Title: When Harry Met Slytherin

Rating: M

Aimed Pairing: Blaise Zabini/Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter

Starter Pairing: Blaise Zabini/Draco Malfoy

Disclaimer: Not mine

Summary: Harry is suffering and the only people who can help him are the two people he thinks hates him the most in the world.

Warnings: This story contains strong MxMxM relations. If you don't like it or if you are under the age of 18 (which means you shouldn't be in this section anyway) then please scram now.

Author's Note: I'm sorry for the shortish chapters, its taking a bit for me to get back the length I was achieving before. But hopefully with the future sexy times I have planned I will. Also, thank you everyone for reading and reviewing I'm really staggered by your support and the fact that some of you have really stuck by this. It makes it rather worth while and your excitement is contagious!

One thing that Blaise Zabini had learned in all the years that he has known Draco Malfoy as a friend and lover was that Draco had a temper. A vicious spoiled brat, no matter how much older he got, throw a tantrum violent temper. So he knew the instant his voice, hard as ice cut through the air upon seeing Roberto that this would not turn out well unless he got Draco under control right then. Not at all too soon as Blaise grabbed Draco around the middle was the petite blond trying to lunge toward Roberto, his arms outstretched and his slender fingers curved into vicious claws made for scratching. He was happy that Roberto, who was current focused on Harry, was also blocking Harry's view of them. Because sure the sight of Draco, arms and legs flailing as he swore hotly under his breath would raise some kind of alarm.

"I'm going to rip his stupid hair right out of his scalp!" Draco said as Blaise dragged him half way down the beach. Blaise swore, if he wasn't nervous about Draco actually following through with the act he would actually laugh. The mere possible thought of seeing Draco, blond hair whipping behind him as he pounced on Roberto and pummeled him was almost too much. He gave into the temptation to release Draco and let him do as he please but he didn't want Harry to bear witness to that kind of violence.

Once they got a proper distance away he grabbed Draco, who was still ranting about all the different violent ways he wanted to remove Roberto's hair from his body. Goodness Draco was vicious, Blaise made an oath then and there to never piss Draco off to this level. He held him by his shoulders and shook him slightly trying to get him to snap out of it. "Draco!"

"What!?" He asked glaring at the pair in the distance over Blaise's shoulder. He was shaking and Blaise wasn't sure if it was out of anger or fear because Draco looked close to crying. "This is supposed to work.." he said, his voice shaking as he tried to blink back tears. He looked up at Blaise, taking slowly deep breaths. "He's not.."

"I know, calm down. Look at me.." he said when Draco tried to gaze over his shoulder once again. He didn't expect it to feel like this to see Harry around Roberto once again.

Draco looked back at him, pulling his bottom lip between straight white teeth and biting down. "I know you're upset. But look, you saw the way he reacted this morning. He hasn't been able to take his eyes off of us all day. This will work.." Blaise wanted to promise, to solidify the slight glimmer of hope that flashed in Draco's eyes, but even he was a bit worried. He looked behind him at the way Harry looked up at Roberto, smiling up at him, his green eyes shimmering happily in the sunlight.

"It'll work.." He said softly, rubbing his hands down Draco's shoulders. "Come on, love, let's get some sun block on you. You're starting to pink up"

"Do I have to go over there?" He asked reluctantly melting into the curve of Blaise's side as he eyed their pile of things sitting at Harry's feet.

"Yes, just stick to the plan." Draco nodded stepping over to the chatter pair forcing a smile on to his face.

"Roberto, what are you doing here?" He asked, as pleasantly as possible. 'Stupid grinning git.' he thought as Roberto turned to him with a smile. 'Bet he wouldn't smile if I punched him in the face..'

"I come for 'Arry we go to the festival in the town." he said looking back at Harry who was chewing on his bottom lip.

"I thought you weren't supposed to go out until tonight?" Blaise asked looking pointedly at Harry.

"Is surprise!" Roberto said smiling at them, Blaise really wondered if stopping Draco from pummeling the crap out of that utter arse was a good idea. He would really like to know what Roberto's mouth would look like with his two front teeth missing.

"I didn't know he was coming.." Harry said softly, 'I really wish he didn't..' he thought grimacing slightly.

"Oh so are you going then?" Draco asked evasively, sitting beside Harry on the beach chair. He reached down into their pile of clothes and pulled out the bottle of muggle sun block passing it to Blaise. He turned on the chair so he was facing Harry and his back was to Blaise so he could step up behind him.

'Oh no..' Was the first thought that came into Harry's mind. This was not good, he didn't know exactly what was about to happen, but he strongly suspected .. 'Yup' Blaise popped open the cap of sun block pouring the white creamy liquid into his palm. He placed it on the chair, Roberto easily forgotten as Blaise dragged his large hands slowly over the plain of Draco's shoulders.

"Mmm" the soft moan that left Draco's throat made Harry's mouth go completely dry as he stared at them with rapt attention. Draco's head tipped back and his lips parted as he let out of soft breathy sigh as Blaise's fingers pressed into his flesh. Was all of that really necessary to apply sun block? Harry didn't know, but it caused him to shift subtly hiding his swiftly growing erection. He followed Blaise's tanned fingers down the front of Draco's chest, noting the near audible gasp that left the blond's lips as the tip of Blaise's calloused fingers dragged over his dusky pink nipples. 'Fuck..' Harry thought, gulping thickly trying to quench his parched throat. Draco's nipples must be so sensitive by the way gooseflesh broke out all over Draco's skin covering him from his arms down to his legs.

Even though they were putting on a show for Harry, not even they could fake their attraction to each other.

Blaise leaned down to whisper something into Draco's ear and Harry stopped himself from leaning forward to hear what it was. It must have been dirty from the way Draco's cheeks turned bright pink and he bit down on his bottom lip.

" 'ry. 'rry. 'ARRY!"

"What?! Huh..wha.." he snapped around when he realized Roberto must have been calling his name for some time because he was leaning over, looking quite concerned with one hand on Harry's shoulder and the other waving in front of the dazed male's face.

"Are you ok 'arry? You are.. how you say.. flush?" Roberto made a move to press the back of his palm to Harry's forehead but the dark haired male sprung to his feet looking as though someone had just dashed a bucket of ice cold water in his face.

"No- I- I'm fine. I - I just feel a bit.. faint." Harry's hand fluttered vaguely around his face. "I think will go lay down.." he said hastening to leave before anyone noticed just how much that hand was shaking or the way the front of his pants were tented.

"You no come to fair with me?" Roberto asked, his expression curious, worried and a tad disappointed.

"He said he's not feeling well." Draco snapped at Roberto. His tone clipped and harsh as he glared at the man. He wished the stupid oaf would just go away! The glare was so ice cold that even Roberto who was at least two feet taller than the blond took an intimated step back.

"Ah, yes for course. I will go now maybe tonight he will be better, yes?" Roberto said backing his way down the towards the opposite direction.

"No." It was Blaise this time, his voice a lot calmer than Draco's had been and his gaze level. "He needs his rest, maybe another time."

"Maybe never.." Draco muttered under his breath causing Blaise to nudge him in his back with his knee and Roberto turned and sauntered down the beach without a backward glance.

"Did you have to be so obvious?" Blaise asked, beginning to gather up their things stuffing it all into a pile in his arms.

"Obvious? The man is an assbutt. He's lucky I didn't curse him and be done with it." Draco stuff his feet into his slippers and began marching back towards the house.

'Where are you going?" Blaise asked hurrying after him with an exasperated sigh. When Draco got emotionally charged he was literally like a live wire flopping everywhere sparking and zapping at everything and everyone.

"To check on Harry, where do you think?!" He said stomping through the sand. His small pale hands were clenched into fists and for a moment Blaise considered whether or not Draco would actually try to hit him.

"Do you think that's a good idea?"

Whoops, bad question.

Draco rounded on him so fast with his teeth clenched even as he spoke. "Do I think that's a bad id- what do you expect me to do?! Harry looked about ready to fall apart, we may have seriously upset him and that idiot Italian jack ass had to show up and further fuck everything up! You had a horrible idea, this whole 'show Harry what he could have bullshit.' He probably things we're some sex crazed heathens!" when Draco spun back around stomping his way back up the beach Blaise actually flinched that time.

"My idea wasn't stupid.." he muttered under his breath trying his best not to look petulant about it as he slowly followed after Draco, walking back into the house dropping their things at the door. he really didn't want to, all he wanted to do was go to the kitchen and dunk his head into a bucket of ice water, but instead he followed Draco up the stairs and towards Harry's room.

He's thought something was terribly wrong when he came upon Draco standing in the open doorway of Harry's room seemingly frozen, but when he was up behind him he understood why, because not only did he stand there completely stunned as well, he audibly gasped as the sight before him.

There was Harry Potter, Hero os the Wizarding world, upholder of all thing good and holy, Golden boy Gryffindor kneeling in the middle of his bed on his hands and knees with his pants tugged down around his ankles vigorously stroking his cock and pressing his fingers against his pucker as best he could from that angle. His face was towards the door his lips parted in a silent moan clearly having no idea they were there and so fucking armature at this he didn't realize he was supposed to lock his door while masturbating to prevent things like this from happening

So when those green eyes finally fluttered open seeing those two figure standing in the doorway Harry stiffened, all movement instantly stopping as he stared at them completely mortified..


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