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"Dawn, that looks amazing on you!" May squealed.

The blunette blushed, flattered. She observed herself in the mirror and spun around in the light blue dress she was wearing. She liked the feeling of wearing a dress. It made her feel sort of special. She turned to look at May. "Really?" she asked. "You think so?"

Rachel laughed, jumping into a sitting position on the plushy mattress of Dawn's bed. "We know so."

The three girls were in Dawn's bedroom. The afternoon sun shined through the room's huge glass windows, providing the girls an enormous supply of natural light. The yellow walls helped brighten the mood of the room as well, but the mess of Dawn's scatted belongings didn't. But hey, being a top coordinator doesn't mean that you have to be a clean freak all the time.

The trio had just come back from the Jublife City Mall, which was just a five-minute walk from the luxurious condo Dawn lived in. Dawn, May, and Rachel spent the past Valentine's Day with each other there, searching for clothes and more clothes…and the result of their shopping spree was very small. Dawn was the only one out of them who got something, and it was just the dress she was wearing.

That got Dawn suspicious. On one of their usual shopping dates with each other, May and Rachel would get at least five things for themselves. But this one and only time, they didn't. She had a strong urge to question them if they were up to something, but she decided to put it off to the side for now.

But then again, now was the perfect time to ask.

"So…why did I need to buy this dress when I have, oh, I don't know, like about a hundred dresses in my closet?" Dawn asked them, crossing her arms.

Both brunettes immediately became panicked. She was on to them. "Uh, all of those dresses in your closet are…um, contest dresses, right?" May replied, unsure if what she was saying was actually true.

"Well, most of them are," Rachel muttered.

May elbowed her. "You don't have to be so literal," she retorted, so soft that only Rachel could hear. Rachel laughed in response.

Dawn huffed, not buying May's excuse. "I guess half of them are, but still. I didn't really need a new dress," she told them. "And how come you guys didn't buy anything? You guys usually buy at least something for yourselves every single time we go to the mall."

"We…we didn't feel like it this time," Rachel replied.

"Yeah…and we forgot our wallets at home," May added.

Dawn narrowed he eyes, eyeing them suspiciously. Seriously, did they expect her to believe these excuses? A couple days ago, they were complaining about how they haven't been shopping in forever. She even remembered May complaining yesterday about wanting to take a break at the mall.

Plus, Dawn could see their wallets in plain sight.

"Oh yeah? Then how come I can see your wallet sticking out of your bag right over there," she said, pointing at the purse on May's lap, then at Rachel's black shorts, "…and Rachel's sticking out of her pocket?!"

May froze. They were caught. "Um…well…I-I…we—"

The dark-haired girl glared at May with frustrated amethyst eyes. "Real smooth," Rachel said to her in a flat, sarcastic tone and then turned to Dawn. The expression on her cream face changed from an annoyed look to a worried one.

"Okay, Dawn," she started, "we'll tell you the truth."

May sighed and rubbed the back of her head in frustration. "I guess it's the only thing we can do now," she breathed out. She then turned to Rachel and muttered in an irritated manner, "This would've been so much better if she didn't know the whole time."

"Well, if you hadn't said that thing about forgetting our wallets at home, we wouldn't have to do this!" Rachel snapped at May. Her tone made her sound angry but the smirk on her face made her look like she was mocking the other brunette. "I told you to leave the excuses to me!"

May stuck her tongue out at the girl, half-annoyed and half-embarrassed.

"Guys, can we just get back to telling me what the heck is going on?" Dawn complained.

The two girls stopped and smiled in embarrassment once again. "Oh yeah," Rachel breathed out.

They then both straightened themselves up. Rachel turned to Dawn and began the confession. "Anyway, we told you to buy that dress…because we decided that, for once, you're gonna go out and do something special this Valentine's Day," she explained, a soft look on her face. "You're not gonna be moping around your room this time."

The blunette looked at her with a confused expression. "What…what are you talking about?" she breathed. "What do you mean?"

May gave her a weak smile and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Dawn, she started, and then sighed,

"…We set you up."

"I can't believe I actually let you guys talk me into doing this," Dawn pouted, her arms crossed.

The three of them stood in Dawn's bathroom, making the final touches to their outfits before they headed out for the night.

Rachel laughed. "Oh, come on, Dawn!" she replied. "I mean, what's so bad about going on a blind date?"

The blunette glared at her childhood friend. "Two things. One: I don't even know who the guy is. Two: because you two set me up without telling me!" she yelled. "I mean, how am I supposed to be enjoying Valentine's Day with someone I don't even know? It'll just make me feel even more miserable!"

May smiled and shook her head. "Dawn, Dawn, Dawn. You can't just jump to conclusions," she replied, her voice sounding as if she knew something the blunette didn't.

Rachel added, having that same tone in her voice too. "Yeah, you never know," she said, a smirk on her face. "What if this guy is the most amazing guy you'll ever meet?"

Dawn sat down on a nearby stool, resting her chin upon the palm of her hand. 'No one could ever be more amazing than Ash,' she thought to herself. But she decided not to say that out loud. "Well, how do you know that?" she said back to Rachel.

Rachel smiled. "Because, we've already met him," she replied as she zipped up the side-zipper of the floral dress she was wearing. "He's a really sweet guy and a real gentleman. You'd like him! And…he is sort of handsome." She winked.

Dawn sighed. "But…you just don't get it," she whispered so low that nobody else could hear.

She then stood up and faced the two other girls once more. "I'm just gonna go out to the balcony for some fresh air, okay?" she said, making sure this was alright with them.

Both replied by nodding acceptingly, busy preparing themselves. Dawn flashed a smile and then walked out through her room and out into the balcony.

She sighed, looking out at the view in front of her. Night had come, replacing the pink and orange blends of the afternoon sky with a blanket of navy blue and a few scattered sparkles of stars. It was thanks to the many skyscrapers and buildings of Jublife City that there were barely any visible stars in the sky. But, the view of the skyline did make up for the absence of stars.

But even the night's beauty couldn't soothe Dawn's stress. She frowned, placing both of her hands over her heart. It was still racing, indicating that she was still nervous. She sighed again. 'What if this guy won't like me at all?' she worried. It was the idea of a blind date that got her so anxious. She didn't really like the idea of dating a complete stranger.

"But…May and Rachel are here. They're gonna make me do this, no matter what," she whispered. She appreciated that they wanted her to be happy and not moping around like she always did on Valentine's Day, but she just wasn't sure if this was the right way to approach the problem.

Dawn breathed in some more fresh air, trying to calm herself down once again. Then, she held out her right hand and gently opened it up.

In her hand was an old, crinkled photo. There were some tears at the sides of the wrinkled paper and the picture that it contained was faded. But the most distinctive part of the photo was that it had a huge tear on its right side, as if it were part of a picture that was torn in half right down the middle.

Even though it looked like trash, the photograph served a good purpose. It was the one and only picture she had of him.

"Brock, what's this?" a thirteen-year-old Dawn asked, looking down at the photograph the breeder had gently placed into her hands.

Brock, Dawn, and Ash stood at the ferry dock where a ferry back to Kanto was waiting for the two boys. It was the day after Valentine's Day, the day after Ash kissed Dawn, and the last day Dawn would see Ash. His Sinnoh journey was over and it was time for him to go.

After realizing what the picture was, Dawn smiled at it with awe. It was a picture of her and Ash giving each other a high-five after they won a tag battle together. High-fives were their thing— she was the only one he gave high-fives to. No one else but her.

Ash walked beside Dawn and looked at the picture as well, examining it and smiling once he realized what it was of. "That's us," he beamed.

Brock chuckled at the two's reactions. "Yeah, I took that picture after you two won that tag battle in Michina Town against Kato and Kiko," he explained. "And I thought that you two could rip it in half and keep one side with each other."

Ash and Dawn grinned at the idea. "That's an awesome idea!" Ash exclaimed.

Dawn giggled. "Okay, let's tear it in half." The blunette grabbed the side that had him on it and he grabbed the side that had her on it. After counting to three, they tore it in half, each of them holding a picture with the other in their hands.

Ash smiled. "I'll keep this forever, Dawn. I'll never lose this," he told her, and then he embraced her into a hug.

"I won't forget you, Dawn. I promise."

Dawn sighed as the flashback became fuzzy, not able to remember anything else. 'Those were the days.'

Words couldn't describe the strength of her love for that boy. She just couldn't stop loving him. She'd been trying to ever since the day he left, but it was just so hard. She liked holding on to the sweet memories and keeping pieces of the past. They gave her hope, hope that she'd run into him one day. 'I'll find him…someday,' she reassured herself.

"Dawn! We have to go now!" she heard May call out.

Dawn quickly snapped out of her thoughts and turned back to her room. "Okay, just a second!"

She then took one last deep breath and tried to manage a smile. "No need to worry," she told herself. "It's just a date, right?" She looked back at the picture in her hand, looking down at the boy in the picture with loving eyes.

'I just wish it was with you.'

"I'm so nervous," Dawn whined. "May, Rachel…I don't think I can do this!"

The three girls were walking through the loud, restless streets of Jublife City. People were everywhere and coming from every direction. Lights from the skyscrapers and buildings brightened up the night atmosphere. Noises of people talking, phones ringing, and cars honking could be heard everywhere. It seemed that the city was always awake.

Dawn, May, and Rachel were on their way to one of the best restaurants in town. May set up reservations for Dawn and her date as well as for herself and Drew. She didn't set up any for Rachel though, because Rachel wasn't even sure what she was going to do that night. She still decided to walk May and Dawn to the restaurant and then leave to do her own thing (though she wasn't really sure what she'd do yet).

"Relax, Dawn. You're gonna be fine," May reassured her.

"But what if this guy won't like me?"

Rachel laughed. "Why wouldn't he like you?" she beamed, flicking a strand of her long dark hair out of her face. "Haven't you seen all those fanboys running after you? Plus, you're pretty, wonderful, talented, and a great friend. Who wouldn't like that?"

"She has a point," May said, flashing a smile at the blunette.

Dawn tried to smile, but couldn't manage to. "It's just that…" she started, looking down at the ground. Ash's face flashed through her mind— his light-tan face, his dark brown eyes, his messy raven black hair, everything.

"You can't stop thinking about him, can you?" May smirked.

Dawn sheepishly nodded in reply.

May smiled in triumph, knowing she was right. "Well, all your problems will be solved after your date tonight," she reassured her, giving Dawn a wink as she did.

The blunette sighed. "Maybe…" she breathed out. Maybe this guy could end up being more amazing then Ash. Maybe she could finally get over him. A sense of hope started to come back to her.

In just a few minutes, the three girls reached their destination. They stood in front of the two tall glass doors of the entrance of the restaurant. The building looked so enormous from the outside, and almost daunting. That didn't make Dawn feel any better.

"Well, this is it," Dawn murmured, her heart pounding crazily.

Rachel squeezed the blunette's shoulder. "I hope everything goes well for you. And I know it'll turn out better than you think it will," she said with a reassuring smile. She then gave Dawn a hug. "There's no need to worry."

She moved on to May, hugging her as well. "Bye May, good luck with Drew." She smirked once she mentioned May's boyfriend.

They pulled away. "Wait," May started, "you're leaving already?"

The dark-haired girl nodded. "Yeah, I don't want to hold you guys back from your dates," she explained, flashing them a smile. "And besides, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Anyway, I see you guys every day."

May smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head. "Oh yeah…" she breathed out. She then waved, "Okay, bye Rachel!"

Dawn smiled as well. "Bye Rachel, talk to you later!"

May and Dawn waved good-bye to their friend until she was out of sight. "I wonder what she'll be doing tonight," Dawn murmured. Knowing Rachel, she could probably be planning to spend another night contemplating whether she should be a coordinator or a trainer. Or, walking off to some private place to do some hard-core training with her Pokémon.

May shrugged. "For all we know, she'll probably go off training," she suggested. A smirk formed on her face before she said the next part. "Or…she could be meeting up with Richard!"

Dawn smirked as well. Richard was one of Rachel's closest guy friends. And Dawn and May could tell that their brunette friend had strong feelings for him, even though she never admitted it out loud to anyone yet. "Maybe," she beamed, nodding in agreement.

"Oh well, we should be go into the restaurant now," May reminded her.

Dawn snapped out of her thoughts, quickly remembering what they were here for: her blind date.

Her heart started to race and her hands began to shake once again. "May, I really don't know if I can do this," the blunette confessed. "What if it all goes wrong?"

May turned to her friend and put her hand on Dawn's shoulder. "Dawn, I know you can do this!" she encouraged her. "Just be brave and confident like how you always are, and I bet things will go fine!"

Dawn looked up at May, taking in her pep talk. A smile eventually creeped up her mouth. "Thanks May," she beamed. "I needed that."

May returned the smile with a 'You're welcome, that's what friends are for' expression on her face.

Then, the two walked into the restaurant. They headed over to the hostess, who May would get their table numbers from. At the desk stood a lady with crimson hair, a porcelain face, and forest green eyes. She wore a formal black dress that hugged her figure and streamed all the way down to her knees.

"Hello, can I help you?" she greeted with a smile.

"Um, yes. My name is May Maple. I have two tables reserved for me and my friend here, Dawn Berlitz," May replied, motioning to herself and Dawn as she mentioned themselves.

"Alright, let me check for your names in our reservations list," she politely replied, flipping through the notebook in front of her. In a few seconds, her eyes lit up and she faced the two of them, saying, "Alright, you're all set! I'll guide you two to your tables. Please follow me."

"Thanks!" Dawn and May simultaneously replied. They then followed the hostess as she guided them through the elegant corridors of the restaurant.

In a couple seconds, they reached a table with the number 33 on it. The table had a white table cloth over it, a bouquet of roses as the centerpiece, and two fancy chairs placed across from each other, one of them being occupied by none other than—

"Drew!" May happily exclaimed, practically glomping the green-haired man. Dawn almost couldn't hold back her laughter at the sight and at the hostess's disgusted expression.

"Whoa, nice to see you too!" Drew said, laughing at how startled he got. He eventually returned the hug and kissed May on the cheek. "Happy Valentine's Day," he whispered in her ear.

Once they pulled away, he noticed the blunette standing next to his girlfriend. "Oh, hey Dawn!" he greeted, flashing a smile.

Dawn grinned back. "Hey Drew."

After admiring how nice her boyfriend looked, May turned back to Dawn. "Well, Dawn…I guess this is where we part ways."

Dawn smiled nervously. "I guess it is."

"Are you still nervous?"

Dawn smiled in embarrassment, nodding her head sheepishly. "Very," she breathed out.

May laughed. "I can't believe you. You're so brave onstage when we're doing contests, but you're getting yourself worried over some little date?" she said, amusement in her voice. "Dawn, just say what you always say: 'No need to worry.' Because, there really isn't any need to worry, right?"

Dawn laughed, appreciating every word May was saying. "Right," she nodded.

May smiled and put her hand on Dawn's shoulder. "There's no need to worry. Everything will be fine," May reassured her one last time and gave her a hug. "Good luck Dawn!"

After she said bye to May and Drew, Dawn followed the hostess to her table, where her blind date was waiting for her. As she followed the hostess, she found herself walking through a door that led to the outside tables of the restaurant. There was barely anyone out there due to the fact that there were only about ten tables put out. It was somewhat quiet. All you could hear were the faint sounds of the city. There were beautiful lush plants and flowers decorated around the area. A flower field and an aqua-blue pond could be seen in the distance. Scattered lanterns, lit candles on the tables, and the moon provided the light, creating a romantic atmosphere.

"Your reservation is at Table 11. Have a nice Valentine's Day!" the hostess kindly informed her before walking back into the interior of the building.

Dawn scanned the tables for the number 11. After finally spotting it, she rushed to it, wanting to finally see her date and reveal his identity. Just who was this mystery man that May and Rachel seem so confident about?

Once she reached the table, she became surprised.

There was no one sitting there. All she saw was a black fedora hat peacefully sitting on one of the fancy seats next it. But, there was a guy who looked to be her age, or maybe even a bit older. He was leaning against the metal railing of the fence right beside the table, looking out into the distance.

What surprised her the most though was how familiar he looked. His messy black hair, his dark brown eyes, his lightly tanned face… 'HOLD ON.'

Dawn's eyes widened in shocked once she realized who this was. There was no way. NO WAY. This couldn't be who she thought it was.

But there he was, standing right in front of her. She gulped.

"A-Ash," she breathed out. The guy's head perked up once she said his name. She gulped once more. "Is…is that you?"

He turned around, his full attention on her. His eyes widened just as much as hers did once he registered who she was.

"Dawn!" he exclaimed. Two seconds later, Dawn found herself being embraced by the one person she wanted to be embraced by the most.

She couldn't believe it.

Ash was back.

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