Title: Unexpected.
Fandom: Torchwood.
When Jack finds out finds out he is pregnant how will Team Torchwood cope?
Warnings: slash, scenes of a sexual nature, MPreg, swearing, angst
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/OMC,




"Well?" Jack asked with a frown.

Owen sighed and lifted up the test results, "Positive. You're pregnant." He said, well... now he'd seen it all. Of course he'd known that Jack could get pregnant but it wasn't the same as Jack actually being pregnant.

"How far gone?" Jack asked, his voice tense.

"About three months." Owen replied, glancing back at the test results. Christ, that would mean that the baby would have been conceived in the first month after Jack had returned. Jack groaned, his and Ianto's relationship, if you could call it that, was still tense as it was. "Jack..." Owen sighed, trying to appear calm and reassuring.

"I'll get you all the information I can on male pregnancies." Jack said calmly, "But right now I just want to be alone. I'll be in my office if the world is ending."

"You know you'll have to go to desk duty right?" Owen said quietly, Jack gave a small growl under his breathe before leaving the autopsy bay and heading up to his office. He sat down before sighing and dropping his head onto the desk, great... pregnant, just what he needed. It must have been conceived just after the thing with the sleepers because that was the last time Jack had died and there was no way the baby could have survived that. Jack gave a small shiver as his mind went back to the 80's, he had been sleeping with a guy called Gareth, it hadn't been anything serious, just a bit of fun. Then Jack had been killed one day, he'd recovered as usual but then suddenly began to experience stomach pains. Sophia, the medic at the time, had told him that he had been pregnant when he had died and the baby had died, the pains were the baby disappearing as his body repaired itself. Jack unconsciously stroked his stomach, he wouldn't let anything happen to this baby... He just had to find out a way to tell Ianto.


"Can I have a word?" Jack asked quietly, Ianto frowned but nodded and followed the man up to his office. "I... You know when I told you I could get pregnant? Well I am... I'm three months gone." Ianto stared at Jack for a moment before turning on his heel and walking out of the office, Jack swore and dropped his head onto the desk, struggling not to cry.

The office door opened and Owen walked in, closing the door quietly behind himself, "You okay?"

"He didn't even say anything." Jack whispered.

Owen sighed and moved closer to Jack, resting his hand on the man's back, "He's probably just in shock..." He murmured, rather out of character.

"Hmm... Maybe..." Jack muttered. "Oh god this is so stupid!"

"Just give it time... And don't stress yourself out!" Owen said sternly, Jack simply grunted in reply.


Ianto slid to the floor of the archives, dropping his head into his hands. Oh god... What the hell was he going to do?! Jack was pregnant... With his baby... "Shit." And he had just walked out... What sort of a person did that make him?! He had to go back, to tell Jack that everything would be okay. Slowly Ianto pulled himself to his feet and headed back up to the main hub, to Jack's office. Owen was there when he opened the door and the medic gave Ianto a filthy look before walking out, Jack slowly lifted his head off the desk. "I'm sorry." Ianto whispered, "I just freaked a bit... But... Well... We can do this right? It's complicated and difficult and... Well you know..."

"You really sure about this?" Jack asked, "Because it's okay if you're not... I can do this alone."

"I want to." Ianto said, "I might get scared and freak out but I can do this, we can do this... Together?"

"Together." Jack agreed.


Let me know what you think and if I should continue it.