Chapter 6- Puck And Rachel Arrange A Date

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Puck didn't really get the chance to see or talk to Berry for the next few days. His mom had insisted on him earning some money to give to Quinn for the baby and so she was paying him to do some extra chores around the house. This made no sense to Puck when he thought about it. 'Cause if she was paying him money to do stuff, then she obviously had the money anyway – so why couldn't she just give it to him?

(He hadn't dared to voice this opinion. His mom was still trying to adjust to the fact that she was about to become a grandmother.)

And so, due to his newly acquired list of domestic activities, Puck had found himself pretty tied up and didn't see Berry until Glee practice on Thursday.

Glee Practice. Sometimes he still couldn't believe he went. Puck found that he had gone through phases with the Glee club. Example: when Finn had first joined, he thought it was for total lame-os, like wheelchair boy, stutter girl and that fat chick. Then he himself had joined, and he realized it was obviously for talented and cool individuals (as well as lame-os.)

These days though, he slightly dreaded it. It wasn't really fun going to a club where half the members were glaring at you… : Finn for obvious reasons, Kurt because he had hurt Finn, Mercedes because she liked to be involved in everyone else's business for no apparent reason and Santana because he had stopped sexting with her…and sexing her….

The other half of Glee was avoiding him: Quinn because she didn't want to speak to him about the baby again, Artie because he wanted to stay out of all the arguing, Brittany out of loyalty to Santana. Even Mike and Matt: they had decided they didn't want to take sides in "baby-gate" (as it was still affectionately being referred to) and so they were inexplicably not talking to him or Finn. Personally Puck thought that it would have made more sense just to, you know, keep talking to both of them but go figure!

What he really didn't understand though was why everyone was so mad at him and not at Quinn. She was the one that had cheated after all! And then lied about it!

And also, it was ridiculous how all of these people who were so disapproving didn't seem to mind him until Finn had found everything out, even though they had all apparently known that he was the father for ages! (Thank you, Mercedes, you meddling bitch!)

All in all, he was strongly thinking about quitting. The only thing stopping him was the fact that it was his only real chance to still be close to Quinn.

Which was why he was sitting in Glee practice, even though almost everyone hated him.

"Okay guys, we're going to do something a bit different this week."Mr. Schue was saying.

Puck rolled his eyes. Every week was "something different" whether it was creating mash ups, competing with the girls or doing something bizarre involving wigs which he had never quite understood.

"It'll be a bit like Ballad week, you'll be in pairs. Only this time we'll be looking at original material. That's right." He said, looking enthusiastically around the room, "You'll be writing your own songs and then performing them."

As usual, Shue's idea was met with the lack of enthusiasm that always greeted any of his ideas involving a change in routine.

"Come on guys!" Schue exclaimed, obviously determined not to be put off by the lack of interest in his brilliant new plan, "This is a chance to really express yourselves! You always complain about my song choices." Bust a Move was obviously still a sore point, Puck noted, "So now it's time to show me what you want to perform!"

Santana spoke for all of them "Mr. Schue. We're busy. We don't have time to write a song."

The others murmured their agreement with Kurt throwing in "Besides…Aren't we supposed to be getting ready for Regionals? We don't have time to mess around. It's not like anyone here (he looked around the room disdainfully) will be able to write a song we can actually use."

Schue shook his head. "It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, I'm just asking for you all to be a little creative. It'll be fun! "

Berry piped up, "Can we pick our own partners this time, please? I feel that we are now all at the stage where we all consider each other good friends, therefore there is no need for our partners to be chosen for us."

Puck highly doubted that this opinion was shared amongst the whole group (especially towards him. No one considered him a friend let alone a "good" one), but everyone was nodding their heads vigorously, hoping that if they agreed they would be able to choose their own partners.

"Can I choose first?" Berry asked again.

"Any objections?" Mr. Schue asked.

Hummel put his hand up, as if to object, and then changed his mind and put it down again.

"Okay, Rachel, on you go."

"I choose Puck."

Puck looked at her blankly. He was sitting next to Rachel (who else was he going to sit with?) and would have been next in line to choose his partner after she had picked. He had obviously been planning on picking Quinn. It would give them some bonding time and a chance for him to listen to her write something and tell her how amazing it was. Flattery always worked a treat.

Maybe he could even bring himself to cry! He thought excitedly, before remembering that – oh yeah – he was stuck with Berry. Now he really did feel like crying.

He didn't mind Berry, he really didn't. But he hated how crazy she got when it came to Glee. Listening to her frantically trying to write a song that would outshine everyone else's did not seem like a fun way to spend his time. He wondered if his mom had any extra chores she could add to that list of hers.

Before he had a chance to voice his objection, Hummel had quickly said "I want Finn. I mean. I choose Finn."

Everyone else then chose their partners but Puck was barely listening, he was too busy trying to work out what the hell Berry was playing at and, as soon as practice was over he pulled her over to the side, and waited till they were the only people left in the practice room before he demanded an explanation.

"It's all part of the plan." She had said, looking smug.

"The plan for me and Quinn?" He asked incredulously.

Maybe there was another plan they were involved in that he wasn't aware of, because he didn't see how him being in jail for murdering Berry (which, let's face it, was bound to happen if he had to spend hours listening to her composing a song) was going to help him.

"Yes." She had said simply. "You are going to write a song for Quinn and then perform it. If that doesn't show her how sensitive you are, then I don't know what will!"

"I'm going to write a song for Quinn?" He asked incredulously. "And then perform it? I don't think I can do that."

"You did it for me." She pointed out. "When we were…you know…Dating. Anyway, I really need to run. Give me a call when you've started on a song and I'll tell you what I think!"

And before he could protest, she had marched out of the practice room, leaving him wondering how the hell he was going to write Quinn a convincing love song by next Thursday.


Rachel was pleased with herself for several reasons. Firstly – things with Finn seemed like they may have been looking up. Although she wasn't 100% sure this was the case since every time she had spoken to him it had been decidedly brief.

This was due to Puck's advice of "playing it cool". She hadn't seen Puck much this week so far (she hoped it wasn't because he was in trouble with his mom) but every time she had managed to get hold of him for Finn advice it had always been the same: Don't make it too easy.

And so that's what she had been doing. Every time Finn had spoken to her, she'd managed to come up with a reason to leave the conversation.

Without looking like she was doing it on purpose—that was another piece of Puck Advice.

"You don't want to look like you're being a bitch or that you're blowing him off 'cause you can't be bothered. You just want him to think you're really busy."

And to give Puck his credit, it really did seem to be having an effect – the less she actually talked to Finn, the more he seemed to want to talk. In fact, she had the feeling that he was starting to actively look for her in the hallway in between classes. The thought of this made her smile.

Rachel's second reason for feeling very pleased with herself was due to the fact that she had come up with a plan to help Noah with Quinn.

Earlier in the week she had briefly spoken to Quinn in an attempt to work out what she was feeling about Puck. On reflection she maybe had to work on her subtlety because Quinn had looked at her funny and snapped "What the hell is it to you, Berry?"

She had apologized after, saying that her emotions were running wild. "I've got news for you, Berry. Pregnancy sucks. Especially doing it all on your own."

Rachel had seen her way in and had said, "But you don't need to do it all on your own, do you? Have you considered getting Puck more involved?"

Quinn had wrinkled her pretty little nose that Rachel was ridiculously jealous of and shook her head. "I know Puck. He says he wants to be involved and maybe he does," she shrugged, "but he'll lose interest. I know what Puck's like, what he's in to. He's just not deep enough or emotionally mature enough to be father material. Plus, what have I got to go on? A few half assed assurances that he wants to be with me? I fell for that before – he ended up sexting Santana. I just don't believe that he's serious enough – anyone can say nice things. Following through with them? That's a different matter."

She cut off and saw Rachel staring at her intently, hanging on every word. "I'm rambling, you must be bored."

"No, no I'm not at all." Rachel said eagerly, "Any time you need to talk, I'm here."

Quinn smiled a genuine smile. "Thanks. It really does mean a lot to me. Especially after the way I've treated you. Oh shit. I'm going to cry now. I hate being pregnant!" She angrily slammed her hand against her locker, fighting back tears. "Anyway, I've got to run to class. Later, Berry."

She had hurried off down the hall and Rachel was left there, feeling that progress had definitely been made.

She thought about going straight to Puck and telling him exactly what Quinn had said. But then she had a better idea. If she told him straight out then, likely as not, he would go stomping up to Quinn in his usual impatient way and promise and swear that he was serious about getting involved with her and the baby.

But Quinn didn't want that. She'd had enough of his words; she wanted to be shown that he was there for her. Rachel didn't trust Puck to hold back on a verbal tirade and let his actions speak instead.

And that was why she was going to instruct Puck on how to act so that, in time, he could prove to Quinn that he would be there for her.

And that was why Rachel Berry was a genius.


If Puck didn't love his guitar so much, he'd have thrown the stupid thing against the damn wall.

He had been messing about for a few hours now and he was at a total blank for what the hell he was meant to write .He had a horrible feeling that he was going to end up looking like a fucking moron come performance time, which was only a week away.

He also didn't really understand what Berry was going to do to help out. They were given the assignment in pairs so what was she going to do while he was singing about all of his private dreams and desires? Play the tambourine?

Puck figured that it was one thing writing someone a song to show that you cared- but this was Quinn he was dealing with and Quinn was not easily impressed. If the song wasn't brilliant then he knew that she would take it as a sign that he hadn't put in an effort and therefore, by some bizarre logic, wouldn't be able to be the father to her child.

He was casting his eyes around his bedroom for inspiration, when he saw that a box on his laptop was flashing. He was pleased to have an excuse to put down his guitar, until he saw what the message said.

BroadwayBerry : How's the song going? Finished yet?

FckingPck : bad. V bad.

BroadwayBerry : What are you doing right now?

FckingPck : wat do u want me 2 be doing?

BroadwayBerry : Writing the song obviously. What I mean though is are you busy? Or can I come over?

Puck reread this several times. She wanted to come over to his house?

FckingPck : y

BroadwayBerry : I need some advice. It's fine if you're busy though.

FckingPck : No its cool. Ur lucky my mom is out ha ha.

So true: "That Rachel" was not one of his mom's favorite people right now. This was ironic, since Berry was the most parent friendly person he knew. (A worrying thought since she was borderline crazy.)

Puck didn't have to wait for long before she turned up at his door, pushing past him as soon as he opened it.

"What's the rush, Berry? And where are your manners?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Noah! I'm just all worked up! "

"Worked up?" He raised an eyebrow. "My room's upstairs." He reminded her as, after nearly knocking him over barging into his home, she was now standing awkwardly in his hallway.

He gestured for her to go in front of him. And he realized as they walked up the stairs that this actually gave him a pretty good view up her skirt.

"Hey, Berry. You might have wanted to let me walk in front of you…"

She turned to look at him, quizzically.

"I can see up your damn skirt."

She blushed and yelped and backed against the wall so that he could overtake her. However, as the stairway was rather small and Puck was rather large, this meant that he had to awkwardly brush right against her as he walked past. He couldn't help but notice her breasts briefly pressing against him as he maneuvered past her – he was a guy after all.

As soon as they entered his room, she rushed to his laptop.

"Em, what are you doing?" Puck demanded.

"Signing you off instant messaging." She said, without looking up from the screen.

"For what reason?"

"So that I can sign in. Finn's talking to me. And I need your help on what to say."

"So let me get this straight, Finn was talking to you on the internet so you drove all the way over here to ask for advice and you're thinking he'll still be online?"

"Yes. And he will be, he was online trying to get homework help from people and...Yes, look there he is!" she said, obviously delighted at seeing that her lover-boy was still online.

She double clicked his name eagerly.

"Don't." Puck said, taking her hand and removing it from the keyboard.

"Why?" She said, blushing slightly as she pulled her hand away from his. Sometimes Puck forgot how much of an innocent she was.

"Let him talk to you."

She didn't look impressed with this plan, but she waited anyway and sure enough Finn was talking to her a few seconds later.

Finn001 : hi agen!

Puck supervised Rachel typing back a hello and watched, bored, as they engaged in some uneventful chit chat.

"How did you need my advice, Berry? You look like you can handle this. My grandmother could probably handle this." He said.

"Well that's the problem." She turned to look at him, unhappily. "Nothing's really being said."

"Ok. Let me type." Puck said.

"What? No! You're not typing!" She said, almost sounding horrified.

Puck disregarded her objections and easily lifted her up out of the seat, before placing her on her feet and sitting on the chair himself. Rachel just stood there, stunned.

Puck thought for a moment before typing

BroadwayBerry001 : how did u enjoy brittany's party?

Finn001 : ye, it was ok. Where did u go? Wat happened with Drew??

"Oh why is that being mentioned?" Rachel whined. "It was such a mistake!"

"This is good, Berry. It means he noticed. And cares."

Puck typed back:

BroadwayBerry: not much, he asked me out though

Berry scowled. "That's a lie, Noah. He did nothing of the sort. Not that I remember anyway!"

"Well, as far as Finn is concerned, he did." Puck said.

Finn001: wat did u say?

"See? He's interested." Puck said smugly.

BroadwayBerry : I said maybe. He seems nice enough. I don't know though, what do you think?"

He typed back.

"I see that you do actually know how to type properly." Berry observed.

"Yeah well, if I didn't type in the lame way that you do then he probably would catch on to the fact that it's not you. Then again, it is Finn, so maybe not."

Berry scowled at his derogatory comment about the love of her life, but her attention was quickly diverted when she saw what he had typed back.

Finn001 : to be honest, rach, I think it's a really bad idea.

Finn001 : infact…I've kind of been meaning to ask u something…

Finn001 : u want to catch a movie some time?

Puck found himself being shoved as Rachel tried to dislodge him from his seat in her eagerness to continue the conversation. When he refused to move, she sat on his knee.

She may have been oblivious to the close proximity they were in, but it made Puck feel decidedly awkward.

He leaned in over her shoulder to see what she was writing, a gesture that made their bodies even closer together. Puck knew that he was in love with Quinn, but he was a guy and Berry was a pretty hot female, so was it wrong that being in this position made him feel, well, slightly turned on?

Yes, he decided, very wrong. Luckily any weird feelings were hastily erased from his mind when he saw what she had typed.

BroadwayBerry :That would be lovely, Finn. How's tomorrow night?

"Well, you've blown it now, Berry," Puck said, feeling extremely irritated. "Anyone who hasn't sorted out plans for the weekend by now is a sad-ass."

Turned out that she hadn't blown it though, as Finn agreed. Berry swiveled slightly in his lap to face him, looking smug.

"I have a date." She said proudly.

"I know."

She smirked.

"Just don't wear anything dumb." Puck said, brutally.

"Like what? It's okay, I remember what Finn likes." Berry said, "I'll make sure and wear something that shows off my…assets."

Puck found himself abruptly getting up from the seat, accidentally knocking her to the ground. He reached out a hand to help pull her up. "Just don't dress like a slut, Berry. He won't like that."

"That's not what I meant," She said, sounding surprised.

Puck didn't know why, but he was fed up with Berry and her Finn chat. "You need to go now." He said. "I'm busy writing this stupid song. For Quinn."

He ushered her down the stairs and towards the front door, practically shoving her out.

As he watched her walk down his drive looking puzzled he felt slightly bad. "Come over here tomorrow before this lame date and I'll check what you're wearing, Ok?"

She nodded her agreement nervously before getting in her car and disappearing.

Puck wandered back up to his bedroom and picked up his guitar to continue his song writing but found that, much to his surprise, he now had an even stronger desire to hurl the damn thing against the wall.