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AU. EvilVampireDean. Slash. Mind control. Het non-con.
Darker and more explicit than my other stories, I've been feeling pretty annoyed and angry lately so I guess that came out in this.

Chapter 1

Dean looked hungrily around the club and grinned as he spotted his prey. The young man was alone and nursing a beer but was watching everyone closely. He didn't like doing Nick's dirty work but for once he might actually enjoy himself.

"This seat taken?" He asked and hazel eyes widened slightly. The hunter was tall and lanky but Dean could tell he was well muscled even if he hid it under layers of clothes.

"Uh, no. Go ahead." He had a nice voice too.

"Thanks." Dean said as he sat, letting his hand rest beside the hunters.
"I'm Dean." He said, taking a sip of his own beer.

"Sam." The dark haired hunter shifted uncomfortably and Dean moved slightly so his hand seemed to accidently brush the pulse point in Sam's wrist. Sam gasped and went to move back, feeling the chill in Dean's skin but Dean gripped his wrist, gently pressing and releasing the vein with a finger even as he locked eyes with Sam.

Sam struggled briefly but then went still, unable to break Dean's gaze. Dean smiled as Sam's pulse slowed to match the way he was pressing and releasing Sam's wrist. Sam's other hand slowly dropped away from his beer bottle to rest palm up on the table. Sam slumped in his seat, staring vacantly at Dean and Dean reached up to caress his face, Sam didn't move. Dean smirked and shifted his grip to gently pull Sam up, he obediently got up and then stood still, wavering on his feet, his head lolling slightly. Dean moved to wrap Sam's arm around his waist and pulled his head down to rest on his shoulder before starting to head for the door. To anyone looking they seemed like a drunk and his friend helping him out. Though a closer look would reveal Sam's blank gaze, he wasn't planning on letting anyone look that closely. The bouncer just shook his head but held the door for them.

Dean lowered Sam down into the passenger seat of his Impala and then lifted his legs in. Sam sat bonelessly in the seat but Dean could feel him mentally fighting him and that was surprising. He'd never come across a human that could fight him once he had them so deeply under his powers and he found himself intrigued by Sam. He put the seatbelt on Sam to hold him in place and then got him himself, putting one hand back on Sam's pulse. The odds of him breaking free were astronomical but he wasn't going to take any chances with this mortal. He pressed gently and waited before releasing again, slowing Sam's pulse further. Sam sighed and his eyes slowly slid shut, his head falling down to rest on his chest as his heartbeat slowed too far for him to remain conscious. Dean kept him in that state for the entire drive, only speeding his pulse up slightly when they got close to their destination. When Sam roused he managed to jerk his arm in Dean's grip much to his surprise, making him grab Sam's head and turn it so their eyes met again. Sam's eyes were wide with fear for a split second before slowly emptying of everything. His body went limp again, his head lolling back against the headrest.

Dean parked and moved faster than the eye could see over to Sam's side, opening the door and taking Sam's wrist again. He turned Sam, moving his legs out of the car and then tugging him into a standing position. He'd pushed Sam so deeply under though that this time he couldn't stand and he began to slump forward. Growling softly he simply lifted the taller male up and carried him inside.

"Overdid it Dean!" Marcus called out and Dean ignored him, putting Sam down in the waiting chair and tying him to it. He knelt beside him, keeping their eyes locked and a hand on Sam's pulse. Seconds later Nickolas appeared and smiled as he saw Sam sitting in the chair.

"Nice work as always Dean. You're sure he is a hunter?"

"Yes Master." Dean answered, not moving his eyes from vacuous hazel. He hated Nikolas but he had no choice but to follow his orders and show him the respect he demanded, he would not survive attacking the older vampire and he knew it. He would have no backup either since the others followed him happily.

"Good. Do your job." Nickolas commanded and Dean nodded. He could feel Sam trying to fight him as he searched through the hunter's mind, he was stubborn but no match for Dean's power or experience.

"His name is Samuel Winchester." Dean stated and Nickolas started.

"John Winchester's son?"

"Yes Master." Dean answered and Nickolas laughed.

"This is perfect. What else?"

"He's working with three other hunters...Gordon Walker, Bobby Singer and, never mind that's the one Laurel's nest took out last week."

"Gordon Walker." Nickolas purred.
"They should never have let the child out alone. Now we have the perfect way to rid ourselves of a major thorn in our sides."

"You wish to use him as bait for the others?" Dean asked quietly.

"Oh no. I have a better idea. You are going to turn him into the perfect spy. Make sure he has no memory of what happened, replace it how you wish. Then make sure he calls us every time his little group makes plans but make sure he will not remember making the calls." Dean smirked slightly, it was a good plan and one he could agree with. Sam would never even know he was betraying his fellow hunters and such a deep work would mean Dean would be able to control Sam for life from a distance without the mortal ever knowing it. Sam would be his, he just had to convince Nickolas to let him keep him once they were done with the other hunters.

Dean moved closer to cup Sam's face between his hands, reaching gently even deeper into Sam's mind. A small trickle of blood dripped from Sam's nose as he fought and then was completely subdued. Sam's mind was blank, a perfect canvass for Dean to work with. He carefully implanted the orders, hiding them so that Sam would never realise something had been done to him. He dug Sam's phone out of his pocket and added his number but put it in under a different name. He held it up in Sam's line of sight as he planted the order to call and Sam's eyes focused briefly on the screen before going blank yet again. Once he was done he accessed Sam's memories again, looking around a bit now that Sam wasn't able to fight him. Seeing his childhood Dean felt a flash of sympathy for the kid but pushed it aside and went for the nights memories. He smirked as he saw the moment Sam realised what Dean was and then the terror of finding he couldn't move. He removed the memory of him approaching Sam and replaced it with a pretty blond who flirted and proceeded to get Sam wasted and then drag him back to her motel room for some fun which Sam passed out after. He then stood and pulled Sam to his feet, this time Sam stayed standing although only just. Sam obediently staggered along with him and Dean searched out a familiar figure.

"Meg!" He called and the blonde sauntered over, purring as she ran her nails along Sam's bare arm.

"He's tasty Dean." She stood on tiptoes to lick an unresponsive Sam's neck.
"Planning to share?"

"Nickolas has plans for him so no feeding. I changed his memories, he'll thing he got drunk and went home with a blonde. Since you're blonde..." He trailed off and she laughed.

"Don't worry I'll take good care of him."

"He'll wake up at ten so be gone by then but leave evidence a girl was there behind."

"Of course. Make it so he'll do as I tell him?" She asked and Dean nodded.

"When we get there." He led Sam outside and put him back in the Impala. Meg got into her own car and followed them to a seedy motel. She grimaced but Dean shrugged.
"Fits the story. Grab a room and I'll finish getting him ready." She glared but did as he said. Dean reached out and gently altered Sam's mind a little, so he'd do as Meg verbally told him for the next few hours and think it was what he wanted to do while drunk. He made sure that Sam would pass out by five and then wake at ten with the altered memories to guide him. Meg came back and flashed a room key with a sultry smirk.

"You wanna stay and play?" She purred and Dean shook his head.

"Remember no feeding or damage. He'll think he wanted to do whatever you end up doing since he's drunk and he'll pass out at five so you have three hours for your fun." Dean told her before getting in his car and driving off, ignoring her walking to the room with Sam following obediently behind.

Meg pushed Sam down on the bed and then straddled him, rubbing against him. Having a warm partner was nice though it was a pity she wouldn't be able to drain him at the end. He lay beneath her, staring up at her with empty eyes since she hadn't told him what to do yet. She smiled as she thought about what to do, if it had just been Dean she would ignore him and have fun but with Nickolas wanting the hunter unharmed...she would never go against him.

"Sam you're drunk and we're here to have fun so you have no inhibitions. You'll be exciting and wild, understand? You want me Sam so show me." She demanded and Sam's hands came up to grip her hips tightly as he arched up. He wasn't aroused yet but he was getting there.

Empty eyes were now clouded with lust and want as he moved a hand to her head and pulled her down into a messy kiss. She ran her hands down his chest, finding the buttons and then she ripped it open, moving down his body to lick and nip at the revealed flesh. He moaned at her touch before flipping them over so he was on top, returning the favour of ripping her top open and then reaching in to massage her breast while mouthing the other one since she wasn't wearing a bra. Her skin was ice cold against his but Sam was unable to notice that thanks to Dean's meddling, his body reacted to it though, his nipples hardening as they brushed against her frozen stomach. She groaned, arching into his touch, her fangs obvious but Sam didn't acknowledge them as he moved up to claim her mouth in a bruising kiss. She kicked her heels off as he struggled out of his boots and then he was yanking her skirt off and she was yanking at his belt. He pushed up off her to give more room for her to undo his pants and then he was shoving his jeans and boxers down and off to pool on the floor below the bead. She smiled widely as she got her first look at his well sculpted and tanned body. One thing could be said for hunters, they tended to be very fit. She raked her claws down his chest, careful not to draw blood and he shuddered, eyes wild and pupils dilated so far she could barely see any hazel.

"Tell me how old you are Sam." She breathed out as he moved to nip and lick at her neck.

"Twenty one." He panted out as he rubbed his lower body against hers.

"How many women have you had? Were they as good as me?" She grabbed his hair, forcing his head up so she could see his eyes.

"None." He answered and she laughed.

"Perfect." She purred, releasing her grip and he went back to his assault on her neck.

Sam groaned as he woke up, staring blearily up at an unfamiliar ceiling. He frowned as he tried to remember what had happened and then went red. He couldn't believe he'd gotten that drunk let alone done that! Looking around the room showed evidence of the activities from the night before but no sign of his partner. Stumbling out of bed he grabbed his clothes and had a quick, hot shower before heading outside to see just where he was. Sam was pretty sure his car was still at the bar which he hoped was close or else he'd have to call Bobby for a lift and wouldn't that be embarrassing? Getting his bearings he began to jog back to the bar, trying to shake the hangover caused headache and ignore the nausea.

He was relieved to find his car where he had left it and quickly got in, heading back to the motel he was staying at with Bobby and Gordon. He slipped into his room and then shrugged sheepishly when Bobby arched a brow at him.

"Have fun kiddo?" He asked and Sam went red.
"Oh, you were um, safe right?" Bobby asked awkwardly and Sam wished the floor would open up and swallow him.

"Bobby!" he complained and the older hunter chuckled.

"Got breakfast if you think your stomach can handle it." Bobby pointed to the bag and Sam dove for the coffee cup sitting beside it much to Bobby's amusement.
"Not like you to get drunk and be gone all night."

"Honestly I'm not sure what happened. There was this girl...I think, I'm pretty sure we...." Sam trailed off and Bobby nodded.

"Drink up, Gordon thinks he's found something. We'll probably be hunting tonight."

"Fun." Sam muttered but drank his coffee, waiting for Gordon to come in.

Sam walked towards the diner in annoyance; he loved Bobby like an uncle but Gordon? The man gave him the creeps and he hated the way the hunter ordered him around like he was some green kid. Being sent on food runs while the adults 'talked', he snorted in anger. At least Bobby stood up for him and the food run had been put off until after they'd finished planning the nights hunt. He really regretted drinking so much the previous night though; he still didn't feel a hundred percent. Without concentrating on where he was going he slowed down and headed into an alley, pulling out his cell phone without registering what he was doing. He hit speed dial and put it to his ear all the while just staring off into space.

"Hello Sam. Report please." A voice purred in and Sam began reciting their plans word for word. Once done he put his phone back in his pocket and left the alley, continuing towards the diner. He got to the diner and placed their order, sitting down to wait.

Dean put his phone away and smiled, his commands had worked well and Sam had told him everything they had planned. He headed for Nickolas' room to fill in him on the Hunters plans.