice asked, picking up a ridiculously large sunhat and placing atop the already monstrous pile of clothes in my hands. She motion for me to head over to the checkout line, as she did her ritualistic last minute rummaging through the stores items. I have no idea how I tolerate that woman. The way she almost fainted with glee when she found out they were opening a higher end mall here in Rochester because "it's such a hassle to take the ferry to NYC" and "there just aren't enough stores here!" to satisfy Alice's needs. But there was just something about Alice when she was shopping that made me forget my extreme distaste for buying clothes. Maybe it was the utter joy that radiated off of her as she skipped happily from isle to isle. The way her spiky hair bounced up and down as she moved, or maybe even something as simple as her smile, which could light up a room in a millisecond, and made me remember why felt about her the way I did.

"Next." The clerk said, as I realized I was about ten paces away from the counter, not keeping up with the fast pace of the line as I daydreamed about my wife. "Hey. Did you find everything alright today?" the clerk asked as I laid the clothes out on the counter.

"Wait!" Alice shouted at the top of her lungs. She put another armload of clothes and unusual looking scarves on the counter. "These too." She batted her eyes at me as she linked her arm through mine. I sighed loudly, making it a point to stress my intolerance of her spending habits. The clerk looked up at us for the first time, letting a faint yet audible gasp escape through her lips. We locked eyes. There was something familiar about her. Was it the silky, honey colored hair, or the heart shaped face and smooth, pale skin, or perhaps the bright, deep blue eyes that could easily be compared to faceted sapphires. She looked down embarrassed, red flooding her cheeks. Alice stiffened beside me, now emitting jealousy. I gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Will this be all?" the woman behind the counter asked, smirking. I laughed. Alice looked annoyed.

"Yes, I think this will be it." The woman moved surprisingly fast, expertly swiping tags across the invisible scanner, humming to the tune of Carrie Underwood as she worked. Without realizing it I had started to sing along, harmonizing with the clerk's beautiful voice, again, so familiar. Alice let go of my hand, and I abruptly stopped, gaining the clerk's attention.

"What happened? Ya'll are so good." She had a thick southern accent. I stared at her for a long moment before turning back to Alice, who looked up at me, feeling betrayed. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head, sending waves of reassurance towards her. She relaxed in my arms, and the clerk looked embarrassed. "Oh. I'm so sorry ya'll. I didn't mean it like that. He's just a good singer is all. Reminds me of my brother." She said the last sentence softly. I got a glimpse at her name tag. Jasmine. My sister's name. My twin sister's name. But it couldn't be. She had long been dead. I even found her grave on a trip back to Texas. Although, her headstone had no date of death. Just birth. I had assumed she had gone missing, possibly getting attacked by a vampire or two in forest, where she loved to climb trees. I stared at my feet, hanging my head in remorse.

"Jasmine." I whispered.

"Yes?" my head shot up. The clerk was looking at me.

"Oh. Sorry. Never mind." She shrugged and swiped the last tag across the barcode sensor.

"Alright. Will that be cash, credit, or the five finger discount?" she laughed at her little joke, and I smiled too as I took out my wallet and handed her my credit card.

"Credit." She flashed me a smile. I looked down at Alice who was obviously appalled by the accusation. I rolled my eyes at her and looked back at the clerk's familiar face, which was now contorted into a confused expression. She was staring at the name on my card. Jasper Cullen. We almost never use our real names, but I saw nothing wrong just this once. The woman kept looking back and forth between me and my card a few times before finally swiping it across the side of the register and handing it back to me with my receipt.

"Sign here. And I need your phone number." She said almost disinterestedly. She caught sight of Alice glaring at her. "What? It's store policy ya'll. Relax."


"Thank you."

"Um, miss. Do I know you from somewhere?" I asked cautiously.

"Hon, I doubt unless you've been to a monster truck rally in the last six days. But then again, ya never know. Plus, I think I'd remember a face like yours."

"Oh. Sorry."

"That's alright, darlin'. I just have one of those faces. Ya know? Have a nice day, guys! Ya'll come back now. Ya hear?" I laughed and tipped my hat as I skillfully grabbed the dozen bags from the other side of the checkout and led Alice out of store.

"I don't like this store." She said quietly.

"Alice, you just don't like the girl."

"That too."

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