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Chapter Five: Vulnerable

Jasmine was crying in her sleep. I used Edward's powers to my advantage, although I could already guess what she was dreaming about.

"She's reliving it all over again. She's scared she'll lose you again. You were her backbone, Jasper. You two spent so much time together. You were her security blanket. A day without you was something she never could have imagined." Edward's face was contorted into an expression even I couldn't put a name to. Was it… pity? Hate? Both? He turned to me, his hard glare boring into my soul. "You shouldn't have left, Jasper. You knew how much you meant to her. You knew she wasn't that strong." Did I? Did I know how weak she could be? How much she relied on me? How much she needed me?



"Shut up, spaz!" I made an about face and looked back at the park behind me. It wasn't a park as much as a cleared out patch of forest, but there was no better word for it. Children came and went as they pleased, playing games of make-believe for hours after the school bell had gave its final gonglike ring. I was walking home from school, Jasmine in tow. The park was a shortcut to our house, and was used on a regular basis. One of the kids in the park-a twelve year old by the name of Jem; husky, angry and two years my senior- had grabbed Jasmine by the arm and proceeded to harass her.

"Stop your crying!" he ordered. He slapped her with his free hand, leaving a deep red mark on his victim's face. She wailed as he shoved her to the ground, her tears mixing with the blood on her cheeks, streaking them with rivers of swirling red and clear liquid. Jasmine stared at me, helpless and scared. She had always been the bud of all jokes and all nasty pranks for reason she didn't quite understand. They made fun of her for things she couldn't control. It was a different time, full of different people. Men young and old looked at Jasmine with lust in their eyes. It was disgusting at the very least, but when times were tough, my father thought long and hard about selling his only daughter into prostitution. It was just a thought, but the word had spread. I always told her it was because they were just jealous. She was beautiful. They weren't. She was smart. They weren't. She was too pretty and too vulnerable.

~End Flashback~

I pondered the little snapshots of my childhood that I remembered well into the night. When Jasmine awoke the next morning, I was still seated in the black leather chair by her bed. She was laying on her stomach, her arms wrapped around a pillow on which she rested the left side of her face, positioned strategically so that she could face me yet not look me in the eyes.

"Have a nice nap, sis?" she was silent. "I'm so sorry."

"About what?"

"What do you mean what? You're absolutely right. It was all my fault. I should have stayed there. It was my duty as older brother, as son."

"No it wasn't. You followed your heart. And if you hadn't, Lord knows where we'd be today. You probably wouldn't have become a vampire. You wouldn't have met Alice. You wouldn't have met anyone here. You don't have to apologize." I raised an eyebrow at her. She shrugged. "It's not like you knew any of this would happen. I just…I needed someone else to blame. Just so I could convince myself it wasn't all my fault. It's funny, though. On the ride over here, I was planning out what I wanted to say to you in my head."


"And you didn't hear a word of it." She laughed, trying to lighten the mood. I shook my head.

"I never thought this day would come. I was sure I'd never see you again. You know, I used to visit your grave at least twice a year?" she looked up at the mention of the word grave. Her eyes wide.

"My what?"

"They had a ceremony for you, apparently."

"How? Everyone I knew was dead before I even found that river."

"Are you sure? There wasn't…I don't know…a best friend, someone you knew….a secret lover?" Jasmine glared at me, obviously not appreciating my humor. She stared into space, thinking back very carefully. A flicker a smile appeared on her face before it disappeared.

"Tanya McAdams." Tanya? Tanya who? I didn't remember anyone named Tanya in our community.

"Did she go to school with us?" Jasmine looked up for a split second again, but then looked down and went back to tracing the embroidery on the bed's comforter as she spoke.

"She moved after you left. You never got to meet her. Such a feisty girl. All the guys loved her. If you had stayed…Hell, Jazz, even you might have courted her. And that's saying something considering how picky you are. Speaking of which…you want to tell me about Alice?"

"No." More glares from Jasmine.

"Why her?"


"Jazzy! Tell me!"

"Fine…Where to start? Alice is so…she's an indescribable force of nature, Jasmine. She spunky, loves life, loves shopping, she…." I sighed, smiling at my feet, unable to conjure up the right words. "She special." I concluded. It was nowhere near enough, but would half to do for now. Jasmine smiled at me, flashing her brilliantly white teeth which reminded me she was still human, and still needed to get ready for the day. "Enough chitchat for now. We've got to find you a tooth brush." I stood up and walked towards the door, only to find Alice already there with a stack of fresh towels, borrowed clothes from Rosalie and any toiletries she might need. She gestured for me to leave to room as she made her way Jasmine, first throwing the pile of necessities on the bed, then enveloping Jasmine in a tight, sisterly embrace.

"I have a feeling you and I are going to be good friends." She said softly.

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