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A thirteen-year-old blunette quickly turned around, her eyes meeting a pair of dark brown ones full of sincerity and anticipation. Those brown eyes belonged to a young boy who appeared to be months older than her. He had messy black hair and a red cap covering the top of his head. A smiling Pikachu was perched on the boy's shoulder.

Dawn smiled once she saw the trainer and his Pokémon. So did the Piplup in her arms. "Oh, hey Ash," she beamed.

The two kids and their two Pokémon stood within the beautiful atmosphere of a garden which belonged to the magnificent city of Alamos Town, a town that was the backdrop for many sweet memories the blunette had— more importantly, the memory of when Ash saved her life.

It was just last year when she, Ash, and Brock traveled to Alamos Town since she was supposed to be competing in a contest at the city's contest hall. But, the contest never occurred due to the fact that the town was disturbed by a fierce battle between two legendary Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia. As a result, Ash, Dawn, Brock, and a few others set out to save the town. But, there were a few times where Dawn almost got heavily hurt, falling from an air balloon and falling off a staircase located near the top of Alamos Town's extremely tall clock tower.

It was thanks to Ash that Dawn survived those near-death incidents. If he hadn't saved her, she wouldn't be standing in this beautiful garden with him right now. And she was thankful for that. Ash was so good to her. He's helped her out so many times, from saving her life to supporting her and encouraging her whenever she needed it the most. He was such a great friend...and nothing more.

At least that's what Dawn thought.

"Why'd you bring me here?" she asked, a clueless expression on her face.

Ash and Dawn spent most of their Valentine's Day in Alamos Town, from sightseeing to eating ice cream. Brock had decided to leave the two alone for the day, partially because he wanted them to "spend some alone time together," and mostly because he wanted to spend his whole Valentine's Day with Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center located in the city.

After Ash and Dawn spent most of the day traveling throughout the town, Ash took Dawn to its famous garden— the one that was called "everyone's garden." They've been there before, when they visited Alamos Town last year. And now, here they were again, standing in the midst of fresh flowers and lush greeneries and trees.

It was Ash's idea to head to the garden. And he didn't give away any clues to Dawn as to why he wanted to go there.

Ash chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Uh…well…j-just…" he began, stammering each and every word. But then, he grinned and gently placed his gloved hands over his best friend's sapphire blue eyes. "J-Just close your eyes and wait for a sec."

Dawn giggled. He was acting so cute. "Okay!" she chirped in reply.

Ash smiled and gently tore his hands away from her eyes, making sure they were really closed. Then, he quickly prepared himself.

He stood in front of Dawn and gently grabbed her hand, latching her fingers around the stem of a single red rose. As soon as Ash placed the flower into her hand, her fingers wiggled, curiously feeling the object. "What…What is this?" she breathed out.

Ash chuckled. "Okay, you can open your eyes now."

Dawn's eyes fluttered open. Slowly, she registered what was in front of her. She saw his hand holding her write and her fingers gently clasping a thorn-less green stem of a red rose. She was shocked. Did Ash Ketchum actually give her a rose? And a red rose out of all the flowers in the world?

Didn't red roses signify…?

Ash smiled at his best friend's surprised state. With a soft look, he breathed out, "Happy Valentine's Day, Dawn."

The blunette blushed. Was this actually happening? Or was it just a dream? She didn't know what to think.

Ash just laughed, amused and delighted. Then, he gently placed his lips on hers,

and kissed her.

"Dawn!" an impatient voice yelled. "Hello?! This is no time for daydreaming!"

The blunette blinked, returning to reality. She was now her eighteen-year-old self, five years older than she was when Ash gave her that red rose. Five years older than she was when she got her first kiss…and her last.

She hadn't seen Ash in five years. After that Valentine's Day in Alamos Town when they were thirteen-year-olds, Ash and Brock went back to Kanto. Their Sinnoh and Johto journey together already ended earlier that month and he decided to continue to pursue his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master. The same went for Dawn for her dream of becoming Top Pokémon Coordinator. They had to separate ways in order to fulfill their dreams.

In a way, separating ways and going after their dreams was worth it. Dawn was now one of the top coordinators in the world. Her fame rose after she won the Hoenn Grand Festival. And currently, she's still on an on-going streak of winning multiple contests in all of the regions. She was actually living her dream, the dream she sought out to make a reality since she was ten years old.

But…it wasn't enough.

Something was missing.

"Ash," the eighteen-year-old breathed out.

She sighed. She missed him so much. Every time Valentine's Day came, she was reminded of how she was without her best friend, her crush, her love. And she had no way to contact him. She didn't know where he was anymore. In fact, no one did, not even Brock. He just disappeared.

It was a depressing feeling not having him with her anymore, and she didn't like it. Sometimes, it even made her wish that she decided to continue to travel with him and Brock instead of chasing after her dreams.

The blunette dwelled on the thought of traveling with him. 'Maybe I wouldn't be this sad if I decided to go with him…' she thought. She frowned, missing him even more. '...Why am I still thinking about him? I'm hopeless.'

"DAWN, DO YOU HEAR ME?!" the impatient voice shouted once again.

Dawn jumped up in her seat and returned to reality once again. Her sapphire blue eyes scanned the room, reminding herself where she was at the moment. She was in a plastic red booth with two brunettes sitting across from her. One had sky blue eyes and mid-length light auburn hair under a green bandana. The other had amethyst eyes and long straight black hair. They were in the premises of a fast-food restaurant in one of the best malls in town, the aroma of French fries apparent in the air. The place was crowded, full of young teenagers and couples. Frilly pink and red decorations were put around the restaurant, signifying that it was Valentine's Day.

"Um, Dawn? I think you'd better speak before Rachel gets mad at you," May muttered.

"Oh, erm, okay," Dawn breathed out. "Rachel, what were you saying?"

The blunette's impatient childhood friend finally settled down once she saw Dawn finally responding to her annoyed yells. "Okay, I was asking you if you had any plans today."

Dawn raised an eyebrow. "…That's it?" she asked in an irritated tone. "That's what all your screaming was about?"

Rachel sweatdropped. "Er…w-well, you know how impatient I get," she nervously said.

Dawn and May giggled at the brunette's remark. Rachel eyed them with angry amethyst orbs, but soon joined in with their laughter. She could never stay mad at them for too long.

After their laughing session, they straightened themselves up. "Anyway, do you have any plans for today?" Rachel asked again.

A frown gradually started forming on Dawn's lips. "Uh…well…no."

May chuckled and grinned. "Mm, I thought so."

Dawn glared at her. "Why are you laughing? It's not funny!" she yelled.

May ignored the blunette's remark. "Well, since you don't have any plans, why don't you hang out with me and Rachel for the whole day?"

"Really?" Dawn asked, raising an eyebrow. "I thought you were supposed to spend the whole day with Drew."

May started to turn to a shade of hot pink. "Well…w-we had a change of plans," she stammered. "I knew you would be moping around the whole Valentine's Day again, so I told Drew about it and he didn't seem to mind. So there you go. I'll be spending the whole day with you and Rachel."

An appreciative smile creeped up Dawn's face. "Aw, thanks you guys!" she beamed.

They smiled back at her, the atmosphere filling with warmth and friendship.

Dawn smiled. "So, what are we gonna do?"

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