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Chapter 2:

"We're here, you guys!" I called out while grabbing my rucksack and tossing it over my shoulder. I quickly snagged my roller bag and led the way out of the room.

"Where is here, anyway? You're an idiot and always travel with the damn wind! I bet we won't even find anything for us." Crystal muttered as she collected her belongings.

"Didn't I tell ya sometime ago to quit your stupid belly aching?" I responded in an annoyed tone. "Only a freakin' dunderhead like you would think I'd say we're settling on a ranch and not have a place to go."

"Not to be rude and cut in your conversation, but I thought you didn't have a place for us to go either…" Amanda hesitantly added.

I shot them both a glare and led the way out. "So much for you both having faith in your elder sister. Morons." The three of us filed out with the herd of livestock- of course there being cows meant it took a long while. While on the trip down, I noticed the Dapple Gray that had spooked yesterday and weaved my way through a few cows and chickens to get to it. "Hey there, big fella! You doin' okay now, right?" I smiled and questioned the horse as I pat it's back gently. The horse perked it's ears up and bowed it's head, looking as if it were nodding. I let out a small laugh. "Good critter, hope wherever you're going, they treat you well." I gave it one more pat before falling back towards my sisters.

"Wow. You love a horse you just met more than us." Crystal feigned sadness as she wiped an imaginary tear away. "So.. So cruel…"

"Oh, can it." I waved her off as we took a turn to descend down a stair way. There, I spotted a very old man, seeming as if he were waiting for someone. I shot a grin and began waving towards him. "Taro, right?! We're here!!"

The old man's head bobbed up and he walked towards the stair well. Amanda quirked an eyebrow. "You mean we're staying with that old coot?"

"No, idiot." I muttered quickly as I ran down the stairs. I jumped to skip a mass of stairs and when I hit the bottom, I gave the old man a salute. "Samantha Walker. Those girls up there are Amanda and Crystal Walker, my younger sisters. We're the one's who are moving into the ranch."

"I figured as much." Taro nodded. "So you girls already have more than enough experience, right?"

I nodded my head vehemently. "Yes! I have done field work, and I'm also a Wrangler."

"So you're a cowgirl?" A woman's voice asked. I whipped my head around and saw a woman walking towards us- middle aged with blonde hair and blue eyes. "The man who helps me is a cowboy. I'm sure he'll be amused when he meets you. Oh, by the way, I'm Mirabelle. I own the animal shop in town."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Samantha Walker." 2nd introduction today. I'm so going to get sick of saying my name.

"Since my daughter will be taking care of the animals at the shop and the shipment we'll be receiving, let me give you a tour of your ranch." Mirabelle motioned me in the direction I was to start walking in. I nodded at Crystal and Amanda and the two followed us. Taro remained behind.

After a bit of walking, we reached a bridge, in which we began crossing. "So… why exactly are we going to some secluded area?" Crystal finally broke our silence. I elbowed her in the side pretty hard, keeping a dull expression as to not seem like I did anything while she let out a loud yelp.

Mirabelle let out a chuckle as we finally went over the bridge. Then we finally noticed- a nice house… a barn… a chicken coop… shed… the works. "That's because your ranch is here on this island. There are a lot of islands here on Sunshine Island, and this is the one you'll be living in!"

Crystal, Amanda and my mouths went agape. "Oh… my.. . GOD! This is AMAZING!" The three of us chimed at the same time.

"Your animals are already taken care of for now, thanks to the part timer. He works animal transport, and sometimes I have him part time tending to the animals here." Mirabelle explained.

I whipped my head to face her. "Animals?! You mean we already have animals?!"

Mirabelle nodded. "Yes. There used to be a girl and boy who lived here. The two fell in love and decided to start a family else where and left the islands, after our part timer agreed to tending to the livestock."

"That's so sweet!" Amanda interjected.

"That brings me to ask a question… do you girls mind if the part timer continues staying here for a while, until you all are good with the animals?" Mirabelle questioned.

"Nah, that's all good." I dismissed, still looking around in awe.

"So you don't mind that he's a guy?" Mirabelle added.

"Sam!!" Crystal and Amanda shouted in unison.

"You know better than to do something that stupid, we're girls…" Amanda whispered to me.

I simply shrugged. "I don't see what's wrong with it. As long as he's a good guy you can trust Mirabelle, s'fine with me."

"Sam!" Crystal whined. "But that's-"

"Don't worry, I assure you he's good. Also, there's locks on the doors, so you all will be fine!"

Crystal and Amanda sighed in relief while I just made my way into the house. I opened the door and peered inside, seeing a nice sofa and kitchen, as well as an upstairs- most likely leading to bedrooms. I scaled upstairs to check it out. There were two rooms- a large room with two beds, and a slightly smaller room with one bed. This was so totally my room. I dropped my rucksack there, so I can be noted that I staked claim on this one. No way was I sharing.

"I'm here, Mirabelle." I heard an oddly familiar voice call out. My body stiffened and I ran towards the stairs.

"Oh, good! The girls are here already!" Mirabelle chimed from afar. "This one is Crystal Walker, this is Amanda Walker, and…" I stopped abruptly at the last step and looked out into the room. "That is Samantha Walker."

"AHHH!" I yelled and pointed. Before me stood the amethyst-eyed, silver haired cowboy. "Vaughn?!"

Mirabelle raised an eyebrow. "You two know each other?"

"Was this the guy you were with in the boat?" Amanda questioned.

"Um.. Well.. Eheh… long story!" I dismissed, waving a hand. "Anyway! A pleasure to meet you more formally!" I shot a grin.

Vaughn simply tipped his hat. "Who would have known you were the new lady who'd be running this ranch..."

I laughed lightly. "This was pretty soon for never seeing you again, don't you think?"

Vaughn looked slightly taken aback, then wore an unreadable expression. "Pretty much. Anyway, I'm off to do the work for the animals." Vaughn turned away to leave.

"Um.. Wait.. I can help you…" I held a hand out, attempting to spend some more time with him to get to know him.

"…" Vaughn scrutinized me for a moment before starting to walk off. "Don't bother me. You'll get in my way." He was out the door and it closed shut.

I bristled and my hand fell at my side. What the hell exactly did I do wrong?

"Tch. See Sam, that's what you get. He's exactly the kind of person you hate." Crystal remarked.

"Hold on! Vaughn isn't bad… he just likes keeping his distance. He's a little… edgy around people." Mirabelle explained.

"… I swear by all the power I can muster, I will figure out what is the deal with that man! I'll get him to open up to me even if I die doing so!" I hollered while gritting my teeth. I stormed towards the window and looked as his figure retreating into the barn. I bit my lip and decided to chase after him, stomping my way to the door.

Crystal smirked. "Looks like the fat, little cherub hit someone with the arrow of lov-"

"Say it and you'll die later!" I yelled, making Crystal snap her mouth shut. I slipped out the door and made my way for the barn.

If he acted like that to me, who was being kind and offering my help, I could imagine that's how he'd act towards just about anyone else. I swear, I'll crack this cowboy open.

-End Chapter 2