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Chapter 12

"Dean food." Sam called and Dean grinned, walking over with the plate of sandwiches. Sam's vocabulary and understanding was improving in leaps and bounds now, making them all happy. But he still only spoke to Dean.

"Here you go." Dean handed the plate over and Sam picked up a sandwich, taking a big bite. Sam could feed himself and could even manage to get up the stairs now, his physical recovery almost complete. It was happening slower than Dean would have liked but Jim had assured him that Sam's improvements were nothing short of miraculous. Bobby was still a bit depressed that while Sam reacted to him the young demon-human hybrid had still not uttered a word to him.

"Finished." Sam told Dean proudly and then leant in for a kiss. Dean kissed him back and then took the plate back.

"So what does Sammy want to do today?" Dean asked him and Sam frowned in concentration.

"Fly." He said and Dean turned to stare at him.

"Fly?" He asked in shock and Sam grinned.

"Fly." He stated, standing up to tug Dean outside.

"Um…I'm not sure about this Sammy. Can you fly?" He asked, as Sam stretched his wings out. He felt Jim and Bobby join them outside and looked back at them.

"Dean fly with Sam." Sam said reaching out to wrap his arms around Dean.

"Sire?" Dean whispered before the ground fell away from his feet. Dean slammed his eyes shut fearfully, clinging to Sam, but when he heard Sam's joyous laughter he slowly opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder to see Sam grinning in delight. Dean forced himself to relax and not fight the movements of their bodies in the air, figuring that would only make things harder for Sam.

"Fun." Sam called in his ear and Dean found that as he relaxed he was actually enjoying it. They spent hours soaring through the air within sight of Bobby's house before finally Sam brought them in to land in front of it.
"See Bobby, we fly." Sam said and they all stared at him in shock. Sam frowned, cocking his head to the side as he let go of Dean.
"Bobby upset?" Sam asked and Bobby shook his head, moving forward to hug Sam.

"No kiddo, I'm very happy you had fun." Bobby told him and Sam smiled.

"What wrong? Why sad?" Sam asked and Bobby looked up at him, smiling softly. Since his first words to Bobby the kid would happily chatter at all three of them for hours, even if it was often hard to understand his broken sentences. Bobby held out his arm and Sam happily curled into his side, one wing stretching out to wrap around the vampire. Jim still checked inside Sam's mind regularly to see how much he remembered and they were all thankful that so far Sam didn't remember anything about the demon or his time with it. What would happen if…when he did?

"I'm not sad Sam." Bobby finally said and Sam frowned.

"Not dumb." He spat, eyes flashing a deeper yellow and Bobby sighed.

"I know you're not kiddo." Bobby assured him and Sam smiled hesitantly. Bobby reached out to ruffle the messy brown hair that thankfully Sam had allowed Dean to cut so it was now closer to the length he'd worn it as a hunter.
"And I'm not sad, just worried."

"About?" Sam asked and Bobby pulled the map out so Sam could see.
"Bobby's." Sam pointed happily at where the house was and Bobby nodded.
"What red dots?"

"Towns over run by demons." Bobby told him and Sam snarled.

"Bad. Not allowed." Sam snapped and Bobby found himself smiling slightly. Sam had never liked demons due to his mother's death and he was glad Sam still felt that way.

"There's too many though Sam, most of the other hunters are dead or possessed." Bobby explained, not sure if Sam fully understood what he was being told, he didn't remember a lot about hunting yet.

"No bad, stop." Sam snapped out, obviously frustrated that he didn't know how to get his meaning across.

"Hey, its okay Sam, calm down." Bobby soothed, mentally wondering where his 'brother' was since Dean could calm Sam with just a look or touch. And then he smiled as Dean did just that, wrapping his arms around Sam's waist and resting his head on Sam's shoulder, managing to avoid his wings. Sam instantly relaxed into his arms as Dean kissed his neck.

"What's going on?" Dean asked even as Sam pointed at the map.

"Bad." Sam told him and Dean realised he was pointing at the dots that represented overrun towns.

"Yeah Sammy, the demons are bad." Dean agreed with him and Sam smiled.

"Sam stop them." Sam said and Dean frowned.

"What? No Sammy." Dean argued and Sam glared at him.

"Yes, Sam make demons leave." Sam stated angrily as Jim joined them.

"What's going on?" The oldest member of their group asked.

"Bobby showed Sam the map and now he wants to stop the demons." Dean grumbled and Sam glared at him before looking at Jim, the yellow in his eyes almost as strong as it had been when he'd pooped into the yard to save Bobby.

"Sam stop demons, family happy." Sam stated and Jim slipped into his mind, wanting to know what Sam was really trying to tell them. Sam mentally hugged him, showing with images what he wanted. Sam never tried to keep Jim out of his mind now that he could detect the intrusion; apparently he thought it was normal for Jim to check on him by looking in his mind. What Sam showed him, if he could really do it…

"Sire?" Dean asked as Jim slipped from Sam's mind.

"If he can actually do what he showed me….." Jim whispered.

"But what if they get him?" Dean whispered fearfully, holding Sam close. Dean wasn't scared for himself, he remembered everything that had happened when they'd been taken last time and he hadn't been hurt, Sam had still cared about him. But what it had done to Sam….what if he couldn't recover again? Sam turned in his arms, cuddling closer to him before kissing him.

"Sam safe, demons can't hurt." Sam told him and Dean closed his eyes, leaning his head against Sam's.

"Sammy." Dean whispered and Sam smiled, hugging him.

"Sam safe." Sam then grinned and suddenly they were somewhere else.

"Sam!" Dean yelled, looking around and finding them surrounded by demons. One lunged at Dean only for Sam to snarl and pull Dean into his arms; wings extended and power surging around him. The demons began to scream, bodies convulsing before clouds of black smoke billowed from open mouths. Dean watched in shocked awe as demon after demon was not sent back to hell but destroyed. When no more came at them and they were surrounded by unmoving bodies Sam released him, smiling happily. Dean knew a lot of the people were still alive, he could hear their heartbeats and he was amazed that Sam had managed to do that and not kill anyone.

"See, Sam make demons go." Sam told him and Dean laughed, yanking Sam in to kiss him.

"Yeah, I see. You okay?" Dean asked and Sam nodded.

"Go home now?" Sam asked and Dean nodded so Sam sent them back to Bobby's and the two very worried vampires.

"If Sam can keep clearing towns like that, we can really win this." Bobby whispered and Jim nodded. Bobby lent into Jim's side as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and to him it was now. Jim had been his friend for many years but now he was his Sire and that had changed a lot of things. Bobby still couldn't get used to looking in the mirror and seeing himself as a young man again. But he figured he had adapted to being a vampire fairly well. He could even drink blood comfortably now. He sighed as Jim's fingers began moving through his hair, soothing him.

"I don't like the two of them going alone but Sam either doesn't understand we want to go or can't take us as well." Jim finally said and Bobby looked up at him.

"Do you think Sam will ever fully recover?" He asked and Jim shrugged slightly.

"He's come a long way since we found them and he is still improving, his memories are getting stronger every day."

"Then why isn't his speech improving?" Bobby asked, shifting on the couch.

"I think when his memories finish getting sorted out it will." Jim assured him and Bobby nodded in acceptance. Jim held his youngest Childe close, offering comfort to him since the boys were out, clearing another town.

Sam suddenly stiffened and then snarled, looking out into the yard. The three vampires tensed for a fight as they all sensed the demons surrounding the house. The demons couldn't get inside due to the traps and salt line but that wouldn't stop them from burning it down or anything. So they headed outside to face them, Dean staying close to Sam. Before Sam could do his thing they were swarmed and Dean found himself fighting against five of them even as he felt Sam destroying several. The last thing Dean saw was Sam's wide yellow eyes as everything went black.

"Dean!" Sam screamed as his mate was injected with Dead Man's Blood and then the demons holding him vanished with him. Sam screamed again in rage and every demon left was destroyed in an instant. Sam's powers lashed out uncontrollably, shattering windows and Jim and Bobby ducked.

"Sam!" Bobby yelled, trying to get the kids attention, seeing the tears streaming down Sam's face.
"Sam calm down." Bobby yelled and then lunged, wrapping his arms around Sam as he tackled him to the ground. He cradled Sam close, refusing to let go as Sam screamed and cried for Dean.
"We'll get him back Sam, Dean will be okay." Bobby whispered, trying to get him to calm down. Jim knelt beside them and then held Sam's head, forcing eye contact and for the first time Sam fought his mental intrusion. But he was too distraught to fight properly and his eyes soon drifted shut, his body slumping in Bobby's arms. Bobby stood up, cradling the kid in his arms as they headed inside.
"What do we do?" Bobby asked as he settled Sam down onto the couch.

"I don't know. If Sam can't remain calm we won't be able to travel with him but I can't see him staying behind willingly. We can't leave him locked in the panic room while we search…mates can usually find each other but with Sam….we don't know how strong the link between them is." Jim answered, placing a blanket over Sam.

"Can you make him stay calm?" Bobby asked, sitting down to run his fingers through Sam's hair.

"Maybe. We'll have to wait until he wakes up."

Dean felt the familiar confusion and pain that meant he'd been dosed with Dead Man's Blood and forced himself to stay still and quiet while trying to remember what had happened. Sensing he was alone he finally moved, sitting up slowly to look around. Unsurprisingly he found himself in a cold cell, one that was obviously meant to hold even a vampire. Captured by demons again though at least this time he knew Sam was safe, he couldn't feel him anywhere nearby. He pulled his knees up to his chest and forced himself to relax, there was nothing he could do but wait to be rescued.

Jim very carefully coaxed Sam awake but kept him in a dazed state to keep him calm. Yellow-hazel eyes slowly opened but didn't fully focus on anything as he looked around.

"Dean." He called groggily and Bobby gently helped him sit up though Sam slumped back onto him.

"Sam can you hear me?" Jim called, kneeling in front of him and Sam looked at him, blinking owlishly before finally nodding lethargically.
"It's okay Sam, you're alright. I need you to find Dean for me. Can you do that?" Jim asked gently and Sam frowned.

"Dean, need Dean." Sam whimpered, fighting to keep his eyes open.

"Find him Sam, you can do it. He's your mate, you're linked. Use that link and find him." Jim encouraged and Sam's eyes slid shut as he did as he was asked. He lay limp in Bobby's arms as he reached out for Dean. Several hundred miles away Dean suddenly sat up straight and under the skin at the base on his skull a dull red glow began to pulse.

"Dean." Sam murmured, struggling to open his eyes.

"Have you found him Sam?" Jim asked and Sam nodded lethargically.
"That's good. We're going to go after him but you have to stay calm Sam. Okay?" Sam nodded again and Jim gently removed his influence from Sam's mind. Sam blinked sleepily before sitting up and snarling softly.
"Shh Sam, its okay. We're going to go get Dean." Jim told him and Sam nodded, standing up. He looked at them and then suddenly they were outside a large building. The two vampires looked around and then at Sam.

"Is Dean here Sam?" Jim asked and Sam nodded, staring at the door.

"So what's the plan?" Bobby asked but before Jim could answer Sam simply slammed the door open and ran inside.
"Or we could just run in." He muttered before taking off after Sam who was already ripping through the demons.

Dean tensed as he heard noises coming through the cell door. He knew Sam and the others were coming, he could feel it. He just hoped they came soon because he was starving and the demon blood that had been left for him was looking more and more tempting. The door was suddenly ripped from its hinges and Dean found himself scooped off the ground, warm arms and wings wrapping around him.

"Dean. Dean safe now." Sam whispered and Dean clung to him.

"Sammy, knew you'd come. Love you." Dean whispered, leaning up to kiss him and Sam kissed him back, little fangs clashing with Dean's larger ones.

"Love you too." Sam whispered and Dean smiled at the complete sentence. It was the most normal sounding sentence Sam had uttered so far.
"Need go now." Sam simply lifted Dean up and carried him out of the cell. When they reached the upper levels Dean was relieved to see Jim and Bobby, surrounded by bodies but unharmed.

"Are you alright Dean?" Jim asked and he nodded, laying his head against Sam's shoulder. He was exhausted but otherwise unhurt. Sam smiled and then they were back at Bobby's and Sam carried Dean up to the room they shared, putting Dean down on the bed and then Sam carefully began stripping Dean's clothes off.

"I'm okay Sammy, I can do it." Dean argued but Sam shook his head and Dean sighed but lay back and let Sam work, realising Sam needed to do this. He smiled as Sam checked every bit of skin for injuries as it was revealed, even kissing the bared skin softly.

"Hungry?" Sam asked once Dean was naked and under the blankets. Dean nodded so Sam went to the mini fridge and got out a packet of blood for him. Dean drank it cold, to hungry to care and Sam got out another one. He downed that one too and then snagged Sam's wrist, keeping him in place.
"Dean want more?"

"No, I'm fine. Come on Sammy, get in here too. Need to hold you." Dean told him and Sam nodded, quickly stripping off and then he crawled in beside Dean, cuddling close. Dean wrapped his arms around Sam, leaning in to kiss him and Sam willingly parted his lips, letting Dean's tongue tangle with his own.
"Love you so much Sammy. I was scared I'd never see you again." Dean whispered when he pulled back to let Sam breath. Sam just smiled softly and reached up to trace Dean's face.

"Never. Will always find you." Sam promised and Dean smiled. They lay in bed, just kissing lazily until Sam pressed closer, wanting more. Dean was surprised but went with it; they hadn't done anything but kiss since being rescued by Bobby and Jim, Sam hadn't even remembered what to do until recently. Dean let Sam do what he wanted, knowing Sam needed the assurance that Dean was safe with him and part of him still felt that Sam was his Master and that his pleasure came first, though it was only a small part now.
"Okay?" Sam asked and Dean nodded, relaxing as Sam slowly entered his body for the first time in over a year. They both moaned as he did and Dean had to fight every instinct that screamed at him to bite, he could not drink Sam's blood. He gasped and grabbed the back of Sam's head, holding him in place as Sam's fangs pierced his skin, loving the feeling of Sam lapping at his blood. Dean cradled Sam's head as Sam moved within him, feeling the bond between them growing even deeper.

Afterwards Sam smiled at Dean who gently wiped the blood off his lips. Dean held Sam close, kissing the top of his head as Sam's head rested over Dean's unbeating heart. Sam hummed softly and Dean chuckled.

"Happy Sam?"

"Very happy Dean. Love you forever." Sam answered, eyes drooping sleepily.

"Forever." Dean whispered, watching as Sam slowly fell asleep before closing his own eyes.

The End.
You all know what's going to happen, Sam will get better and finish getting rid of the demons. Doubt there'll ever be a sequel.