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Yes, another story. I've been reading a few fics about bad boy Edward so decided to do one of my own. Enjoy and review x


I was pushed roughly up the short path o my front door. A huge hand knocked heavily on it even though I had my key in my pocket. Lights flicked on in the hallway as a silhouette became visible through the frosted glass. My mum's head poked around the now open door, took in the scene in front of her.

"What's he done this time?" Her voice sounded flat.

"Attempted car theft Mrs Masen." The policeman's hand let go of my arm and shoved me towards my mum.

"Watch it pig!" I spat as I tripped on the step. "I'll have you done you twat." I pushed past my now crying mum and went up to my small bedroom, my sanctuary. I heard the front door being closed, then my mother's steady footsteps as she made her way up the narrow staircase.

"Edward. Why?" She didn't even bother yelling at me this time.

"Just leave it mum. I'm tired." I didn't look at her as I stripped off my T shirt, ready to clamber into bed.

"Goodnight love." Mum's voice was tick as I knew she tried to prevent herself from crying. "See you in the morning." She gently closed my bedroom door and went into her own room. I could hear here muffled sobs through the paper thin walls. My tough boy act faltered slightly. I was going to check on her, but I changed my mind and opened the window. I leaned out and lit a cigarette, watching the blue-grey smoke swirl up into the ether.

I know some of you don't like Edward smoking, but he's a BAD BOY! Please check out Welcome Home, my one shot in respect to the lads and lasses serving their countries x