Helping You To Help Me

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Summary – Puck and Rachel arrange an agreement – Puck helps Rachel get Finn, Rachel helps Puck get Quinn. Simple, right? Wrong. (Puckleberry)

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Set just after sectionals -

Chapter One – Puck and Rachel come to an agreement

It still hadn't happened. Rachel had been sure it would. On reflection, she didn't know why she had been so positive of that fact. After all, how often did anything that she wanted to happen ever actually happen? Never. Exactly.

That's why she really shouldn't have been shocked that even when all the news was out about Quinn and Puck and the baby, Finn still wasn't hers. He wasn't still with Quinn. God no, there were certain things that apparently meant curtains for a relationship, lying to your boyfriend about being your baby's father when really the father is his best friend being one of them. But it would have been easier to accept everything if they had worked it out and were still together. What really hurt was the fact that Finn was now a free agent, and he still didn't want Rachel.

She had tried to let him know she was interested. As far as she was concerned she had practically been throwing herself at him. But he just wasn't getting it. Or rather, he was getting it and just wasn't interested.

She sniffed, holding back tears. It wouldn't do to cry in the middle of Glee practice where she was, sitting contemplating everything. With him sat just feet away. She was meant to be listening to Mr Schue singing and dancing and generally being awesome .Usually she would have loved it, joining in at the chorus, singing the loudest so that everyone would remember that she was a star too. But not today. Today she was too wrapped up in the pathetic situation that she had found herself in.

It had really been the final sign that Finn just wasn't into her when she had asked him right before practice if he was going to Brittany's party at the weekend and he had just stuttered about how he wasn't sure if he was or not. She had known for a fact he was going, she had heard him tell one of his football friends that he was. (Not that she was stalking him or hanging about by his locker or anything, she had just happened to be in the vicinity when he was there getting his books for his next class)

She had never been more humiliated than when he had just brushed her off and walked away without even asking if she was going. Not even on those occasions when she had been covered in slushie and trudging through the halls had she felt this embarrassed. He had known she had been invited. He was there when all of the Glee club had been asked.

And what made the whole sorry situation worse was the fact that Noah had been there to see it all. She had caught his eye as she walked off, or rather as Finn walked off leaving her standing there like an idiot, and he had been looking at her with something that looked like pity. That was when you knew you had hit an all time low - when even someone who took pleasure in tormenting you on occasion felt sorry for you.

She sighed out loud just remembering the whole horrible experience. Mr Schue heard her and finished off his song with a grand finale before saying "Right guys. I think it must be time to call it a day if even Rachel's getting bored."

Everyone looked at her, before shrugging and starting to chat amongst themselves as they gathered together their belongings. She blushed. "I'm sorry," she muttered, before walking hastily out.

She hadn't got very far when she heard the sound of footsteps behind her. Finn! He had come to tell her he was going to the party after all! He had come to ask if she was going too! He had come to ask if she wanted to go with- Oh. It was Puck.

"What's up with your face today?" He smirked, falling into step with her.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." She said, picking up her pace.

He raised an eyebrow. "So this weird, moody behaviour is for no reason? I'm not buying it, Berry. Either it's that time of the month or it's to do with that bizarre exchange I saw between you and lover boy earlier."

She frowned at him. "Do you always have to be so crude? You are right. That conversation did not go as planned. And yes I was upset and humiliated and made to feel like a fool. But I would rather not discuss it and I'm fine now anyway."

"No you're not."

She didn't answer him. Rachel's brisk march had led them outside the school in record time and they paused awkwardly while she tried to think of how best to shake him off without appearing rude.

"Want a lift home?" He asked her.

She was going to say no. Afterall, she really wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, especially him. But then, it would seem pretty mean to say no and besides, the faster she got home the faster she could go to her room and bawl her eyes out.

"That would be lovely, thanks." She said briskly, before getting into his car. He put one arm behind the seat that she was in, as he looked over his shoulder, reversing out of the parking space with ease.

He was a good driver she noticed, with admiration. There was always something nice about seeing a man being good at controlling the wheel.

"So." He said, as he drove towards her house.

"So what?" She said, before quickly adding "How was your day?" So as not to appear like she was being hostile.

He turned to look at her, laughing. "I didn't offer to give you a ride home to talk about my day, Berry."

"Oh? Well what do you want then?" Then a thought occurred to her. "If you think I'm going to make out with you again then you've got another think comi-"

"I have a proposition for you."

"What kind of proposition?" They had arrived at her house now and Rachel wasn't sure whether she was meant to invite him in or not. Not that she wanted to. In fact, she actively did not want to.

He didn't appear to be looking for an invitation. He got out the car, opened the door for her to get out, before closing it getting back in to the driving seat.

Irritated, she walked round to his open car window. "What kind of proposition?" She asked again, annoyed that he seemed to be playing some stupid game, catching her interest and then leaving her to pursue the conversation. She was sure he had done that on purpose.

"It's simple really. I help you, you help me." He shrugged.

"Help me do what? And help you do what? If it's singing, I certainly have plenty of advice, for example, when you hit those low notes you really need to watch that-"

"Not singing." He interrupted. "Something more important."

Rachel was about to say that she didn't think anything was more important to her than singing, but then she thought of Finn and how she had barely been able to sing at practice today and stopped.

"Go on." She said.

"Well, it's obvious." He said. "Neither of us is getting fulfilled right now. Emotionally, or physically" He paused to run his eyes over her body.

She scowled. "I've already told you. I'm not-"

He interrupted again. "Not us. Finn. You and Finn, to be more specific. You want him. He's my boy, I know him as well as I know myself. Know what makes him tick" He paused to smirk at her. "I can help you get him."

Rachel wished that she could just tell him to go away and that she was doing fine on her own. But she knew that she could really do with his help. She was far from doing fine on her own. She was doing so badly that she was almost at the point of asking Kurt for his advice again, even though she knew it would be actively unhelpful. "And what's the catch?"

"The catch?" he repeated slowly.

"What do you want from me in return?"

"You can help me with Quinn. She doesn't think I'm sensitive enough for her. And if anyone's good at all that emotional crap, I'm guessing it's you. You can teach me the right things to say and do to convince her that I'll be good. For her and the child."

He tried to say it casually, but she could tell that it was something that he really wanted.

"Well?" He demanded, after she failed to respond. "Are you in?"

Rachel considered. For one thing, she didn't really want to spend a lot of time with Noah, he made her feel uneasy. For another, she wasn't really sure how good she would be at holding up her end of the deal. How was she meant to know what Quinn would like? Then again, she was sure she could teach him how to be more caring. God knows, anything would be an improvement on how he acted now. And she really did need his help.

"I'm in."

She was rewarded with a bright smile, and for a second she thought how nice Puck really could look when he wasn't scowling and stomping around the school looking he wanted to hit someone.

"Brilliant. We'll start tonight. I'll be round at 8."

He started to drive off.

"Start what?" She shouted after him. "And how do you know I've not got plans?"

"You don't!" he hollered cheerfully out the window, before slamming his foot on the accelerator and zooming off into the distance.

Rachel shrugged her shoulders and headed into the house, worrying slightly about what she had let herself in for. She was so busy worrying that she even forgot to go to her room and cry.

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